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  1. Yeah, productions here look very false right now. That said, the UK's approach generally has had very little logic.
  2. How are they getting away with physical contact, or is that allowed under Aussie production guidelines?
  3. The Hayley recast was just weird. The girl who took over was great, don't get me wrong, but it was done too quickly for it to be remotely believable.
  4. The British soaps which are more gritty and real I get, but Home and Away is supposed to be more escapist, so to be honest I think not bringing Covid into the Summer Bay universe is a good call. From what I hear, international travel in and out of Oz is off until 2022.
  5. Has post-COVID filmed material made it to air yet, either in Oz or here? I know there was an extremely large amount of material in the can before March.
  6. Given C5 were rationing episodes for a while, and Australia has only taken a fortnight off (which they would have done for the Olympics anyway) that's quite a catchup. Depends on what Oz are doing. Given that I assume there isn't going to be a fat lot to do with events largely cancelled and travel heavily restricted (can you fly interstate?) one could imagine that Seven may well keep the show on air right through the Summer.
  7. That was quite something for a daytime show - only certain parts of the country had it go out at 6pm, elsewhere it was 5:10pm. (Bit of a hangover from the scheduling of the original Crossroads in the 80s, where it went either before or after the evening news.) ITV censorship is alive and well in the ITV3 Emmerdale repeats, some bizarre cuts going on there such as Chris Tate* referring to himself as a cripple. *for Aussie/NZ fans: Chris was a character rendered permanently paraplegic following a plane crash and becoming very bitter and twisted in the process.
  8. In terms of a single year, hard to say. Probably 2003. The second half of 2004 and the first half of 2008 were particularly strong. Both of those eras took a very "back to basics" approach. First half of 2005 was good, however I felt the show changed too much after that, and especially so into 2006 - the barn explosion and helicopter crash were the real turning points IMHO, that's also when the titles got scrapped and I think that marked a real sea-change in the style of the show. It lost the escapist, sunshiney vibe which I think was such a huge draw, particularly to British
  9. I believe the show was due an Olympic break but instead Seven took the two week break for extended coverage of the Pandemic, probably wagering on the fact that the Olympics were, by that point, very unlikely to go ahead anyway. This does mean, however, that given how far ahead the show works Australian viewers should very soon see an Olympic cliffhanger that isn't...
  10. I noticed some publicity shots taken at the airport as part of recent episodes showed Christmas decorations. That means we're still a good 2 months plus before we hit post-Covid production.
  11. Why did C5 pull Neighbours back, given Australia didn't need to ration episodes? For Home and Away it made sense as it got pulled in Oz at the start of the Pandemic.
  12. It's not as bad as it was - the UK was over a year behind at one point.
  13. Are Seven really going at the pace of six a week? They're surely going to run out at some point?
  14. The UK has a massive obsession with what we term "social distancing" at the moment - basically you can't go within 2m of anyone else. Is that a thing in Australia, although from what I understand NSW at least is in lockdown?
  15. This is true. Emmerdale was hugely under threat before Yorkshire Television really started to invest in it in the 90s and become the second soap, a role Crossroads had vacated in the late 80s. Neighbours has always had the UK market to fall back on, but in Australia it's not a big deal at all from what I can gather. Viewing patterns in all markets will be all over the place, it's been mentioned elsewhere the evening showing in the UK was performing very badly and one wonders if it will come back post-Pandemic. I would imagine Seven will need to ration episodes at some point, but sh
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