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  1. Make sure you get the url bit only.. not with the part or anything else.. you just need the http://..... part and you stick that in. Try that, it should work
  2. I love that one ^ And these two; Sally looks so sad, and the expression on Matilda & Rachel's faces is great! All awesome work !
  3. Good work Jen, I like them both but I think the one with text looks better.. Great sigs
  4. No where near as much as I do. haha.

  5. You know I hate maths :P

  6. Chrissssssss. Do my math hw for me? Please? :P

  7. I'm doing homework while chatting on msn and alot of other stuff, and mum telling me I should do my homework.... Wish I was on holidays
  8. I'm here Sam. Glad your having a good time, stuck here in Aust :S Am rather bored too...
  9. There awesome Love the last one best.
  10. A Mod can't remove the post counts in just one of the search functions, it has to happen to everyone.. & where is Dan's post count, I can't see it..
  11. G'day mate, how r ya??

  12. It's 5.4 degrees here... it's soo coooold
  13. How could you be scared to post We don't look to evil or something lol do we.
  14. I haven't been in the art forum for ages, and have been looking through heaps of your stuff, its really good Those latest JM ones are really nice too
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