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  1. I'm so shocked glad you've decided to finish off this fic! It's definately still one of my favourites (after skimming through to remind myself ) and I can't wait to see how you'll end it; hopefully happily... More soon!
  2. Alec Jack The part where you described Jack drinking the water from the tap made my want to cry I'm glad Martha's not frightened away by the homeless Jack. Really well written Rach! Can't wait for more
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  4. Yay update tomorrow! Last chapter: So glad Martha's heading back, hopefully her and Jack can eventually patch things up and get back together. Please do not make Sam any part of this fic, don't know if you were planning to, but if you were. DON'T!! Emma So cute! Can't wait till Jack to meets her. You have such a beautiful writing style, the whole story flows nicely and the story is great so far! Can't wait for the next chapter.
  5. Jack and Martha That was so incredibly cute! I'm loving this storyline; very curious as to where it's heading Please let Martha say yes!! Great writing as always, can't wait for more
  6. Jack and Martha It's all over I've loved the Jack and Martha interaction in this fic, the friends/lovers was a great idea to explore Hopefully we'll get to see more of your writing one day!! Congrats on a fantastic fic Rachel!
  7. This is such a great start! Loving the storyline, and your writing Especially liked the first paragraph and the last line... Can't wait for more!
  8. How EMBARRASSING! The poor things, i wonder how much Martha's dad acutally saw... This is such a great story Rachel, i love reading all the updates its definately one of my favourites! More soon
  9. So it's your fault then? Aww Martha and Jack finally together, well almost anyway... Please, please update soon Loving this story.
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  11. I should apologise for my lack of comments on this fic, i do mean to i just always read it either really late or really early (for me anyways ).. Anyways, there's not much more to say except i love it! "Your not flabby, you're still as gorgeous as ever" N'awww, that is so cute. I love the relationship that Jack and Martha have, although i wish it was more than just friends - they may as well be they're so loving towards each other already. Please, please update soon
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  13. I think that's the only way to describe that chapter. Jack is such a darling! Lucky Martha... Love the way you write this Martha and Jack, sweet and loving yet not afraid to tease one another! Please update again soon
  14. I LOVE this fic! Jack and Martha So adorable, i love how they've always shared a bed.. thats cute! Please update again soon!
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