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Harry's Revenge

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Here's the next chapter. Enjoy

Chapter four

It was wednesday; two days since Mrs Chambers had walked out on her husband. Harry sat in the kitchen staring at the same family photo that he had found the other day. Inside his head he was plotting the best way he was going to exact his revenge. The most painful way he was going to hurt Jack. He could just come out and kill him, but that would be too easy. It would have to be slow and he wanted him to feel a gut wrenching pain, the same pain he felt when he lost his daughter. The same pain that came with losing his wife. This wasn't going to be an easy task, but he was ready. He couldn't think of anything more important than avenging his daughters death. He couldn't believe that he had given up on it in the first place. He hadn't made that man suffer, he hadn't even touched the tip of the ice berg. What had he been thinking with his childish attemps at retribution in the past? Then it suddenly clicked to Harry. The only way he was going to be able to figure this out was to be near him, to find out what really mattered to Jack and rip it away from him. Harry was moving to Summer Bay.


Jack woke up the next morning thinking about the night before. At first he thought he was imaginig it, but he wasn't. Last night really did happen. The chemistry between them was still there and no matter what Martha had said in the past about how she felt it was not going to go away. Finally he thought, this was the sign that he had been hoping for, the sign that showed him that Martha still loved him. He had seen the look in her eyes, it was desire and longing. He knew it because it was the same expression he had seen on her face when he kissed her down at the beach on their first date. It was lust and he now knew Martha wanted him just as much as he wanted her. There was no denying it. Jack began to smile as his thoughts drifted back to Martha. Ohnestly, she was the only women he had ever known that had just spent the previous half hour throwing up her insides and still managed to look beautiful. If that's not love then I don't know... Jack stopped as all other thoughts filled out of his head. Last night Martha had been sick. For all he knew she could have been delirious, and besides all that Martha was still with Corey. He suddenly become just as puzzled as he had been yesterday over what to do. Jack sat up on his bed scanning his brain for for ideas. There was only way to fix this. Jack needed to know what Martha was feeling. Either way, no matter what the answer he had to find out. Although Jack made no secret to himself of what he hoped she would say. He was going to see Martha.


Martha opened her eyes. For a moment she felt fine. Then her stomach started to churn, but it wasn't as bad as it was yesterday. The sickness had almost faded, but not the pain she had felt while lying in her bed. Her heart sank as she thought back to last night. Everything was such a mess and she couldn't help but blame herself for everything that had gone wrong. At the diner that night after Hayley and Kims bucks/hens night celebrations when Jack had asked her for another chance, she had wanted to take him back. It would have been so easy just to reach out to his hand and take it in her own. To tell him that she felt same and that they could be together. She hadn't though because she was still mad, she had been angry about what he had said. But most of all she had been upset that she had allowed herself to get hurt. He had been the first guy that she had ever really let her guard down with and opened up to. After that Martha had been sure that she had made the right decision and was determined to stick to it. Despite her feelings for Jack (whatever they were) she had become Corey's girlfriend and she wasn't about to betray him. She had been cheated on and hurt in the past and she always swore to herself that she would never become one of those people. At first it had been a rebound thing , but now Martha genuinely thought the world of Corey. But now she wasn't sure. Had she really done the right thing? God she was baffled. She came to the conclusion that she didn't know what she felt and that it wasn't going to be resoved until she had taken time out to think. Until then she was just going to have to stay away from both Jack and Corey until she could get her head together or she might do something she'll regret.


The phone rang, Martha jumped up to answer it. It's probably Grandad she thought. It'll be a good distraction to talk about his holiday visiting Roo. Martha wished she could have gone to see her Mother too. Why hadn't she? If she had maybe none of this would be happening.


"Hey Babe," Corey's voice ecohed through the telephone. Martha secretly hated it when Corey called her babe. It made her think of the movie and she didn't really like comparing herself to a pig.

"O hi," she said, taken aback a bit to hear Corey's voice.'

"How are you feeling?"

"Ah O.K...no actually i'm feeling really sick," She suddenly lied. If Corey thought she was O.k he would probably want to see her.

"Um listen, about last night, I just wanted to apologise for taking you to that place and tell that I feel really bad."

"It wasn't your fault, you shouldn't be apologising."

"I know but i still feel like crap, maybe i should come over and take care of you today, you know until your felling a little better."

"No, It's fine you can make it uo to me by taking me out to dinner another night."

"You sure."


"Well then I better let you get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow, by then I should have come up with an idea for our hot date." Martha laughed


"Bye babe."

Martha sighed as she hung up the phone. If there is another date she thought. There was a knock on the door. Martha didn't even have to answer it. She knew who it was. Great she thought, what am i going to do? She knew that if she answered the door before she had had time to think and clear her head that when she went to talk to Jack about how she was feeling, there wouldn't be much talking at all. It would probably end in them ripping each others clothes off and leading him back to her room where he would probably ravish her all day. What would that achieve? Apart from that amazing sensation...no, she interupted herself. No, she was not going to do that. Before she could think of anything else she heard the door opening. Jack must have thought she was still in bed Martha thought. Oh God, what am I going to do?

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