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  1. We haven't. We've been one episode out since the death of Prince Phillip. However, because the Olympic Cliffhanger was scheduled for a Thursday in Oz, it'll hit us on a Friday.
  2. How much would it be worth to ITV? Or has a twice daily Aussie soap in daytime lost its appeal?
  3. The fact Dieter and Melissa didn't get on was well publicised at the time. A comparison to Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey would not be unfair here. It's notable Melissa has been silent. Which is fair enough, if she didn't like him it would be hypocritical to pretend she did now.
  4. That's the bit I don't get. Both Neighbours and Home & Away count as local productions in Ofcom's eyes because of how much of the production costs are met by Channel 5. I don't think they have any creative input on Home & Away but it certainly fulfils a production quota.
  5. Several media outlets both in the UK and Australia are today reporting that Channel 5 may choose to drop Neighbours. https://www.nowtolove.com.au/celebrity/tv/neighbours-ending-68463 https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/neighbours-fans-fear-show-being-24617022 The news follows Ten Peach dropping to four episodes a week, cited as "allowing the UK to catch-up" after the COVID-19 ratitioning of episodes of both soaps in Spring 2020. Many speculated that Channel 5 would catch back up with double episodes during Home & Away's Christmas break but that didn't happen. Channel 5 have a lifetime deal for Home & Away, but don't for Neighbours. This may answer some questions over how the new 5pm news hour will affect the soaps.
  6. They were, they came up on the From Day One specials during the 2012 summer break.
  7. Remember the show came to London when the show returned, including a cameo from Atomic Kitten.
  8. Worth noting we're getting the Olympic Cliffhanger on a Friday despite the DoE's passing knocking the blocks out of sync. I'm guessing given the erratic scheduling in Oz, the blocks become less relevant.
  9. But it seemed weird in that it felt like a final episode, so I wonder if Seven wanted to draw a line at the end of the ITV era and then use C5 to start the new Sutherland era when it returned a year later. Either way, I don't think it's a coincidence that that storyline happened when it did. It was clearly designed with the UK market in mind.
  10. Yes, and they still are with the daytime repeats of Emmerdale, unfortunately. It initially gave Channel 5 a huge boost but the numbers were nowhere near what the show had been doing on ITV. Certainly the UK deal has been an intregal part of the show for many years, though, and unless I'm mistaken the Channel 5 deal came at a pivotal time for both the show and the Seven Network. That's an interesting theory about ITV stopping the show before the rights were up. Not only does it explain the longer-than-one-year gap, but I wonder if Sally's non-wedding and the emptying of Summer Bay House was originally designed to be the final ITV episode, with Channel 5 supposed to go on-air with the Sutherlands' arrival? It seems almost too obvious a point to make the transition.
  11. The problem is a 6:30 Home & Away is then shafted by being up against Hollyoaks. I certainly can't see them put Neighbours up against Oaks! I just can't watch 5* as the picture is terrible. So I'd probably just record the lunchtime showing and watch it back when I had half an hour to myself. But SD doesn't bother many people; see the crazy figures for Love Island, particularly on streaming.
  12. I wouldn't be completely surprised if the evening showing gets dropped entirely if this goes through (and it's rare these things get refused) with Neighbours taking the 6pm slot. H&A hasn't rated that well at teatime for a long time now and they've already experimented with going lunchtime-only during the start of the Pandemic. With Eggheads and Watercolour Challenge also joining the schedule I can't see where it can all fit in.
  13. Didn't want to start a new thread but for Irish viewers, however because RTE Two is being used for the Euros, Home & Away is lunchtime-only on RTE One on match days. RTE used to be a day behind Channel 5 - is that still the case since the death of Prince Phillip knocked the blocks out of sync?
  14. No. For me "Classic Home and Away" ended with the 2004 finale. 2005 to 2008 are kind of "The Middle Years" - you had two years of Dan Bennett and mega-octane drama, then Bevan Lee took it a bit more "old-skool" for the 20th and Sally's exit. After that though, is what I'd call "New Home and Away." In many ways it's gone through the same sort of revolution Emmerdale did between its 20th and 25th anniversary. By 1997 it was a completely different show to what it was in 1992.
  15. You say that, but 5* looked absolutely fine on my old CRT set. But since I've moved to HD LED, 5* looks atrocious.
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