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  1. haha funny Haha that would be funny
  2. thankyou for not killing jack OMG callum is CRAZY :o:O:O great chapter please post more soon
  3. Callum is very evil please post more soon
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!! please post more soon
  5. i wish callum would just go away and leave martha and jack to reslove this by them selves but then again they wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for CALLUM Please work things out soon Martha and Jack please post more soon
  6. im loving it please post more soon \
  7. im loving this great work please post more soon
  8. Omg i actully started to cry im loving this fan fic please post more soon
  9. Omg i love all your fan fics but this is your best by far
  10. LOve it please get martha out soon jack
  11. loving it martha please forgive jack so you can be happy
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