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    Dreaming of many roles and storylines in Home and Away and severely missing The Early Years.
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  3. Summer Bay is a small town, usually in small towns, everyone is friends with everyone.
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  5. The whole "poor ratings" was my idea why it the reruns were cancelled even back three years ago (it's the 29th of May today), but, with all the replies here, my thoughts have changed. But, it is strange how the owners of H&A can't seem to work out a proper agreement with one of their child TV channels. The agreement should have been settled before 1996 even debuted on 7TWO. Though, being honest, I would have most likely dropped watching it once 2000 rolled around.
  6. Where did my Hobi avatar go? 😞

  7. I wanna hear BTS do a cover of the Home and Away theme, it would sound amazing in Korean.
  8. Couldn't agree more... Like I've said many times, the 2000 - 2010 episodes were a big shift in the show, many original characters were leaving or dying, the tone of the show had changed, losing it's qualities. Somehow, in 2010, the classic feeling came back, despite the different story lines.
  9. Deirdre Kean, eh? I like Belinda Giblin, she seems like a great Martha. Now onto my own post... How much was Martha brought up after 1988/1989? Did Alf possess her "death certificate" or not?
  10. Unfortunately, there have been many well-known and well-loved Australian actors and actresses pass on since Home and Away started in 1988. Which late actor or actress do you think should have been in Home and Away before they passed away? - Wayne Jarratt, however, he passed away in May 1988 from a brain tumor, so he was probably out of show business for a few months. - Sheila Florance - She would have been a great Madge Wilkins or whichever unseen lady Celia was often mentioning. - Gerda Nicholson - A wife or love interest for Donald Fisher? - Billie Hammerberg - Maurie Fields - Peter Adams - Olivia Hamnnett - Justine Saunders - Ernie Bourne - Dame Pat Evison - Carol Burns - Ross Higgins - Val Jellay - Judith McGrath - Anne Phelan
  11. I quite liked Audrey Orchard, a one-time character, played by the lovely late Judy McBurney, she could have continued to make appearances in the show.
  12. Jean Chambers... Maybe she could return to try and patch things up with Marilyn (maybe she could be dying or suddenly realizing how badly she treated Marilyn over the years), quite liked seeing an iconic face from Prisoner stepping into the Bayside Diner.
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