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  1. HEY LOSER!! :P I haven't seen you around here for ages. It seems all quiet without you :P So I thought I'd leave you a comment to try and lure you back.... does it work?:P


  2. The Beauty of the Rain Type of story: One Shot Main characters: Martha, Jack BTTB rating: G Genre: Romance, Regret Warnings: None, I don't think. Does story include spoilers: Very nearly not. You know what? I'm going to go with no. Summary: Martha on Jack and Sam's wedding day. She doesn't turn up to the wedding. She stands in the rain instead. I personally would rather sit in a warm church.. but.. you know.. whatever floats your boat. When you know the day is ending all too soon You're just two umbrellas one late afternoon You don’t know the next thing you will say This is your favourite kind of day - it has no walls. The beauty of the rain is how it falls. The drops are heavy and cold and hard on her soft skin. They attack her with the downward force of gravity on their side as they fall from the dark pillows of no remorse above her head. They’re growling and grumbling and humming a symphony of notes as they demand superiority and control. They take her as their prisoner. And she’s fine with them doing so.
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  4. Yea but that sounds like it'd take A LOT of time and messing around.... and you weren't here to do it. So, yes, I took it upon myself... but it worked, didn't it? Well it nearly did. Zetti was just helping me out... I made clear it was only a one-off fic and so Zetti was just helping out a member. She wasn't really taking on a new fic. Plus Zetti didn't do it in the end anyway! If I ever write a big fic, or a short fic, I'll do it your way 'cause I understand your logic. But... for just one oneshot? I thought it'd cause less hassle by just asking myself...
  5. Yea sorry about that, I had stuff to do so I wanted to post it asap. Thanks anyway. I'll remember for in future ;)
  6. Of course. Thank you very much. Umm.. are you going on MSN or should I PM it you?
  7. Hey people... I'm here with a fic if anyone would mind. I've just written a one-shot written in.. 1st person narrative I think (I haven't done English for like... 4 months. ). Well, it's me writing as Martha, basically. Anyway, as you may have guessed it's a J&M fluffly fic with an "interesting" twist. If anyone can put up with reading J&M, I would REALLY be appreciative if you could proof for me. It was my first go at Martha's POV writing... so it will probably need a lot of attention and tweaking. I imagine I have mixed past tense and present tense... and that is something I've ALWAYS done wrong. So... if anyone is really confident in their writing and especially in these two areas, I would love your help.
  8. Thanks for the comments! I really do appreciate them! And I guess it was kind of obvious that I just wanted to make clear how much Jack's life sucks now that he's with Sam, and how great it was when he was with Martha. I know you probably already knew that, but it doesn't hurt to remind us all that Jacky made the wrong decision, right?
  9. I thought I'd pin this topic, as I did say that every now and again I'd put it up here! Sorry for forgetting. If there are any proofers around, I may need your assistance soon. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeep proofin'!
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  15. Urgh, it has gone midnight. Damn it. Okay, this will have to be short, as I have to go to bed soon for work tomorrow. I already seem to act like a flippin' dizzy blonde there, I don't want to know what would happen if I was really tired. ANYWAY... Nicole, get on with it. Okay, so... as you see, there have been no updates in quite a while. I always do this... I post, apologising for not updating and then update the next day anyway - but that is not the case this time. This fic won't be updated in some time. I can't imagine I'll pick it up next week and add a chapter, or the week after. I doubt it will be anytime soon. I thought I ought to explain why, and just basically pretend that you care. My life story - Basically, I have just started sixth form and a job, and it's pretty full-on. I'm working all day every day with either sixth form or work, then every night with homework, or an extra-curricular activity that I need to keep up FOR my education. And very rarely, if I'm a good little girl and I've managed to whinge enough to my teachers and persuaded them not to give me homework - I'll have a day out with friends! For you clever one's who've managed to keep up (and you sad-asses who have nothing better to do than read my ramble) this means that I have absolutely zilch time to do this fic. And to be truly honest with you, if I had time, I doubt I'd do it. I have many other things that I don't have time to do... so this isn't on my list of priorities. Unless I get snowed in. In which case - you're in luck. Also, if I did have time and had no life and was snowed in, I probably wouldn't do the chapter as I am completely stuck and the love for JM has gone. Because they're so damn annoying, and I'm sure you'll all agree. ANYWAY, so much for short... (Which coincidently I am. *smug face*) I'm sorry I'm not updating, but I'm sure you don't all care that much. I just couldn't resist a chance to moan. Joke. Thanks for all being so patient, and I do hope I finish this fic. It will most probably be my last, so... I have to finish it. I will finish it. Or, if worst comes to worst, I'll get someone else to finish it. Oh my God! I could get Amber to finish it! You'd all love that, wouldn't you? *calls out* Oh, Amber..... Lol. I'm going now, before I get someone else to do my homework for me and another person to dress up in my snazzy orange Comet shirt and stand behind the Help Desk counter for me tomorrow. (The latter is not a joke. If you're interested PM me.) Bye for now...
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