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  1. It's not as bad as it was - the UK was over a year behind at one point.
  2. Are Seven really going at the pace of six a week? They're surely going to run out at some point?
  3. The UK has a massive obsession with what we term "social distancing" at the moment - basically you can't go within 2m of anyone else. Is that a thing in Australia, although from what I understand NSW at least is in lockdown?
  4. This is true. Emmerdale was hugely under threat before Yorkshire Television really started to invest in it in the 90s and become the second soap, a role Crossroads had vacated in the late 80s. Neighbours has always had the UK market to fall back on, but in Australia it's not a big deal at all from what I can gather. Viewing patterns in all markets will be all over the place, it's been mentioned elsewhere the evening showing in the UK was performing very badly and one wonders if it will come back post-Pandemic. I would imagine Seven will need to ration episodes at some point, but showing four a week does mean they will have a decent stockpile. The fortnight break will have also helped, although that's offset by there being no Olympics.
  5. Still lunchtime only though, whereas Neighbours gets an evening showing. I know Neighbours is more important to them but still.
  6. The other thing they could do is put Home and Away out at 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now that Emmerdale isn't in that slot it might rate fairly well.
  7. Also - I note Neighbours is still getting its evening showing, why them and not Home and Away? Would make more sense to run one show Monday & Wednesday and another Tuesday & Thursday.
  8. Don't get the move to lunchtime only - the first time ever in the UK I think, save for the odd one-off - bank holidays, football etc. I suppose catchup means people will seek it out that way.
  9. Just confirmed - Monday and Friday for both H&A and Neighbours from Monday. No word from Seven yet.
  10. So I've acquired a copy of the 7" of the theme tune released in the UK in 1989. It's got this on the B side... Any ideas what this was? Was it intended as an alternative pitch for the theme tune? I'm really intrigued as to the history behind it!
  11. Yep - this was what I was alluding to. I've heard about the first season finale for years, right back to when Bevan Lee was on this forum talking about it and how it heavily influenced the 2004 finale. When you compare the two, it makes sense. Carly is out on her own in 1988, so is Ric 16 years later. In both episodes, Alf's recently discovered family members - in 1988 a niece, in 2004 a grandson. I think though it's one of a few episodes to actually be set on Christmas Day itself. Pippa and Michael's breakup is possibly the only other one?
  12. First time I've seen the 1988 finale. One of the few, if only, non-standard endings?
  13. The market for an FTA rerun would be limited, and possibly expensive - Amazon have deep pockets. Also, you can watch at your own pace. Bear in mind the Corrie and Emmerdale reruns aren't available on catch up... rights issues probably still play a huge part.
  14. It's a great surprise I must admit! The UK hasn't had a decent re-run of classic episodes for quite a while. To be honest, I think this is the way to go rather than re-runs on linear television. You can watch at your own pace, and you're not dependent on keeping them available on your PVR. Streaming is only going to get bigger (I wonder how many people watch the show on Channel 7 and Channel 5's players rather than the broadcast now?) In fact I can't remember the last time I watched something as it was broadcast that wasn't live - we are becoming our own schedulers.
  15. Cheers guys. I was on a motorway bridge. The idea of it not fully working and me ending up with severe retardation - and then not having the capacity to put me out of an even worse misery - is what pulled me back. Apols for the politically incorrect language ("retard" regularly got cut by ITV for UK viewers) but yeah we need to talk about this. It's killing more young men than Cancer. We have a problem. In both hemispheres.
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