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  1. With HD showings of our favourite show relegated to daytime and online, I'm curious as to how hard-core fans such as ourselves will consume the show? In particular I'm curious as to how many will stream, or aren't bothered about HD?
  2. That's amazing. I genuinely didn't know 5* was picking up that level of audience. I'm not sure of the point of keeping the 6pm encore against Neighbours mind you, I can't see it rating that well with First Look half an hour later. Only thing that bothers me is it's up against Hollyoaks at 6.30. I know they also have First Look on E4 but that must get floored by Emmerdale? To be honest if an evening showing on the main channel isn't an option I'd be looking what what the BBC and ITV did with their soaps during the footy, and dropping the entire block on My5 on a Monday morning. I'll admit I'm a bit of a dinosaur with television; maybe it's because I live on my own but I like the shared experience of watching a linear broadcast knowing lots of other people are watching with me. I find streaming programmes a lonely, isolating experience because nobody else is watching it at that pace, only me.
  3. Is lunchtime really outrating evenings? Aren't people at work, school, college etc? As for streaming, My5 doesn't seem to be talked about as a household brand like BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub are, and a lot of Smart TVs don't carry it (compared to iPlayer which seems to run on absolutely everything.) Do people know it's there is my question? It could be detrimental to the entire show if it loses its UK audience because of this, though I concede Neighbours is more vulnerable in that regard. Without a UK deal, Ten won't make the show.
  4. It's obvious that the show is a millstone around the neck of Viacom's Channel 5. In a week, the evening showing will be only available in sub-SD quality on a little-watched spinoff channel. We all know people don't make the effort to seek things out if a show moves channel - look at how many stopped watching when the show moved from ITV and that was just two places down. Now it's 30-odd. It's obvious as far as Viacom are concerned, it's all about Neighbours now and Home & Away is but an inconvenience, receiving little promo or marketing, especially so since RTL sold the channel in the late 2000s. Whilst C5 supposedly have a "lifetime" deal, they must be able to get out of it if they don't really want the show and another UK broadcaster does? ITV is now live lifestyle shows and quizzes in daytime, it wouldn't fit anymore. C4 wouldn't want it either. But I reckon it could fit into the BBC's schedules and maybe even reclaim its spot as top dog over Neighbours. It can't be costing Viacom that much at the moment if they can afford to hide it away on 5 Star.
  5. It's pointless. So unless you can watch at lunchtime you have to find out a random, VHS-quality channel in the depths of the EPG that hardly anyone watches anyway whilst C5's favourite Aussie baby gets all the love and attention in 1080p HD at the same time. Channel 5 should offer to relinquish their lifetime deal to another broadcaster if they don't want it. ITV daytime is too lifestyle/quiz centric now to want it back, Channel 4 have Hollyoaks - maybe the BBC should take it on?
  6. If I wanted to watch in VHS quality I'd record the lunchtime showing on an old VCR. What a load of crap.
  7. Oh, the mid-late 2000s were bonkers. Don't forget Johnny and Rocco, Sally getting stabbed (twice), Kelli Vale trying to kill Amanda, Irene getting posioned. That was the real start of someone always in hospital or every week we were in the cop shop.
  8. Looking at the episode guides, 7670 seems the logical place to wind up for Christmas. However, the new news show will probably want to launch on a Monday. Maybe Channel 5 could drop Neighbours for a day and run 7679 and 7670 together on the Friday?
  9. But that doesn't make sense now, given 5* will basically become the main teatime showing. ITN plan to launch the new news show in November so my guess is the schedule changes will take place at that point.
  10. The issue is Channel 5 had a requirement to broadcast 30 minutes of news in peak time (6pm-10:30pm) but they've been allowed by Ofcom to change that to a single hour long programme at 5pm. It also gives them a point of difference against the other networks and they can beat the BBC and ITV to the big stories. Increased working from home - here to stay in some form - means there'll be an audience for it. They can also now broadcast an alternative during the ITV and BBC news hours. With the acquisition of Eggheads, there's only room for one of the Aussie shows and Neighbours was always going to win that war. In any case, Neighbours has basically been kept alive by the UK for years now, whereas Home and Away is still popular enough domestically to just about manage without a UK deal. What worries me is what the loss of teatime viewers will mean for the show long term as losing the majority of the UK audience will be seen as a lack of confidence in the programme. And do Channel 5 have a getout clause? Surely they must do as they can't be paying what they were paying 20 years ago, nor can Seven just massively raise their price and C5 can't do anything about it. With enough notice, Viacom must be able to say to Seven, "we want out."
  11. I have to confess I've not watched at Aussie pace since downloads were stopped on here in the late 2000s. The only versions I can find are usually horribly distorted in some way, although with a VPN it's not exactly hard to get the episodes now; alas my supplier (which I mainly use when I go to Eurovision so I can still place bets) doesn't have any Aussie servers.
  12. As for Channel 5, sometimes I think ITV were very careless in losing it despite all the edits. Channel 5 treated the show brilliantly until 2008 but then it was all about Neighbours and we got forgotten. ITV meanwhile failed to fill the slot successfully for years, including two failed soaps. However, the network has invested heavily in daytime since. I certainly don't think ratings would have fallen to the level they have on ITV and I certainly don't think ITV would have pulled the teatime showing.
  13. I believe C5 pay a lot less for H&A than they do Neighbours, which the BBC gave up based on the amount Freemantle were asking for it. Consequently, I think that's why Neighbours gets all the love and attention.
  14. Because of the lifetime deal, no other broadcaster can acquire it from Channel 5. It's obviously a millstone round their neck and all the effort is being put into Neighbours. No broadcaster in their right mind buys a teen soap and sticks it on in the middle of the day when only a handful of people will be watching. What also didn't help is moving the premiere to lunchtime to match Neighbours. That should have never happened. It drew far bigger audiences when the first showing was at teatime. I just really feel this is going to decimate the audience long term. A lot of people who watch at 6pm just won't make the effort to seek it out. It's like when Murray (and I'm sure from next year Radacanu) are playing at Wimbledon when BBC Two are scheduled to do the coverage, they always swop over the two schedules because the tennis gets bigger audiences on BBC One. Yes it's on My5, but do many people really bother with streaming? You do have to be pretty clued up on computers to find what you want to watch on catchup players, that's assuming you have a smart TV and those are often only the main set. I doubt most kids bedroom TVs are smart. It's going to kill the show completely in the UK. The lunchtime showing will shuffle off to 5* in a year or two and it'll quietly die in the UK. A far cry from the 14m it got on ITV. Maybe I'm wrong and it'll clean up on 5* but I don't think people make the effort to wander that far up the EPG. Case in point - Eurovision gets a few hundred thousand on BBC Four in midweek but 8m+ when it moves to BBC One on the Saturday night. A lot of people simply don't know there's three shows, not just one.
  15. Top 6pm showing got 333k, the top 5* showing got 389k. So maybe there's method in the madness.
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