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  3. Because, if he didn't, then Dylan Carter wouldn't have come to town and arrested Zac (because Josh kept quiet, which was very much out of character for him), then Tank wouldn't have become involved, which made no-one happy, which ultimately led to the explosion. It's unrealistic to put the entire blame on him, there's plenty of blame to go around, but his killing of Charlotte sparked this chain of events. And as Little bean pointed out, it ruined Josh's character.
  4. I never liked Tank back in 2015, and even when he reappeared looking for redemption, I was still suspicious of him, so I get you. I was prepared to give him a chance, because he did give an genuine try to change, but what didn't help was that I partially blame him for the explosion that killed Hannah and Oscar, even though he was sorry for it, and he was rather accepting with everyone's attitude to him. I feel like if he stayed, he may have won me over, but I think that it was best that he left, because whether he wanted to or not, no-one (understandably) would have been happy with him staying around.
  5. Idea by Guest (Fanfiction): Could you do one for the bus crash when Kyle is trapped and Brax is with him while they wait for rescue? Then with Brax watching over Kyle while he is in a coma? I have decided to change this up a little, so instead of Kyle being trapped and Brax with him while they wait for rescue, I will be concentrating on the other half of this request, which will be the part about Brax watching over Kyle while in a coma. Chapter 30 - Watching Over You (10:23pm) The Night of the Bus Crash Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek - Hospital – Waiting Room Kyle Braxton's loved ones were all gathered round in the waiting room, just waiting for the news that Kyle is going to be ok. Suddenly, the door to the waiting room opened and Dr Nate Cooper appeared in the doorway still wearing his surgical scrubs. "How is he? Will he be ok? Can we see him?" Was all that greeted Nate before he had a chance to say anything. Nate signed, then spoke: "Firstly, the surgery went as well as can be expected and I see no reason why Kyle won't make a full a recovery." "But?" Ricky said as she could sense that something else was wrong. "However, in Kyle's best interests I have placed him in an induced coma just until his heart rate stabilises more. As he has already arrested four times that includes the arrest at the scene." "How long will he be a coma for?" Phoebe sobs as tears stream down her face. "As I said, I want his heart rate to stabilise more but it also gives us time to make sure that all the toxins that had built up in his legs due to the pressure that had been placed on top of them for so long." Nate informs them then goes on to say "The earliest I am looking at waking Kyle up will be in a week from now." "So, he's going to be in a coma for at least a whole week!?" Phoebe exclaims. "Pheebs if Nate thinks that what is best for Kyle's health then we should trust in it." Ricky says to her friend knowing that her getting worked up will not help Kyle in the long run. "Fine! Can I see him now Nate?" Phoebe asks as she looks past him into the corridor. Nate nods and Phoebe quickly leaves the room. They all watch her leave. Brax then turns to Nate: "Now that Pheebs have left the room, give it to us straight Nate?" "Brax, as I said it is all in his best interests that he is placed in the induced coma however, he arrested at the scene, then when he arrived from what I've been told and then arrested twice in theatre. If he arrests again, I might consider transporting him to the city." "That's pretty serious Nate." Ricky states after hearing what her asks had just said. "Hopefully it won't come too that. But I feel it's best to inform you in case." "How many more times exactly, does he need to arrest again before you transport him to the city?" Ash asks alerting the other to the fact that he is still there and hadn't left when Andy and Josh did. "Well that depends on what causes him to go into cardiac arrest and if it is something we can control here, or we need a specialist to take over Kyle's case." Nate finishes with "Look I have every faith that Kyle is going to be fine but that all depends on whether or not his own body has the strength to heal on its own." "Kyle will have the strength Nate. You and I both heard what he said about who he loves Phoebe I believe he won't leave her." Brax says as he remembers what Kyle said back at the scene. Nate nods then says he needs to check on Sophie and leaves them all to go see Kyle. (11:14pm) 51 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek - Hospital – Kyle's Room "Come on Kyle, I need you to wake up." Phoebe says as she strokes her boyfriend's hand. Out of the corner of her eyes, the door opens, and Ricky appears holding a sandwich and drink. "I thought I would bring you something to eat." Ricky tells her. "I'm not hungry but thank you Ricky." Phoebe responds to her friend. "Pheebs you need to eat something. Ash told us about what happened in the city." "He had no right to tell you that!" "He was trying to help Pheebs." "Well he shouldn't have. The only thing that will help will be for to Kyle to wake up." "He will just give it time." "I know but I can't help but feel responsible Rick." "The accident wasn't your fault Pheebs." "Well it kind of is, after all the accident wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been in the city. The that also means Kyle would not have been on that bus and we wouldn't be in this situation that we are in now." "You need to stop thinking about like that Pheebs it was no one's fault. It just happened to be a freak accident that could have happened to anyone at any time." Ricky says hoping it will sink in to the younger girl's brain that it wasn't her fault at all. As Ricky goes to place the food on the other bed in the room, Brax and Ash appear out of nowhere. "Ricky, we've had a talk and I've asked Ash to take you home just so you and the baby can get some rest." Brax states. "I think I'm going to stay Brax." Ricky lets him know "Phoebe needs me." "I'm ok. You should go home after all you were in the accident too." Phoebe reminds her. "Look I'm going to stay here so Pheebs won't be on her own." Brax says as he kisses his girlfriend. With that Ricky agrees on the condition that Brax keeps her updated. (2:21am) Next day… The room was silent except for the hissing noise that was coming from the ventilator. Phoebe had fallen asleep over an hour ago and now Brax was left to watch his brother's heart rate go up and down again on the machine. Taking his brother's hand (which he was happy there was no audience for) Brax spoke quietly as to not disturb Phoebe: "We are both here Kyle. Don't worry about Phoebe though as myself, Ricky and Ash will look after her and make sure that nothing else can happen. However, some…" Brax stops speaking when he notices a nurse enter the room to take Kyle's vitals. He watches as the woman picks up his brother's chart and starts to take note of the readings that were coming from the machines. (2:26am) 5 minutes later… Once the nurse was finished, she smiled at Brax then put the chart back at the end of the bed and left the room quietly. "Guess the fact she didn't say anything means you're doing ok so far. Anyway, what I started to say was that although I promise we will look after Pheebs something did happen in the city but don't worry as both Ash and Andy got there in time to stop it going any further. Just promise that when you do wake and Pheebs tells you what happened, that you won't go off the deep end and try to discharge yourself." Brax finished talking to his brother and decided to follow his brother's girlfriend's example and try and get some sleep as it had been a long night already. (10:47am) 2 days later… Summer Bay – Braxton House – The Flat "Come on Brax, why don't we go for a walk along the beach then go and see Kyle later?" Ricky suggested as she put her bowl in the sink. "Sorry Rick, but I would rather go sit with Kyle that way Pheebs can come home and have a break." Brax says as he goes to pick up his wallet and car keys. "What about you?" "What about me?" "You need a break to Brax. Neither of you will be in any state to look after Kyle when he wakes up if you both don't get any rest." "It will be fine, I promise." Brax says as he heads towards the door and opens it "Look I will see you later." "Fine!" Ricky shouts as Brax closes the door. (12:02pm) 1 hour and 15 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek - Hospital – Nurses Station Nate had just rostered on and was currently going over the notes in Kyle's chart as he saw Brax walk past. "Brax." Nate said as he stood up. "Sorry Nate, but can this wait I promised Phoebe I would be here an hour ago, but I needed to grab petrol and something for her to eat?" Brax asks as he points at the paper bag from the Pier Diner in his hand. "I was just wondering if we could have a quick chat about Kyle, in my office?" "That doesn't sound too good." Brax states then moves in the direction of Nate's office. "Shall we?" Nate says as the continue the rest of the way together. (12:20pm) 18 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek - Hospital – Nate's Office "So, what you're saying is that you don't need to airlift him to the city as he is out of danger?" Brax says once Nate had finished talking. Nate sighs realising Brax didn't understand what had said: "Well he isn't completely out of danger yet but the fact that Kyle has not had any more cardiac arrests since yesterday morning, I personally believe that Kyle is fighting." "Fighting?" "Remember when I said it was up to Kyle now to fight to stay alive and for his body to heal. Well I believe that is exactly what is happening as his heart rate has stabilised." "Does this mean you are going to wake him up then?" "No, I still feel that it would be in Kyle's best interest to keep him in the coma for another 5 days at least." "But you just said that Kyle's heart rate was stabilised." "Yeah but his latest test results still show some toxins in his blood work that I would rather monitor them while Kyle is still in an induced coma." Nate explained "Look, I know you want nothing more than Kyle to be awake, but you need to wait and believe that we are doing what is best for your brother." "Fine, but it doesn't help not knowing Nate." Brax sighs then stands up "Are we done? As I really need to give this food to Pheebs so she can go home and get some rest?" Nate answers with yes then Brax leaves the room. (10:01pm) 9 hours and 41 minutes later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek - Hospital – Kyle's Room Brax had just got off the phone with Ricky, who he had just told that he is going to spend the night at the hospital. This means that Phoebe would be able to get a decent night's sleep in a bed that is more comfortable than the hospital chairs. "Take it you're on watch tonight?" Nate asks as he enters the room to check on Kyle. "Yeah, I think Phoebe needs to rest and I feel like I need to be here after all he's my baby brother." Brax answers the doctor's question. Nate smiles and finishes his exam then leaves the oldest Braxton to it. "I guess people don't understand, that I need to be here. I've already lost one brother and I can't afford to lose another. So, come on Kyle keep fighting as you have a lot of people counting on you to wake up." With that Brax grabs the magazine of the cabinet and starts to read it, looking up from the magazine every couple of minutes to make sure that his baby brother is still with them. (1:19pm) 5 days later… Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek - Hospital – Corridor Phoebe and Brax had just arrived at the hospital and were making their way towards Kyle's room. "Brax I just want to say, thank you." Phoebe says out of nowhere. "Pheebs you don't need to say thank you." Brax tells her. "See I do Brax. Today you really helped me get of something that I didn't want to be a part of anymore." "Your family Phoebe therefore we stick together and when a problem arises we help each other out. Beside you aren't as bad as I thought you were." Brax laughs. "Well thank you anyway. Also, I'll remember that the next time your shouting at me due to the music being to load." Phoebe laughs then looks through the window that shows Kyle's room. A coughing sound that sounds like someone is choking on something makes itself known. Both Brax and Phoebe look at each and run into Kyle's room to find him waking up. Quickly running back out the room, Brax shouts for help. Phoebe who was telling Kyle that she was there and he was fine was suddenly pulled out the way by Brax. "He's waking up Pheebs that's a great sign!" Brax states as a smile slowly creeps up the oldest Braxton's face. Thinking to himself: Now I don't need to keep a tight watch over him. Thank you Casey for bringing Kyle back to us.
  6. Well, this was a very frustrating episode. As if I wasn't depressed enough that Bella would have probably not gone to the police (which she didn't, only down to emotional blackmail on Colby's part, which makes him even more of a p****), Dean and Colby's attitude that made it feel like Bella telling the truth was the worst thing ever to happen on the show, and that her anger over her father's death was just down to her being a brat, makes me really wonder why I'm still bothering. I mean, are we suppose to be taking Colby's side here, even after he's shown his true colours with just as much confessing he felt no remorse for what he did, that Ross "deserved it" ? Are we suppose to sympathise with him struggling with Bella? I felt nothing for him during his talk about things have to change or his brooding scenes at the pub. And Dean was no better, calling Bella's almost confession "a low act". I mean, even if he tried to understand her, rather than just take Colby's side, then I'd like him a bit more this episode. Again, feeling very sorry for Bella, who hasn't been taken seriously, at all. And now, Ziggy and Dean are together, which was pretty predictable. I feel like the pacing should be slower given the circumstances, and I'm worried about whether their relationship will be as good as their friendship has been, (as well as feeling sorry for the person who would be using the shower after them! ), but, you know, I'll give them a chance. Dean, despite his mixed up moral compass, has a good heart, and would treat Ziggy well, which is what she deserves. Again, the rivalry with the other couple was fun, and I did laugh at the prank (the only time I did laugh with actual humour with this episode). Speaking of going way to fast... while I love that Robbo and Jasmine are back together, truly I do, I don't think it's healthy for them to be engaged this quickly. They should be taking this slow, perhaps being together would do some good, but engaged? I feel like it's a bit too early for that. I am glad that Robbo actually used his excuse to not be around Jasmine (which he's been doing way too much) to talk with Aiden about his fears, and I really like that he got some closure about his past, his guilt, and that he should do right with Jasmine. But... I guess I felt the same thoughts when Matt and Evie got engaged just two episodes before they left back in 2017, and I had several problems with it, but in the end, I dropped it because after everything the two went through, I just wanted them to be happy and be safe, so I guess I can go for this as well. But seriously though, patience could have worked just as well, writers. Just a note.
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  8. Actually, when you think about it, if Josh didn't kill Charlotte, then a lot of people (such as Hannah, Oscar, Maddy and Ricky) wouldn't have been killed or maimed for life.
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  17. Wow. I guess I'll start with the cliffhanger at the end, which has left me conflicted. Bella turning Colby in is something I wanted her to do for a while, but I am less convinced about her reason behind it. It is possible that she's still convinced that Ziggy and Dean being together would ruin her 'family', and she just thought "screw it" and just turn Colby in. This might suggest that Bella has been holding in some resentment towards Colby, but she didn't show it because she was getting a (sort of) stable family to be in (which also might explain her change in attitude towards Colby's confession ages ago), having been denied from it for a long time, and now it is being threatened, she sees no point in keeping it in anymore. But on the other hand, it is also possible that this is just a knee-jerk reaction and won't last long, which is disappointing. Otherwise, my sympathy for Bella did grow today with her heartfelt confession that she's afraid about things changing, though while I'm glad that Colby actually did try and listen to her, I couldn't help but feel he only listened with one ear open. Meanwhile, Dean's taken the step over the friendship line with that kiss, and to be fair, anyone could see that coming from a mile away whenever it would have happened. Frankly, I didn't think he should have done that. My mind's still unsure about whether or not I'd prefer them as a couple over their friendship, and also, as Red pointed out, he did it in such as awkward way that made it certainty that it wouldn't end well. Elsewhere, while part of me was startled by her attitude, I did enjoy the carefree rivalry Ziggy shared with the couple throughout the episode. Did feel sorry for the two of them at the end with their backstory. So according to Jasmine, she hasn't had a another panic attack since childhood. I must say, she's been handling it very well. Now, Willow was wrong to bring in the alcohol, no matter whether Irene was there or not. I'm glad that Jasmine was against it initially, until she ended up hiding it in her room. Then again, I don't think that it will be brought up/will happen again, with the last scene with Jasmine looking at the engagement ring overshadowing the hidden alcohol, I'm hoping that it was just a one time. That said, I did enjoy the light girl scenes between Willow and Jasmine, and hopefully we will see more of that. After all that has happened this year, I feel like it's makes more sense than any scenes with Jasmine and Tori (don't get me wrong, I still enjoy their scenes, but part of me is still rattled after the embryo stealing story). And I liked Willow's realisation that 90% of her scenes have been evolving around any drama involving Dean and Colby, so I hope that she keeps up to that.
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    Shoot & Save

    Save Bella Shoot Jasmine Roo/ Irene
  19. Save Tori Shoot Jasmine Jasmine/Bella
  20. Great chapter Poor Kyle. Update again soon
  21. Great chapter I wonder what happened to Emma. oh no Poor Alf I hope he will be okay. Update again soon
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