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  1. Make sure you get the url bit only.. not with the part or anything else.. you just need the http://..... part and you stick that in. Try that, it should work
  2. I love that one ^ And these two; Sally looks so sad, and the expression on Matilda & Rachel's faces is great! All awesome work !
  3. Good work Jen, I like them both but I think the one with text looks better.. Great sigs
  4. You know I hate maths :P

  5. I'm doing homework while chatting on msn and alot of other stuff, and mum telling me I should do my homework.... Wish I was on holidays
  6. I'm here Sam. Glad your having a good time, stuck here in Aust :S Am rather bored too...
  7. There awesome Love the last one best.
  8. A Mod can't remove the post counts in just one of the search functions, it has to happen to everyone.. & where is Dan's post count, I can't see it..
  9. It's 5.4 degrees here... it's soo coooold
  10. How could you be scared to post We don't look to evil or something lol do we.
  11. I haven't been in the art forum for ages, and have been looking through heaps of your stuff, its really good Those latest JM ones are really nice too
  12. You might have bumped the shorcut.. Does your mouse have a roller ball thingo? You may have held down Ctrl & rolled that, which changes the text size and makes the nav bar and ads etc look out of place.
  13. Hey Mitchieeeeee! how are you?

  14. I love the 4th one!!! Great work Jen
  15. I love them they look really good
  16. you can simply press the "printscreen" button if your not going to do it much, then crop the screen picture, otherwise download something like powerdvd, where you run the episode in and press the cap button, it saves the file to a folder you specify
  17. You put it in the scanner, go onto the computer and find the software that the scanner uses, (for me its Canon softare as I have a canon scanner) You can then save the file after you preview it, all software would work similar to that, I would assume. Thanks
  18. 10! I got science and Commerce A (accounting & business studies) on tuesday!
  19. Im tired, been studying all day, start exams next week :s Monday I have English in the morning, then 2 maths exams... what a crap day!
  20. They look awesome, well done
  21. I like the 4th & 5th best too
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