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  1. Cheers guys. I was on a motorway bridge. The idea of it not fully working and me ending up with severe retardation - and then not having the capacity to put me out of an even worse misery - is what pulled me back. Apols for the politically incorrect language ("retard" regularly got cut by ITV for UK viewers) but yeah we need to talk about this. It's killing more young men than Cancer. We have a problem. In both hemispheres.
  2. I had an attempt about two months ago. I bottled it. I'm sorry he didn't.
  3. Jesse was a major character when I was watching the show religously in 2004-5. Really sad news.
  4. But in terms of budget, the shows that have been axed have generally not had the international revenue level that Home and Away does. There's very little free to air sport in the UK these days, with most of it being on premium subscription channels accessible via Satellite, Cable or more recently IPTV based systems. So the main networks don't screen, say, top-flight soccer or rugby outside the odd international game (and of course World Cup and Euro competitions.) Infact, almost all club soccer and rugby matches on television are behind some form of paywall. Is multichannel premium sport TV not as big a thing in Australia? It seems a lot of it still gets shown on the main networks down-under.
  5. Bevan Lee told BTTB in a 2004 Q&A that he did, indeed, want out. https://www.backtothebay.net/questions/characters_you_regret_killing_off.shtml
  6. I was under the impression for years that it was a sour grapes thing, covered by Floss telling Alf that Neville had died. I assumed Frank was dead by now as he was pretty old then, but I wasn't aware he'd died as early as 1995.
  7. I'd say 2005. When Dan Bennett took over he put her front and centre in the show, especially after Sally and Flynn had been moved into Summer Bay House. Michael was referenced in 2006 by Pippa at Flynn's funeral, telling Sally it was OK to grieve for Flynn and that "when (she) lost Tom & Michael" bottling her emotions up was the wrong course of action. The 2008 mention I'm assuming is the one from Tom in the NDE episode - "all the people you love are here too: Bobby, Michael, Ailsa..." - baby Dale wasn't mentioned bless him, and I'm sure Neville would have liked a shoutout.
  8. You're always going to have a high turnover of youngsters - apart from Sally and Leah you've not had that many young characters at all who have stuck around for an extended period of time, in the sense they've "stepped-up" a generation on the show (Leah's character can't have been a day over 20 when Ada debuted, and Kate was almost 30 by the time she quit.) Marilyn and Roo could possibly also go into that list? So you need a solid set of older adults to complement the revolving door of kids and young adults, which is where the show was strong originally - Fisher, Michael, Pippa etc. provided that. When you consider that since Sally left, there's been an almost 100% turnover of cast except for Alf, Irene and Leah, it is a big change, even over 11 years.
  9. For what it's worth, I f**king hate Love Island. The point I made was that there is a market for "sunshine escapism" as opposed to endless gun slinging. I certainly don't need Raffy who whoever else is in the teen group this week screaming "OMG I've got a text!"
  10. So one blog has been basically mis-reported by the British tabloids. It's a tough one, isn't it. Home & Away has struggled for a few years and has gone really downhill in the past decade. However, due to the numerous International contracts, I can't see Seven canceling the show. This is why Neighbours got bumped to a sister channel rather than axed altogether, as despite its unpopularity domestically it's still a major source of revenue for Ten and Freemantle, mainly thanks to the Channel 5 deal. In all honestly, it'll probably move to 7Two, possibly with a late night encore on Seven proper. But whilst it fulfills a local quota and production costs are almost entirely met by the Channel 5 deal, I think it's highly unlikely it'll be axed completely. Does the show need a major revamp though? Absolutely. I can't speak for the Aussie audience, but the insane popularity of Love Island in the UK shows there's a huge market for a show containing swimwear-clad beautiful people who live by the seaside and continually relationship-switch. The show needs to go back to basics, become more lightweight and deliver the "every day is summer in Summer Bay" ethos that made the show such a huge draw in the winter in the UK. That + fostering element = success. The problem for the past decade is it's become EastEnders-On-Sea. EastEnders is shown in both the UK and Oz if people want to be depressed! Make H&A the sunshine soap again, and go from there. Drop the guns, the depressing stuff, and make it true immersive escapism from our s**tty lives again. Like I say, Love Island shows there's a market for it amongst an otherwise difficult to target demo.
  11. This I can agree with, although I stand by the way that the character died was very true to life.
  12. My God, there are some seriously tetchy people about when it comes to The Early Years repeats.
  13. I don't know the ins and outs and we can speculate until the cows come home, but contracts are a complicated thing. In the UK, for example, there are classic episodes of EastEnders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street currently being re-run. They're all generally around the late 80s/early 90s in the story. However, only EastEnders can be watched on catch-up steaming services. There's also repeats of British music show Top Of The Pops being shown. Some episodes were presented by people now known to be sex offenders, so they can't be shown. There's also a massive issue where they can't show any episode presented by a guy called Mike Smith who died a few years back - not because he was a naughty boy, but he signed an explicit agreement saying his episodes would not be shown again, something his widow Sarah Greene (also a TV presenter in the same era) has upheld. So there is almost certainly very complicated reasons why The Early Years has come off, which can't easily be worked around. The 5* summer break repeats are a totally different kettle of fish, not least because it's an international territory.
  14. I don't think she was "put out with the trash." If anything it was a very realistic exit - the heart attack came with absolutely no warning, no build-up, nothing. Which is how it would be in real life.
  15. Home and Away has always been a teen soap I think. They've tried to shift that perception a few times but it's the audience they get. What I'm amazed by though is the sheer drop off in viewers - it was one of ITV's top five programmes in the 90s and Channel 5's biggest show period when it first switched. Is it just that people get back from work later now, which I think was ITV's argument for pushing the news back to 6.30. If anything though I find people seem to be working earlier - more 8 to 4 than 9 to 5.
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