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What was the last Movie you watched?


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Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti (Now That You're Born, You Can't Hide Anymore) for one of my Italian literature modules. It was about illegal immigrants (clandestini) in Italy, and it was actually rather good. And, it was also much less distressing than Roma, città aperta (Rome, Open City) with all of its wartime horrors.

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I watched Twilight with a girlfriend last night -

she'd not read any of the books, and she said at the end, that it was one of the best love stories, and best films she's seen in a year! :o

So, it's slowly growing on me. I still have issues with how they did many things in it that don't quite correlate to the book, but .... it's growing on me x3

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I love Eight Below.

Last movie i watched was Signs. I've seen this movie a fair few times but this time it freaked me out :P It's so full of suspense, lol. My favourite bit is alwasy the video of the kids birthday party and you see the alien come out of the bush *shudders* freaks me out but I love it.

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Angels and Demons :)

The storyline was probably a lot of nonsense but I really enjoyed the action packed ride through Rome.

^^ read the book haven't seen the movie yet hope its good. After reading the Da Vinci Code i thought the movie was going to be AWESOME, it ended up being quite crap...so not getting my hopes up for this movie!

Last movie i watched. Race to Witch Mountain <_< took my 5 year ol niece...we both fell asleep!!

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