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    Ryan Murphy has confirmed Darren as a regular for the rest of this season and next. Yay Source
  2. jenlee


    Le sigh. I love this guy, and I love that he's listening to Hanson Jen, I'm not a fan of Katy Perry, but I love, love, love Darren's version of "Teenage Dream" 72 times is more than reasonable.
  3. Lol, I recorded Juno last night, and just finished watching that and some of The Notebook
  4. This movie used to make me crazy. It's been years since I've seen it and I'm still not sure I get it, lol. I saw Inception last night ... Oh. My. God. Leo was amazing - as usual - and the movie was just ... so awesome.
  5. ^I'm going to see it this weekend. Can't wait! Last movie I watched was The Blind Side.
  6. Friday Night Lights. So much love for this movie ... and Garrett
  7. Agreed. I love St. Elmo's Fire I watched The Invention of Lying. It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. Rob Lowe was a nice addition
  8. Friday Night Lights Officially in love with Garrett
  9. ^ Love Fast Times Just watched The Proposal. I loved it all except the ending, lol. I think they could have done it a bit better. But Sandra's dance in the woods totally made up for it
  10. I saw Zombieland last night ... so good. Seriously, really freaking awesome.
  11. The Lost Boys Oh, and I watched 27 Dresses last night, lol.
  12. Mean Girls - I love it. "Glenn Coco? FOUR for you, Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco."
  13. Thanks for the b.day wishes :)

  14. Thanks, Lise, I had a really good day!

  15. I've watched a few movies recently ... Bolt - Kinda cute and pretty funny. Year One - So much funnier than I thought it would be, lol. Stand by Me - Just perfect. There is nothing bad to say about that movie and it firmly enhances my belief that eighties movies are the best.
  16. ^I've been meaning to re-watch that for a long time, but now I think I'm going to put it off for a while longer and stick with Dirty Dancing and Point Break and other less sad Patrick movies. I watched most of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. I kinda liked it, lol. I've never been big on Star wars. I always knew what happened and who was who, but I found watching this really interesting, lol.
  17. 17 Again - loved it. I quite like Zefron when he isn't being all HSM Fast & Furious - wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn't my kinda movie, lol.
  18. I have the DVD and watch it at least once a month, lol. I watched Finding Nemo again. I'd forgotten how cute it was.
  19. ^On Prime, right? I watched it, too ... only now it makes me sad and happy, lol.
  20. ^I hadn't seen it in ages, either, and now seemed like a good time to watch it, considering. I'd forgotten how much I loved it, lol. Patrick as a surfer is awesome!
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