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Harry's Revenge

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Here's the next chapter. Sorry it took so long to update. Enjoy. WARNING:The next bit may be a bit morbid.

Chapter six

Harry was sitting in the Hotel room that he had just booked into on the couch that it provided. It smelt like like a stale musk. The side of the couch (if you could call it a couch) that he was sitting on was far more worn than the other side. The yellow foam of the interior was seeping through the weathered fabric and peeping glances at the rest of the couch. The whole room was filled with a sickening, dingey scent that managed to suffacate all lively occupants. But not Harry. The walls were dirty and in need of some pino clean and a seriously good scrub. Everything was quiet and still and the only thing that Harry could hear was the sound of his breathing. The slow rise and fall of his chest as he was immersed in his own thoughts. He slowly threw his eyes around the room, glancing from wall to wall until he settled his eyes on a large, sturdy black bag placed at the end of the room, past the coffee table. He had placed it there with all his other bags. He stood up slowly and walked over to the door. He opened it and and hung the "Do not disturb" sign before pulling it closed tightly anbd locking it. He then proceeded to walk over to where the bag was. Picking it up slowly and keeping it at arms length away from him. Harry took it back to the lounge. He carefully placed the bag down on the floor and fell back onto the couch. He started unzipping the bag and began to pull out objects. The first of many was a stanly knife. He placed it on the coffee table and went back to the bag. He then pulled out a stake knife and placed it next to the stanly knife. He kept doing this until all items that had been in the bag were cluttered along on table. Harry's face was suddenly filled with glee and pleasure as he sat staring at the display of axes, knifes, guns and other items that could be used for torture. His mind was filled with horrendous and phychotic ways that he was going to do this, and he had many optionts as he had certainly come prepared. He was full of hope that he was finally going to get the satisfaction that he deserved.


Martha had finally managed to pull herself up from the bathroom floor and into the bedroom where she changed out of her p.j's and sat on her bed. Why was she being so emotional? This was definetley not like her. Deep down Martha knew exactly why she had been crying but she wasn't ready think about that yet. She just didn't want to go there. She needed something to distract herself from the soap opera that her life had become. Martha walked over to the phone and called Tash. They arranged to have a girly night in, order pizza and rent Dirty Dancing. Until then Martha decided that she was going to clean the entire house, and that is exactly what she did.


Three days had gone past and Martha had managed to avoid both Corey and Jack. She was quite proud of herself until she realised that it hadn't solved a damn thing. She had gotten out of her date with Corey and even talking about the situation with Tash. To her suprise she hadn't seen or heard from Jack the entire time. Martha sighed as she knew it was cruch time. This was it, she thought to herself. She couldn't go on living this way or putting Corey through this for that matter. She decided to take a walk along the beach to clear her head.


Jack was so busy with work and thinking about the amazing thing that had happened with Harry Chambers that he hadn't even given Martha a second thought. He had occasionally bumped into Harry in the few last days and all exchanges seemed to be as warm and friendly as possible. Jack didn't even realise that in one particular circumstance Harry had followed him home to find out where he lived. He and Luke were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch, while Tony was finishing off making his sandwhich.

"So what are you going to waste the rest of your day off on now?" Luke asked Jack through a mouthful of lettuce.

"Not sure yet, might go for a surf."

"Well you better hurry up and make up your mind, because the day's already half over," Tony advised. They were stirred from their conversation by a knock at the open door. They all looked up to see Beth standing there with a big smile on her face.

"Come in," Luke said as Tony turned around from the bench top.

"Thanks, um I won't stay long I was just wondering if I could get a lift to the surf club if that's no trouble. I wouldn't ask it's just that the car won't start and I'm really late. If your busy I...."

"It's absolutley no trouble at all, " Tony interupted. "As a matter of fact I was just heading there now." As he said this he slowly pushed the sandwhich behind the dishwashing rack so it was no longer visible. Jack and Lucas both smiled at each other as they carried on eating.

"Thank you so much!" Beth exclaimed gratefully. "As you know, Alf's in America and i can't get in touch with Martha." Jack didn't hear anything in the room for the next twenty seconds besides all the thoughts in his head. Martha, Martha, Martha, Martha, Martha, Martha, Martha. That's the only word he could come up with. He had forgotten all about her and now suddenly all his feelings, thoughts and confusion just came flooding back. Within another twenty seconds he was right back to where he started three days ago. He had to clear his head, but most of all he had to have that coversation that he was going to have the other day with her now. He practically jumped out of his seat and beat Beth and Tony to the door.

"Where are you going," Lucas asked.

"Um, for a surf," Jack answered before bolting out the door.

"You havn't even got your board!" Lucas yelled. But it was too late. Jack had already gone, leaving three extremely puzzled people in the room.

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"Where are you going," Lucas asked.

"Um, for a surf," Jack answered before bolting out the door.

"You havn't even got your board!" Lucas yelled. But it was too late. Jack had already gone, leaving three extremely puzzled people in the room.

hahahaa lol that's really funny!

I'm really liking this story. It's very interesting indeed.

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Here's the next chapter due to popular demand. Lol, I've always wanted to say that :P

Chapter Seven

Martha strolled along the beach with her thongs in her hand and the wind blowing straight through her hair. Her long, brown waves brushed against the bare skin on her face as the ocean breeze swept through her. She found a spot in the sand and sat. From where she was sitting she could see the cliffs where she and Jack had shared their first kiss. A small smile crept across her face as she thought about was she was prepared to do to make it up to him, and she even let out a little giggle as she was sure that she would do it all again in a heartbeat. She dug her feet into the sand feeling the grains inbetween her toes. She stared straight onto the horizon, noticing the perfect blend of blues hues, the shades light and dark. As she watched the sea she smelt the crisp, salty air she breathed a small sigh of relief. Martha could sit here all day. Just being here made her feel better. She watched on as the waves crashed in towards her and then back to where they came from preparing for the next. With every wave Martha felt all of her fears and anxieties being washed away, piece by piece with every wave she bagan to feel better better as they took her feelings back into the sea. All the stress and problems of the last few days were just simply melting into the waves. Martha is very much a country girl but the beach was definetley a favourite place of hers. She closed her eyes to think and suddenly she saw Jack's face. She was picturing happy moments that they had spent together and the way that she had felt whenever he had been around. It wasn't a feeling that she had ever expierienced before and she bagan to feel both excited and nervous at the same time. She was charting into unknown terriotory and she wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel, all she knew was that she had a desire for Jack Holden then went far deeper than just wanting to be with him physically (although that bit was pretty strong too). She wanted to talk to him when something went wrong, to feel his strong, loving arms wrapped around her when she was upset. She wanted to wake up next to him in the morning and fall asleep next to him at night. She wanted to be the first thing on his mind and him to be the first thing on hers. Martha couldn't believe that she had been denying her true feelings for so long. She was slowly beginning to realise what her heart had been telling her the entire time. No i couldn't be she thought, it's not possible. But there was no deying it. Martha Mackenzie was in love.

"I'm in love," she whispered to herself extremely quietly. The thought kept running around in her head and after a few minutes when she had fully come to terms with the idea she wanted to run up to the top of the cliffs and shout. She wanted to scream I'M IN LOVE WITH JACK HOLDEN. So the whole world would know how she felt. Martha began to get so excited that she could hardly contain herself. Her mind was racing with the possibilities of what would happen when she finally told Jack the truth. Martha had to calm herself before she got so excited that she worked herself into cardiac arrest! Martha looked down into the sand. She saw a shadow but before she could turn around to look someone had sat down beside her; Corey.

"Just the person I wanted to see," Martha spoke ohnestly.

"Oh really, is that why you've been avoiding me the last couple of days." Martha looked back down onto the sand ashamed. Corey let out a laugh.

"It's o.k," He said i know what's going on. Martha darted a confused look and then proceeded to speak.

"Corey I've been meaning to tell you something," She paused and there was a significant silence. "I don't really know how to say this."

"Then I'll say it for you. Your in love with Jack."

"But how did you..." Martha was really confused now.

"It's just so obvious, I can't belive I couldn't see it sooner. You and Jack clearly still have feelings for each other that run very deep. I shouldn't have pushed my way inbetween the two of you. The way you look at each other, it is blatantly clear that you are very much in love." Martha was so stunned and shocked that she just stared at Corey.

"I didn't cheat on you," She suddenly blurted out. Corey started to laugh.

"I know you didn't . I know your not that sort of person," He said through a smile and rubbing a reasurring hand on her arm. They both sat in silence for a moment staring back out to the sea.

"Thankyou," She whispered.

"For what?"

"Making this so easy. I hope we can still be friends!"

"You couldn't get rid of me even if you tried," He laghed. They both smiled at each other before Corey said, "So this is goodbye?"

"Yeah, i guess it is. It was short but it was nice,"

"Yeah it was nice," He agreed as they tried not to deface the value of what they shared. "You do realise that your the one being dumped don't you?" Corey said with cheeky smile, standing up. They both started to laugh.

"I think I can handle that,' Martha shot back continuing with the humour as Corey lent a hand down to help her up to join him.


Jack had decided that before he was going to see Martha at the apatment that he was going to take a breather. As he made his way along the beach towards the diner, he was planning in his head what he was going to say to her. He had concluded that he was just going to come out with it and be totally honest. Everything that he was going to say was going to come straght from the heart. He hadn't wanted to admit to himself before, but now that he was coming clean he had to admit it. He was in love. For the first time in Jack Holden's life he was in love. But not just with anybody. No. Jack Holden was in love with Martha Mackenzie. The beautiful, sexy, intelligent, feisty young women that he had met almost two months ago. His whole life was turned upside down the day he met her. He thought back to the day that they had the bet while playing pool. Before they had started to play Martha accidently bumped into Jack and told him that if he was there to flirt that he would be wasting his time. He responded by telling her that she was not the centre of his universe, but in actual fact that was fast becoming a lie. Martha had soon become the centre of his thoughts and the object of his affections. Jack couldn't remember how he had lived his life before he met her. Did he even have a life? He didn't want to think about it. A life without Martha was not even worth cosidering. As each second past he gained confidence in what Matha's answer would be. He looked out to the sea. He was smiling happily and looking at all the blissfull couples in love. He focused on one couple in particular, thet looked so happy, they were standing there smiling at one another and the man had taken the girl's hands in his own. They becgan to embrace as Jack slowly started to recognise the faces. No. No it couldn't be. Martha?

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