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Harry's Revenge

Guest Jamey-Maria

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Story Title: Harry's Revenge

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC, V/D

Summary: 5 lines max

SORRY FOR ANY SPELLING OR GRAMMER ERRORS: This is my first fan fic and I would appreciate constructive criticism (only constructive)

This is a Martha and Jack fan fic about Harry Chambers. the man who's daughter Jack accidently killed while on the job two and half years ago. Martha and Jack have been broken up for two weeks

Chapter one

'That was it, that was the final straw' Mrs Chambers thought as she walked into the bedroom and picked up two already packed suitcases after another ridiculous heated argument with her husband. She had packed them months ago but deciced to give the situation a little more time to work itself out.

'What could it hurt?' She had thought, deciding that she had been too hasty in her decision to walk out on her hausband. Now looking back with regret Mrs Chambers wished she had of stuck with her initial reaction. Who was she kidding, the situation wasn't going to sort itself out in a few months, for God's sake she'd been waiting over two and half years!

Mrs Chambers walked out of the into the living with a suitcase in each hand. She looked down on the couch with contemptment and anger, glaring at the man she had come to despise.

"Where are you going" mr chambers asked, but as soon as he saw her storm into the bedroom he knew what was going to happen.

"I can't take this any more Harry," she snapped. I thought we could get through this but we can't. youv'e just become so angry and bitter and i can no longer stand being around you,"she continued.The furious fire in her eyes burning holes straight through him. "Every day i have to spend with has become a challenge, an uphill battle that i no longer have the energy to fight. I kept pretending that everything would be fine. i just told myself to keep on going, but i was only burrying my head futher and further in the sand. It's over Harry, i'm divorcing you." Her words were like ice but they scolded him like a burn. "The only contact wer're going to have from now on is through my solicitor."

He watched as she turned on her back heel and walked sraight for the door. Mr Chambers stood up to object, but when he opened his mouth nothing came out. What could he say? Every word that came to his mind seemed pathetic and weak. So he just stood there, eyes fixated on the women hurridly moving across the living room. The women he had spent nineteen years with, seventeen married to and his entire adult life loving.

His mind was racing as images and memories came flooding back, like a raging river. The sound of the lock on the door being viciously pried open broke him from his train of thought. Just before she walked out the door for the last time she stopped, filling harry with false hope . She turned her head to face him and spat out "You're not that only one who lost a daughter". The door slamed so loud theat the stain glass windows shudered and the walls felt as though they were going to crack. Mr Chambers waited for her to come back in and tell her she didn't mean any of it. But she didn't. And he knew she wasn't going to. She was gone, and he knew she wasn't cuming back.


Mr Chambers kept replaying the days events in is head over and over. He repeatidly asked himself what if...... What if i had'nt argued with her?, what if i had of said something? The words were engraved in brain like carvings on a stone. "You're not the only one who lost a daughter" It suddenly dawned on him how hard it must have been for her as he guzzled another mouthful of beer. He thought back to all the times that he had fobbed of her attempts to talk to him or her tries at getting him to open up. Not only did she have to put up with him but she had to grieve for her baby all by herself. "You're not the only one who lost a daughter". He suddenly became engulfed in self pity and reached for another beer to numb the pain of

losing his wife.

As his hand went for the beer he found himself instead picking up a photo on the cabinet. The photo was of himself, his wife and his daughter. It was her 16th birthday and they were in the backyard celebrating with a BBQ. Her face had a wide grin spread across it and she had her arms wrapped around both her mother and her father. Her illuminating blonde hair feel down around the pale, bare skin on her shoulders. She had been in her new dress that she had bought especially for the party. Her piercing blue eyes were sparling with exhilaration and she was beaming with excitment. She looked so much like her mother. They all looked so happy in that photo. Mr Chambers tried to make the connection as to when his life turned into such a nightmare. He slowly came to realise that it all started the day he lost his daughter; he had the perfect life and now it was all gone.

Gradually he started to realise that everything that had happened in the last two and a half years had been conscequences of his daughters death; him losing his job, his friends and now his wife. With every increasing second he began to get even more livid, until his mind was a raging ball of fire. He began to picture a face, a face that he now blamed for everything that went wrong in his life. The face that murdered his daughter. Sitting alone in an empty house Harry vowed that he would pay. "JACK HOLDEN will suffer," he said aloud

Chapter two

Martha was just finishing her shift at the bar."Only 10 minutes left"she told herself. She had been working for four hours now and couldn't wait to be done. Her whole body was aching and she felt as though she was going to fall over. She was just finishing counting the money in the till when in walked Jack and Corey fresh from a shift. Martha could tell that Jack was looking around to see if she was working and hoping to avoid her, because his face dropped the second that he saw her. There eyes locked and she mirrored his expression. Martha looked away as she couldn't bear the silent story that both their faces told. Corey, totally oblivious to anything that had just gone on stepped behind the counter and grabbed Martha on the waist from behind, kissing her check. Martha giggled until she remembered Jack was standing there and quickly pulled herself together. Jack looked away and petended to fiddle with his phone.

"I didn't think that you finished until eight" Martha questioned.

"I didn't" Corey explained "but Jack used his head and took the guy out early," he looked at Jack who had just put his phone away and gave him a friendly nudge in the shoulder. Martha forced a smile and looked at Jack, who just stood there feelnig like a complete fool but forcing a smile back.

"Did you want a drink?", Martha asked, looking at both boys.

"Ah, yeah actually, a beer would be good!" Jack exclaimed trying to cut the awkard silence.

Martha turned to look at Corey, "And you?"

"No actually, i think i'll save it for tonight," he answered, glowing with enthusiasm

"What's tonight?" Martha asked as she and Jack both looked at Corey puzzled

"Well seeing as i just finished and youv'e only got a few minutes left i thought maybe i could take you out for dinner. What do you say?" What a bloody jerk, Jack thougt. It's not enough that he has the women i want but he's gonna rub my nose it too.

"Um, I'm not feeling all that great" Martha lied, a million excuses rushing to her brain and that being the fastest one she could spit out while she handed Jack a beer.

"Come on, please. I'll take you to that Mexican place in Yabbie Creek!" he gently persuaded her. Seeing the look on Corey's face and knowing that he would probably get suss if she said no, Martha agreed. She stole a glace at Jack who wasn't giving anything away, and it was from that look that Jack new that Martha really didn't want to go. He could tell by the look in her beutiful, blue eyes, he knew her so well. Although they had only known each other a short while he had always known when something was wrong with her or what she was thinking as did Martha with Jack. He could read her like a book They shared a connection that neither had ever felt before with any other person or was ever going to feel.

Tony and Beth walked into the bar and immediatley spotted the three. Feeling the tension between them from where they were standing they made their way over.

"Hey mate" Tony greeted his eldest child, trynig to ease the mood. "That son, is not a bad idea, he laughed gesturing towards the beer in Jack's hand.

He looked at Martha who was already getting the cup to pooring the beer.

"Let me do that sweat," Beth offered. "Your shifts up"

"O.k, thanks," Martha said. She then handed Beth the towel that was on her shoulder and reported the days earnings."The trays are fully stocked, the deliveries are out the back and everything is clean for the evening rush."Martha proceeded to take off the red and white uniformed vest, exposing her Pale blue, bonds singlet.

"Well enjoy your evening love ," Tony said as Martha walked out from behind the bar and smiled

"Oh she will," Corey hoped, pushing her out the door. A smirk creeping across his face.

Jack couldn't help but stare as Corey's hand slid across Martha's back. He couldn't bear the thought of another man touching her. But what could he do? Martha wasn't his anymore and she had turned down his plea to take him back. He had to get over her because she belonged to Corey!

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This is the third chapter and again i'm sorry for any mistakes.

Chapter three

It was later that evening and Tony had taken Jack to the diner for dinner hoping to cheer him up a bit.

"So how was work today?" Irene asked while writing down the two burgers that Tony had just ordered. Jack didn't answer but kept looking at his hands.

"Hello!" Irene said straring at Jack

"sorry, ah yeah, no it was good...it was fine."

As Irene walked back into the kitchen Tony lent forward, pressing his elbows on the edge of the table.

"Jack, this has gotta stop," he started, wtih a look of fatherly concern. "I know your having a hard time, but you've gotta stop toturing yourself like this, thinking about them together isn't gonna help. I know it still hurts but you have to find a way to move on." Jack looked up, it was the first time Tony had fully had his attention in weeks.

"I know you still have feelings for Martha, but......"

"No I don't" Jack snapped, angry that his father had brought it up. He took a second to calm down and then apologised. "I'm sorry but i don't really want to talk about it, and I don't have feelings for Martha." He said trying to convince himself that he could get over her, but they both knew that that was a lie.

Just then Martha rushed in with a hand covering her mouth and headed straight for the stairs to the apartment. Her emerald green dress filling with wind as she picked up speed and disapeared behind the counter. All eyes were focused on Corey as he walked in.

"What's wrong with Martha?" Irene questioned, stating what everyone wanted to know.

"I think it was the chicken," Corey replied. "I'm not sure it was cooked properly"

"Terrible business that is!" colleen squaked. "Marge Wilkins niece's cousin had a friend that ate uncooked chicken and died the next day."

"COLLEEN," Irene snapped. "The fridge needs to be stocked" she shot with an incensed voice.

"I'm only saying," colleen retorted as she retreated into the kitchen.

"Don't listen to her love, Irene said as she rubbed his arm.

"Where did you go?" Tony inquired

"To that Mexican place in Yabbie Creek."

"Ha," Irene let out a little cry of laughter. "That place is world renound for it's salmonella specials."

Corey was about to make his way up to the apartment when Irene stopped him.

"You should probably go home. "

"But Martha..."

"Probably doesn't want you to see her in that state," Irene interupted. "Don't worry I'll check on her, you just go home, I promise I'll make sure she's alright."

Jack who had heard all of this couldn't help but feel mad at Corey. Sure he knew that it wasn't his fault but Martha was sick while in his care and he had assured himself that nothing would have happened to her if she was with him. He became increasingly angry at the thought that Corey was fine and that even though Irene had shooed him of he didn't even protest. Did he care about her at all?

"I'm just going outside to get some air, he told his dad," excusing himself.


As Jack was now on the beach outside the diner he strolled along the sand remembering the first time he did this with Martha. He remebered the the cold, crisp air and the moons reflection on the water. But most of all he remembered how beautiful Martha looked and the feelings running through his body when he kissed her. Her mouth was warm and inviting and her lips were soft and moist. The kiss was intense and seemed to last a lifetime, but now that it was over he thought it to be too quick. They were wrapped in each other on the beach as they were in the night of passion that followed. Jack couldn't help it, he found himself walking around to the front of the diner were the door to the apartment was. It was open and he could see Irene leaving with an empty cup in her hand. He looked at Martha who was staring into a bucket. Relieved that the worst of it was over she looked up to see Jack. He half smiled and walked over to her. She was embaressed by her state but to tired to argue. And besides she wanted someone with her.

"How are you?" He asked, while sitting across from her on the couch.

"Um...well I've been better," she joked, which earnt a smile from him.

"I'm sorry for coming but i just wanted to know if you were alright."

"It's o.k" Martha spoke softly. "I want you here." Both of them were shocked with her response but she was glad she was being ohnest and Jack was just happy that she wasn't mad at him anymore.

"Do you need anything?"

"A glass of water would be good if you don't mind." He stood up and walked to the kitchen. As he walked back to her with the glass, she had a smug smile on her face.

"So I've got you waiting on me and tending to my every need," She laughed. Jack flashed one of his famous smiles and she returned a cheeky grin.

"I'll go wash this out shall I?" He asked picking up the bucket.

"You don't have to," But he was already making his way towards the bathroom.


When he'd finished with the bucket he looked around for a towel to dry his hands but he couldn't find one.

"There's no towels," He called out.

"There's one in my bedroom." As he walked into her bedroom he could smell the aroma around, the strawberry scent that he loved so much. He hadn't been in her bedroom before. The short time they were dating they only ever spent time at his place. He looked at her dressing table. It was filled with photos of her family and friends. Jack was shocked to see that behind the picure of Martha and Tash there was one of them. He couldn't believe that she still had it sitting there. She must have forgotten to put it away he eventually thought, but Martha hadn't forgot. Every time she argued with Jack or the time he asked for her back she'd tried to put it away but she couldn't bring herself to do it. He could see the towel hanging from her bedhead on the other end of the room. He took hold of the towel and something dark blue fell out and on to the floor. He bent down to pick it up and realised that it was her bra. The fabric was silky and Jack remembered how it had glided across her body and fell to the floor when he undid the clasp.

"Are you O.k in there," Martha asked, her footsteps closing in. The bra suddenly felt like a hot wedge in Jack's hand that he wanted to get rid of. He felt ashamed of the thoughts ha was thinking and shoved the it under the pillow.

"Yeah, I'm fine," He said as Martha reached the door, and he followed her back out to the lounge room.


"You feeling any better love?" Irene asked opening the door with steamy cup in her hand. "Thought you might like a cuppa. Oh hi Jack what are you doing here?"

"I just came to see if Martha was O.k," he replied. "Well seing as you are, I better be going, dad will probably wonder were I got to."

"Well thanks for your help," Martha responded gratefully as she stood up to see him out. When she opened the door there fingers accidently brushed and the electricity between them was undeniable, there eyes locked and for that moment it seemed like there was no one else on the planet and that they didn't care if there was.

"Well I'll see you later then," She said

"You will," Jack said turning around. Martha closed the door and and let herself get carried away in the moment. What am I doing she suddenly thought. I turned him down because I'm with Corey. That shouldn't have happened. It won't happen again.


Lying awake in bed that night Martha bagan to feel ill again. Her stomach ached and twitches of pain crept all over her body. No matter which way she turned she could not shake the feeling. The pain was begining to become unbearable until it suddenly dawned on her. The pain wasn't coming from the food poisonig, it was a stabbing sensation coming from her chest. The pain was coming from her heart.

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