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  1. No it was the 2009 finale. Episode 4995 2008 was the school formal explosion and jack shot
  2. 2009 finale had a christmas party remember.....the big people smuggling storyline
  3. I wish Channel 5 would use these promos more.......and generic end credit promos like in Australia. I loved those dramatic 00s promos......so good. Anyone remember the one for Zoe? Will try and post it on here. This one and who can forget this one This one
  4. So annoying. I guess Channel 5 will always have the first rights. This makes sense as in Norway they can get Channel 5.
  5. I am back in Ireland now. Maybe post brexit RTE will again go ahead of Channel Five as the UK will no longer have the European first rights as it will not be in the EU anymore. Ireland will however
  6. I guess maybe true on both answers. Shame though.
  7. Why can't Home and Away have same day airings in the UK as does Neighbours? Start a season at the start of the year end it at the end. Does anyone know the answer to this?
  8. It seems as if the gap is closing between Seven and Channel Five. Down to three weeks soon? How come? I have to watch online now as I live in Spain. Thankfully can still get my fav show.
  9. Speaking of the cliffhanger episodes which finally air this week in the UK can't wait. It seems we are now out of sync with Australia on Monday to Friday airings after all these long years being in sync
  10. London......76 degrees real feel 79 clear blue skies
  11. True I can do without the next time on Home and Away, it is not needed, but I like those long recaps, especially if you are not able to watch the show as it airs and have to catch up weeks later. So it benefits me I guess because im like oh yeah that happened.
  12. We had that last night in London BIG electrical storms. Today hot and sunny again :-)
  13. Blue skies and sun in London. 83 degrees
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