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  1. 100% agree. Don't want it to be a major storyline but they should at least acknowledge it right?
  2. I have watched Home and Away from episode one and it still remains my favourite ever tv show. What do you think of the decision not to address covid19 on the show? Basically ever other tv show I watch have addressed this and continue to do so. I read that the producers said " Who wants to see covid on a beach"? Erm, me!! I think a show that wants to remain relevant does. I don't know how it will feel to watch future episodes so disconnected from the current worldwide pandemic. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Freezing Sunny. 32 degrees realfeel 22 ( - 5 ) winter storm warning.
  4. Freezing!! 28 deg realfeel 21. snow and ice
  5. Torrential rain, lightning, winds gusting at 105mph. 45 deg realfeel 28
  6. Chilly, 43 degrees. Sunny. Major storm incoming boxing day. Will be hunkering down. Merry Christmas everyone
  7. A very mild 60 degrees. Not bad for mid Winter
  8. Yeah, it's back Monday Jan 4th on C5. Aaaaah I don't use FB but I can imagine the gap will close significantly. Good!! I still long for a season to be a season in the UK. All done in the same year.
  9. Lol no rumours next year please. And yeah that was this year. Oh wait, I think lol. As I put in a post UK return date confirmed
  10. Home and Away will return to UK screens on Monday January 4th at 6pm. Merry Christmas to everyone reading and here's to an amazing 2021 after a year none of us will forget. And here's to another year of our favourite drama
  11. That's true they rarely make a big thing in regards to the actual finale for that reason. But Channel 5 have in the past mentioned before the episode, now on channel 5 Home and Away and this episode is the season opener and also changed the lead in and out of commercial breaks to the Home and Away title card. That only happened a few times though. Most notably in 2004 2010 and I think it was 2014 or 2015. The episode with the bomb at the hospital.
  12. Yeah they did plan the Winter finale very well last year. Previous years it was just a random end of week episode with very little to make you go oh my god what happens next. In saying that, I still wish they wouldn't market it as the Season finale. But then I guess we all know it's not. I wonder how long it will be off air this year? Probably the regular six weeks but perhaps eight!
  13. *Confirmed* by Channel 5. Episode 7440 airing on Friday November 20th will mark the last episode of the year for us UK viewers.
  14. No worries. Me too, I thought they would make up those few weeks when the eps dropped to two per week and at least go into the end of the second or third week of December. What im annoyed about is why are they marketing this as the season finale? The season finale is as we all know a major cliffhanger and the weeks running to them are always big build ups. Oh I hate how channel 5 airs the show sometimes. But I guess we get to watch it. https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/home-and-away/a34600587/home-and-away-spoilers-dean-thompson-uk-season-finale/ As you can see. Why is this marke
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