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  1. Well...not surprised she's losing it really, what with his track record... But Jacky wouldn't do that to Martha. I have to believe that that's true. lol Great chapter - you described Martha's feelings really well. Please please update. NOW.
  2. ^ You said it for me. *smiles sweetly*
  3. Erm *clears throat* Where's that update you said would be up soon? Of course I would love for you to write another 10 chapters , but what I would love even more is the next update. Recent chapters have been seriously brill and very amusing. Like Jess, I'm a little bit in love with this. No, scrap that, I'm a lot in love with it. Update asap pllllleeeeeeeaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeee!
  4. Hi dee83 - I've noticed that you're relatively new to the board. Sorry to be a pain but there is a rule about SPAG on this forum and it includes the fact that you're not allowed to write in text speak. If you could just remember to write without using text speak abbrieviations next time you post then that would be great. Sorry to be so annoying it's just part of the rules, so I thought I'd alert you to it! And Rach - brilliant fic as always. Please please update!!! It's been too long...
  5. Awwwww yay!!! That was so adorable!! Jacky loves Martha! Wahay!!! *jumps up and down* Now he just needs to let Martha know that she's the only one for him, that no one else would ever compare and that she's amazing... But I have one problem... Why would you cut the chapter in half?!!!! You need to stop doing that, it's really painful when I know that there's another bit already written that I can't read on your computer! Because you love me , do you think you could update again now with the second half of the chapter?! I'd be your friend. (You know you want one, since you don't have any... ) Just kidding Rach. Oops supposed to be nice to you to, so that you update, aren't I? You're brilliant and wonderful. Please update. *grins* (Don't get scared.)
  6. Arghhhhhh, JACK!!! You pathetic man. Let me tell you a few things (hope you're listening Rach )... 1. Lily is pathetic, obsessive and stupid. She needs to GO, and you need to stop granting her every wish and falling for her stupid excuses. 2. Stop making it up to Martha for ditching her for Lily (even though, I swear, if my memory is correct, that it was indeed Martha who you actually invited on the trip) and then doing the same thing all over again! 3. And you know what? I had a lot more to say but it's just left my brain. lol 4. Oh yea, start treating Martha like she actually means something to you. Idiot. As you can see, wasn't particularly happy with Jack there....or Rachel for that matter since you're writing the damn thing. BUT, other than those 'issues', I'm loving the fic. It's great and it's original, seriously brill writing (wouldn't expect any less from you) and even though I don't always comment (erm, more like never) I do read it and I it. Great stuff Rach! *thumbs up*
  7. Update! Update! Update! *chants and stamps feet*
  8. :wub: :wub: I think that is all I can say. That just might have to be the cutest J&M chapter I've ever read. And they're not even together! How the hell is that possible!? Total brilliance, Rach. Please update asap.
  9. Awwww, Rach! I've missed you! Welcome back - hope your had a great holiday! Meet lots of Italian guys? *wiggles eyebrows* Anyways, brilliant chapter. As always. I how you write J&M's relationship. Even though they're not an item, I love the fact that Martha's the most important girl in Jack's life. It's so cute. I just love everything about this fic. It's awesome. And Tash fancies Jack! Hard not to really. Tell her to keep her hands off.
  10. Awwwwwwwwww :wub: Seriously that was just adorable. I LOVE this Jack and Martha - they're brill Rach. The right amount of cute/adorable with the right amount of humour and cheekiness. Great stuff. As always you're writing was great - it really captured the moment. Please update asap!! (I'll be waiting at my computer. )
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