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Bay Crush

Guest Drew

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Thanks, the librarians.

If some of you remember, I wrote a fan-fic called Bay Crush. I was going to continue on with it though I realised too much has changed and this fiction wont make sense any more. So I’ve started a new one and it takes place four months into the future. So it’s set around the beginning of November. This fiction is just about everyone’s life in the bay, not set on two or three characters. This is the finale month of how I would write Home and Away until the season finale for 2006. For people outside Australia, spoilers will be in the fiction as some storylines continue from storylines that are happening at the moment in Australia. Just below is a recap of what has happened in this “four month gap”.

Alf: Since the death of Josh West, and no Mayor to run Summer Bay, another election was held and Alf became Mayor, and has been for several weeks now. Though Alf never knew the pressure being Mayor would hold on him. In these past four months, Alf has still been made labelled “furniture”. He still lives at the Summer Bay house.

SALLY: Since Brad has arrived in the Bay, her life has turned to greatness. She’s been the happiest she’s ever been since Flynn. She’s been made Principle of Summer Bay High and has fostered a new kid; Drew, after difficulties with Dan. Now with four children of her own, and Alf and Morag, living all in the same house, the household has become very busy.

LEAH: Since the death of Peter and the discovery of Drew, Leah’s marriage to Dan has been yet again tested. Fights begin with “Pass the milk” and “Who ate the Special K”. The only thing keeping them sane is that in just two weeks, they become parents! Leah has gone through every way to have a child and is now adopting! Though the only problem about this adoption, is that the birth father wants the baby.

RACHEL: Rachel’s life has exploded every since the death of her mother and her break up with Kim. After discovering Kim had an affair with Kit, their engagement fell to pieces and Kim left her for Kit. She then turned to alcohol once again, though this time it put her life in grave danger! Rachel was rushed to hospital, though survived. All this happening has made Rachel realise that she has to face reality to everything that has happened and to stop drinking, which she has done. She’s still continuing work at the hospital and has began to turn to Dan for support.

IRENE: Ever since Belle has been found, her and Amanda have been fighting again over Belle. Belle still wants Amanda out of her life and Irene is helping her do that. She’s also been helping out with Tasha’s baby girl! Though these last few weeks Irene’s world has been turning upside down. She’s beginning to hear things and see things.

BELLE: After being found in the bush, Belle is more than happy to finally be home with Irene. After being treated the way she was treated by Kim and Kit, Belle thought it would be great revenge to reveal the truth about them to Rachel. Her revenge worked and Kim and Rachel are no longer together. After the arrival of Drew, she’s been flirting around with him and she now thinks she’s in love with him! Also since she’s been rescued she’s been head to head with Amanda, Belle doesn’t want her in her life, she just wants her gone! In true “Summer Bay Spirit” people have began to accept Belle into the Bay. Though Belle is still feeling the guilt by telling Rachel about Kim’s affair (as no one knows she told Rachel) and the guilt that she killed Flynn.

KIM: Being lost in the bush with his ex-flame was never easy. Kim feel back into the arms of Kit and they began a relationship again under Rachel’s nose. After Rachel ‘mysteriously’ found out about the affair, Kim left her for Kit, and they’ve began an open relationship. He and Rachel still fight and it seems like that this war will never end.

ROBBIE: Robbie’s life has been pretty stable since he was rescued. He continued his final year at school and became a dad just three weeks ago when Tasha gave birth to a girl. Even though he’s not the birth father, Robbie is finding it very hard to connect with the baby, knowing it’s not his.

JACK: Jack’s life has turned around so much it’s really crazy! His wedding was blown up and then he got a transplant, then his wife went missing and he wanted to end his life. Though after one visit to the church, to pray for ‘dead’ Martha, Jack saw a whole new world in the church. He visited it daily and began to devote his life to God. When Martha was saved he knew that this was a miracle and that there really is a God. He may have Martha back, though they are not the happiest couple. Since Martha has came back, Jack is still devoting his life to God. He’s stopped becoming a cop to do community service and is now putting God before Martha. Jack’s new beliefs are definitely coming between him and Martha’s marriage and they’re on the verge of divorcing.

MARTHA: When Martha was saved she couldn’t wait to get home to her husband, though she came home to a completely different man. With Jack’s new beliefs it’s beginning to freak out Martha and she’s noticed he’s putting God before her. With hardly any money coming into the household as Jack quit his job, Martha has become a model and is beginning to rake in the doe. Jack sees her modelling as a view of ‘pornography’. With two different personalities in the house, Martha is realising that she is not meant for Jack.

TASHA: Since Robbie has returned, Tasha has become really happy. She gave birth to a girl just three weeks ago. Even though the baby is Jonah’s, Tasha is noticing the separation between Robbie and the baby. Within the past week, Tasha has realised that Irene has been seeing and hearing things. Though just last night she realised Irene may be telling the truth when she heard something outside.

TONY: Tony has been concerned about Jack’s new life and has began to help Martha out while Jack is out. He doesn’t know why Jack has turned out like this and is wondering if he failed as a parent. Just six weeks ago Tony proposed to Beth, and she accepted! Since then, life has been pretty good to Tony.

BETH: After Kit and Robbie have been rescued Beth has been very grateful. Life for her is going well, her kids are fine and she’s engaged to Tony. Even though they wanted a long engagement, the wedding will happen in just four weeks time! Beth has been going nuts with wedding arrangements. Also within the four months, Beth has become a grandmother to Tasha’s baby!

MATILDA: Matilda has still not been coping with her scars, even though she’s had plastic surgery, and the scars are ‘healing’, she’s turned to food for support. Realising what she’s becoming, Matilda is on a verge of a breakdown. Lucas has been there for her for all this time and they’re back together.

LUCAS: Lucas doesn’t know where he fits in life no more. His brother is a ‘freak’, his father is engaged and his girlfriend has low self esteem. Knowing his life is turning out the way he wished it hasn’t, Lucas is pulling away from his connections with his loved ones and has been secretly been seeing someone, though the question on Tony’s mind is who?

RIC: After several playful events, Ric has finally gotten back with Cassie. Their relationship is the best it’s been in months and he’s very happy to have her. Though this past week, Ric has noticed that Cassie is puling away from him. Why?

CASSIE: Matilda is back with Lucas and Cassie is back with Ric. Cassie knew that everyone would get their act back together and they will become the core four again. Though Cassie has just made a chilling discovery, that would change her life forever, which was just discovered in the last week. She’s been puling away from Ric and spending a lot of time on her own.

AMANDA: She’s now been accepted into the bay and Amanda is loving her new life. Though there is just one more thing she wants to get right, her relationship with Belle. Amanda has spent several months now trying to make up with Belle, though nothing will work. To help numb her pain she’s turned to someone young for support; Macca. After several chats, they gave into temptation and have began a secret relationship under the Bay’s noses.

COLLEEN: Colleen knew that life in the Bay will never last, especially when she’s old and alone. After all the tragedies that have happened throughout Summer Bay, Colleen did the smart thing and moved up to Queensland, where she now lives happily with Lance.

DAN: Dan lost his brother and gained a nephew, his marriage got back on track, though it’s beginning to go over the rails again. Dan’s life has been pretty outrages for the past few months. Discovering that he has a nephew, Dan wants to build a relationship with him and welcome him into the Baker family with open arms. Drew doesn’t want this to happen and Dan is finding his behaviour childish. After months of trying to have a baby with Leah, something is finally going right for them! In two weeks they’ll be parents… Well just as long as the birth father signs away his rights, which he wont! Trying to do everything he can to keep his marriage sane, Dan turns to Rachel for support.

KIT: Kit came, she saw, she conquered. Being lost in the bush with Kim was the best thing she wished for deep inside. Now back with Kim, Kit couldn’t be happier, though she does feel guilty for cheating with Kim. Kit has now moved back to the bay and has been working at Noah’s. She’s trying to support Matilda in her dilemmas along with Robbie’s.

MACCA: Yes Macca is a woman basher, though Amanda can’t see that. Macca thinks he’s changed, and so has the Bay. Again, in true “Summer Bay Spirit”, Macca has been accepted into the bay. He’s made up with Cassie, and is also screwing with Amanda behind everyone’s back.

DREW: This troubled young teen is very much off the rails. He’s a rebel and Dan can clearly see that. Not wanting a relationship with Dan, and being forced out of boarding school because no one can pay for him, Sally has accepted to foster him and welcome him into her home. He’s been sneaking out late at night and has been hooking up with Belle. Drew just sees it as fun, though Belle want’s something more out of it. Ah, the passion of teen love.

The first episode should be up by tomorrow or the next day. Hope you guys will like. :D

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Cant wait for the first episode, I like the sound of what is happening to each character. Poor Rachel, but yeah Kit and Kim. Cant wait to find out who Lucas is seeing and what Cass's discovery was. All these questions running through my mind. Hope you post soon.

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Sadly OA, it'll have nothing about "you know who" as times has changed in Aussie :(

Damn. I didn't think you would. I liked your Zoe/Mumma Rose connection before though - was an excellent twist. :wink: Still looking forward to your new stuff!

I had so much twists with that storyline! I was thinking of doing it here still but with Zoe dead, but it wont work as their connection was with someone else, which wouldn't work out now because of storyline development within the show.

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Sadly OA, it'll have nothing about "you know who" as times has changed in Aussie :(

Damn. I didn't think you would. I liked your Zoe/Mumma Rose connection before though - was an excellent twist. :wink: Still looking forward to your new stuff!

I had so much twists with that storyline! I was thinking of doing it here still but with Zoe dead, but it wont work as their connection was with someone else, which wouldn't work out now because of storyline development within the show.

Yeah I get what you're saying. Shame it ended like that - but what can you do? :P *Looks forward to BC II*

ETA: I guess you could have some message from the grave explaining all the loose ends (like a note or something left for Mumma Rose - I'm sure she'll return at the end of the year in the show for the 'promised one' and all) :wink:

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