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  1. You say that, but 5* looked absolutely fine on my old CRT set. But since I've moved to HD LED, 5* looks atrocious.
  2. One option is to go to four episode weeks for a month (we've got two bank holidays in May which would help) but I fear we're going to be out of sync for the rest of the year now. I'd personally just schedule a double episode next week. In the early days C5 would be quite meticulous about keeping the blocks in sync; back when they had Europa League football rights they would run Home & Away in mid-afternoon, later on they'd demote the evening showing to Five Life. They then went through a period of dropping it on bank holidays when we started to get dangerously close to Austr
  3. That's a shame as the blocks are now going to be out-of-sync, unless they schedule a double ep somewhere?
  4. Are they moving it to 5* or is it going completely?
  5. Found this on YouTube earlier - so good! If you like 80's synths you will LOVE this! Watch Here
  6. So as it stands we're only 3 weeks behind, however with Australia getting six episodes a week that gap is expected to increase.
  7. Happy escapism, please! Beautiful people, Bikinis and Speedos on a sun-drenched beach. With foreign holidays off the table for much of the international audience again this year, and SO MUCH doom and gloom in the world, this is a real opportunity for Home and Away to absolutely nail a massive gap in the market. They've decided not to write Covid into the Summer Bay universe so they really need to nail their colours to that mast, and really create a beautiful immersive perfect world where hugging isn't lethal that we can all get hooked on.
  8. I get why they decided not to write it in, but what's also important to remember is that it's significantly less of a big deal in Australia now. The country is virtually Covid-free thanks to the strict hotel quarantine regimes (hence Andy Murray's decision to not compete in the Open) and quick decision making on the initial lockdowns. Likewise, even if it had been able to host an international audience, Australian fans would not be allowed to travel to Holland this year for Eurovision (I've been to the last two and you would not believe how many Aussie fans make the trip!) Not that I'm
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Yeah, productions here look very false right now. That said, the UK's approach generally has had very little logic.
  12. How are they getting away with physical contact, or is that allowed under Aussie production guidelines?
  13. The Hayley recast was just weird. The girl who took over was great, don't get me wrong, but it was done too quickly for it to be remotely believable.
  14. The British soaps which are more gritty and real I get, but Home and Away is supposed to be more escapist, so to be honest I think not bringing Covid into the Summer Bay universe is a good call. From what I hear, international travel in and out of Oz is off until 2022.
  15. Has post-COVID filmed material made it to air yet, either in Oz or here? I know there was an extremely large amount of material in the can before March.
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