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Tell all the Martha and Jack fans to read. I think i put them off with the description at the begining :lol:... Next episode should be up by tomorow :D

Lol well I think its is hilarious and I wasnt put off by your description it just made me want to read lol (reminds me of desperate housewives:P).

Yay can't wait till tomorrow.


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Irene’s fate was now in the air…

IRENE: No, no, no, no! This is a mistake! Please don’t take me! [They begin to walk towards the back door] Please, I’m begging you! Please let me go! [irene forces the men to stop in front of Tasha] Tasha, please! [irene is crying and so is Tasha]

TASHA: I’m sorry Reenie.

Cassie’s life is about to turn upside down…

CASSIE: Ric can I be alone for just five minutes?

RIC: If that’s what you want.

CASSIE: It is. [Ric smiles and closes the door. Cassie opens her side draw and takes out a used pregnancy test, she just stares at it and begins to cry again]

Belle and Matilda were concerned with their boyfriend’s change of heart…

DREW: We’re not even a couple.

BELLE: Well what are we?

DREW: I thought this was just a bit of fun. You and me?

BELLE: It is, but can’t I want something more?

DREW: Belle, I’m not ready.

BELLE: Well fine then. [belle gets up and walks away]


[Matilda leans in to kiss Lucas, Lucas pulls away]

MATILDA: What’s wrong?

LUCAS: Nothing, nothing. I just remembered I need to go somewhere. [Lucas gets up and walks away]

MATILDA: [sighs] Lucas!

Was Lucas cheating on Matilda?...

[Lucas is sitting on the sand at the beach, he’s talking to someone]

LUCAS: I don’t know what I’m going to do about Matilda. My feelings are different towards her now, then they were before. I feel guilt inside me, because I’ve never felt this way about someone, the way I feel about you. [Lucas turns to the figure he’s talking to and smiles]

Leah and Dan’s hopes were being crushed…

JOE: I believe that my girlfriend is giving up our baby for adoption, and giving it to you guys. [Leah and Dan look at each other] Problem is, I don’t want the baby to go up for adoption. I want it.


LEAH: She told us that they wanted nothing to do with the baby once it’s born, and now two weeks before the birth, her boyfriend shows up and tells us he wants it. Dan, you just don’t do that.

DAN: He can Leah, and he will.

And an idea sparked inside Leah’s mind…

DAN: Who was that?

LEAH: The bank. I just think I found a way to get our baby.

DAN: How?

LEAH: Well they’re two teenagers in love, and all teenagers care about this stage is their own life and money.

DAN: Leah…

LEAH: If we give Joe a certain amount of cash, he’ll sign the papers!

EPISODE FOUR: Hidden Secrets and Hidden Desires


[beth is on the phone, Tony, Lucas and Matilda are eating breakfast]

BETH: Yeah, thanks for telling me love, I’ll tell the others. [Everyone looks at Beth] Bye Robbie. [she hangs up, then sits down]

MATILDA: Why did Robbie call? [beth sits down, still in shock]

BETH: Um, Irene… She’s been taken to a mental institution.


TONY: What? What happened?

BETH: He was just saying that everything that happened last year to her, was happening again.

MATILDA: Oh my god!

LUCAS: Poor Irene. [Kit walks in, she notices they’re all in shock]

KIT: What’s going on? [The others look towards her]


[Drew and Ric are watching T.V, Drew receives a text message, it’s from Belle]

RIC: Whose it from?

DREW: Belle… Something about how Irene’s been taken away and she wants to see me.

RIC: What? What do you mean taken away? [Alf walks in on the phone]

ALF: Yeah, thanks for telling me Beth. [Alf hangs up, Ric notices the look on Alf’s face] It’s Irene. She’s been taken to a mental institution. [Ric looks shocked]


[Leah is signing a cheque, Rachel walks in]

LEAH: Hey Rach.

RACHEL: Hey. What are you doing?

LEAH: Signing a cheque to Joe. [Rachel looks at her funny] Don’t even answer that. So how are you? After what happened yesterday at Irene’s?

RACHEL: Guilt. I know it’s for the best, but she looked so helpless. She was crying, Tasha was crying. It was like a nightmare.

LEAH: Irene will get through it, she’s strong.

RACHEL: Yeah, she is. [Dan walks in] Morning.

DAN: Morning. Are you ready to go? [Talking to Leah]

LEAH: Ready as I’ll ever be.

RACHEL: Guys, what you’re doing, is it legal? [Dan and Leah stare at each other]

LEAH: When you want something so bad, you’ll do anything Rachel, legal or illegal. [Leah walks out, then Dan. Rachel walks into the lounge room and sees a picture of her and Kim. She stares at it]

RACHEL: You’re right Leah. You’ll do anything to get back the one’s you love. Whether it will be legal or illegal.


[Kit and Kim are holding hands along the beach as they talk]

KIT: I can’t believe this has happened to Irene. What if she never gets passed this?

KIM: She will, if she did it once, she can do It again.

KIT: I feel so helpless, I just want to do something to help her get better.

KIM: We all feel helpless. There’s not much we can do though in a situation like this. [They stop and stare at each other]

KIT: I love you Kim. [They kiss]

KIM: Where did that come from?

KIT: From the heart. [Kit smiles, they begin to kiss, from the top of the beach, Rachel is staring at them]


[Matilda is reading a magazine. Lucas walks out of the house as if he’s leaving to go somewhere]

MATILDA: Where are you going?

LUCAS: Just out.

MATILDA: You’ve been doing that a lot lately. [Lucas stares at her] Lucas is everything alright?

LUCAS: Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?

MATILDA: Are we alright? [Lucas says nothing] Are we?

LUCAS: I’m late, we’ll talk about this later.

MATILDA: Lucas! [beth comes in from the kitchen]

BETH: What was that about?

MATILDA: I know this sounds really dumb mum, but I think he’s seeing someone behind my back.

BETH: Honey, Lucas would never do a thing like that. Come on, lets go shopping, take your mind off things, ok?

MATILDA: Why do we need to go shopping?

BETH: Matilda, have you forgot that I’m getting married in just a few weeks? [They smile at each other] Go on, go get ready.


[sally walks in, Ric is watching T.V]

SALLY: Are you just going to sit here all day and watch the television? [sally chuckles]

RIC: Well you can’t do much when you’re friends have busy lives.

SALLY: Why? Whose busy?

RIC: Matilda is shopping with Beth, Lucas is apparently seeing someone, Drew is with Belle and Cassie isn’t talking to me.

SALLY: Cassie’s not talking to you?

RIC: No, she’s not.

SALLY: Why? Have you guys had another fight?

RIC: Not that I know of. She’s just been very quiet around me.

SALLY: She’s been like that for a few days now. Maybe I should go have a talk to her.

RIC: Yeah, I think that would be good.


[Cassie is lying on her bed, Sally knocks on the door]

SALLY: Cassie, it’s only me. [sally walks in] Is everything alright?

CASSIE: I guess. [Cassie stays in her same position, Sally sits on her bed]

SALLY: Would you like to talk about it?

CASSIE: Talk about what?

SALLY: With whatever is bugging you. You know I’m here for you, don’t you?

CASSIE: Of course Sally. I’m just not ready to open up yet.

SALLY: That’s understandable. [sally gets up and walks towards the door] You can talk to me anytime.

CASSIE: Sally wait. [sally turns to look at Cassie] If Ric asked you to come up here, can you tell him it has nothing to do with him.

SALLY: Ok then. [sally smiles and walks out the door]


[There’s a knock at the door, Joe opens it, it’s Leah and Dan]

JOE: What are you guys doing here?

LEAH: We need to talk.

JOE: Leah, we have nothing to talk about.

LEAH: Once you hear what I have to say, then we’ll have plenty to talk about. [Leah let’s herself in to the apartment]


[Drew and Ric are playing the playstation]

RIC: So how’s Belle doing?

DREW: She’s fine.

RIC: What about you guys? Is the relationship fine? [Drew says nothing] She’s a feisty one isn’t she?

DREW: Don’t keep telling me. [sally walks in, Ric pauses the game]

RIC: How is she? What did she say?

SALLY: She said she’ll open up once she’s ready, and that this problem has nothing to do with you.

RIC: Well why would she keep avoiding me? [Drew get’s a text message] Is that Belle?

DREW: Um, yeah. Something like that. [Drew walks off] Sally I’m off for a bit.

SALLY: Ok. [Alf walks in] Where have you been Mr. Stewart?

ALF: I dropped in to see Tasha, then I went over to Martha’s to see how they’re both coping.

SALLY: Are Jack and Martha still having problems?

ALF: She doesn’t know what to think anymore.

RIC: It is pretty funny when you think about it.

SALLY: What is?

RIC: Well it’s like Jack chose an invisible, one hundred million old man, over Martha.

SALLY: I don’t find that funny at all Ric. [Ric looks at Alf, he doesn’t look impressed]

RIC: It was just a joke.

ALF: Where was young Drew off to?


[Drew is walking he’s on the phone]

DREW: Mate, I’ll be there in ten minutes ok. No one is around are they? [PAUSE] That’s good babe, that’s good. Alright I’ll see you then. [Drew hangs up and smiles, he sees Kit and Kim kissing on the sand, he walks past them] Love birds, please, get a room. Some people don’t want to see this.

KIT: He’s right Kim. We could do much more at home. [Kit smiles and kisses Kim]

DREW: Ok, that’s information I didn’t need to know. Bye guys.

KIM: Bye. [Kit is to busy kissing Kim she just waves, Drew keeps walking, he notices Rachel on top of the beach, still staring at them, he has a funny look then keeps walking]


[All three of them are sitting at a table]

JOE: So you guys will give me five grand, so you can have my baby?

DAN: That’s the idea.

JOE: That’s great, you can do so much with five grand, I wonder what I’ll buy. [Leah smiles at Dan, knowing her plan worked]

LEAH: So then that’s it? We give you the money, you’ll sign?

JOE: Yeah, yeah of course. Though you could buy so much more with ten grand.

DAN: What?

JOE: Five grand is not enough to give away my baby. I’ll take the five grand, and we’ll look at it as a deposit.

LEAH: I’m not giving you five grand, and then give you another five grand on top of that without any signature.

JOE: Well then, I guess I’ll be keeping my baby. Bye now. [Dan gets up, Leah just sits there]

DAN: Come on Leah, let’s go. Let’s not waste our time him.

LEAH: No, I’m not going anywhere! If you want five thousand up front then another five later… Fine. [Leah throws the cheque at him] But that baby is going to be ours!

DAN: Leah…

LEAH: Just shut up Dan and let’s go! [Leah gets up and storms out of the apartment]


[Ric is pouring himself an orange juice, Cassie walks in]


RIC: Hey. Are you alright?

CASSIE: Ric, there’s something I need to tell you. [Ric looks a bit surprised]


[it’s now night, Lucas is sitting on the sand, near the rocks, a figure walks up to him]

LUCAS: Hey I was wondering when you were going to be here.


[Rachel is sitting by herself with no lights on, there’s a bottle of Vodka in front of her, she’s just staring at it, Leah and Dan walk in, talking about Joe and the baby]

LEAH: Dan, we’ll talk about this later, I’m not in the mood!

DAN: How come the lights are out? [Leah turns the lights on, revealing Rachel and the bottle of Vodka]

LEAH: Rach… [Looking disappointed]


[Cassie and Ric are sitting on the lounge]

CASSIE: You remember a few weeks after everyone was found from the bush? And I spent that night with Macca?

RIC: Yeah. [Looking confused]

CASSIE: And I told you how we didn’t sleep together? Well I lied.


[Lucas and the figure are talking]

LUCAS: I’ve finally come to a decision with what I’m going to do… I’m going to break up with Matilda.


[Continuing from before]

RACHEL: I haven’t touched a drop Leah, I swear.

LEAH: Well what are you doing with it then?

RACHEL: Seeing if I can handle my life without it.

LEAH: Has something happened?

RACHEL: No, It’s just Kim. I want him back, but I know I can’t. Because he’s with Kit. [she throws the bottle on the floor] Damn! Why does my life have to be like this!? [VJ starts crying]

LEAH: It will be alright Rach- I’m going to check on VJ.

RACHEL: Ok. [Leah walks off and Dan sits down, Rachel smiles] I’m sorry about that Dan.


CASSIE: I don’t know how long I’ve been pregnant for, though I’ve felt all the symptoms and I took the test. Ric, I’m pregnant to Macca, I’m so sorry. [Ric doesn’t know what to say]

RIC: How do you know it’s not his? [Cassie says nothing, Ric gets up and walks away]

CASSIE: Ric, where are you going?

RIC: I just need some fresh air.

CASSIE: Ric! Ric!


[Lucas and the figure pull away from a kiss they just shared]

LUCAS: What time does Sally expect you home? [The light shines in the figures face, it’s Drew]

DREW: Time doesn’t matter. As long as you’re here, I don’t have a care in the world. [Drew smiles and kisses Lucas]


DAN: You’ll get through this Rachel. [Dan puts his hand on Rachel’s. The both smile at each other, she leans over and kisses Dan, Dan doesn’t pull away]

Just 16 episodes until the MURDEROUS season finale

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