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    Dreaming of many roles and storylines in Home and Away and severely missing The Early Years.
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  1. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Returned from the dead

    Michael or Ailsa. - Michael could have been swept away, hit his head, developed amnesia and only just got his memory back and has since left where he had been living for the past 23 years and is searching for Pippa. - Ailsa she could have faked her death like Martha (maybe a relative of her father was seeking revenge and wanted Ailsa dead).
  2. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Actors you would like cast in Home And Away?

    I hope so.
  3. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Expanded storylines of past and forgotten characters.

    Moved to Seoul, South Korea, where Sophie works as an English teacher and Blake works in K-Pop management. Their kids are considering training to be idols (there are K-Pop idols who aren't Korean).
  4. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    What if Ailsa had stayed in Summer Bay Alive?

    This is a bit of a brain buster. I reckon Ailsa would have probably been like Alf, grumpy a lot, but still supportive of everyone. Maybe Roo and Ailsa could have buried the hatchet (did they ever bury the hatchet?), I do think like Irene, Ailsa would have had a cancer scare and may have been another source of help for Maggie. I can see that Alf and Ailsa would probably still be fostering now, or maybe have stopped in 2010. I just don't know how Ailsa would be with all the River Boys and stuff like that.
  5. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    The Underscore Thread

    The Endless Summer thing was disappointing. Anyway, I hope we get some tracks released. I am reuploading my rips to YouTube when I feel like it, so hopefully it will all be done. Welp, I am done: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKlMBSwpPAL08-ihpj7Z7qbyBWUwFjrei
  6. In this thread, we can let our imaginations run wild and write storylines for past characters (that have never been mentioned since their departure or only mentioned once or twice since their departure, Sandra Barlow for example). Sam Barlow - Passed away while in prison in 2014 from a brain haemorrhage. Sandra Barlow - Now as "Ailsa Matheson" (she used two of her closest friend's names as her new name) has her own family, with a husband named Fred and daughter named Kerry. Brian "Dodge" Forbes - Survived the fall off the cliff, but was paralyzed for a while after. Is now living in Melbourne. Jean Chambers - Living on her own, hoping to patch things up with Marilyn one day.
  7. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Shoot & Save

    Shoot Angelo Save Jack Alf/Fisher
  8. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Actors you would like cast in Home And Away?

    Kevin Kim, not sure if he's an actor, but he would be really good on Home and Away. Also, he was born in 1988.
  9. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Random Home and Away findings.

    Have you ever found something Home and Away related that's random? I have. An example is a page about Home and Away on Wikipedia Korea, maybe there was a Korean in Australia who enjoyed the show or maybe it's popular over there (quite possible with the Internet). https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/홈_앤_어웨이_(드라마)
  10. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    New Start Date, New Time and Possible New Channel Move.

    Can't believe we have to wait until February 18 for Home and Away... See? This stupid Christmas break is another reason why The Early Years was a blessing. The only short breaks, longest was probably two or three weeks (due to sporting events, such as Tennis or The Olympics), this used to give us our Summer Bay fix and tide us over the Christmas holidays. And they took that away from us too!
  11. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Quick Questions

    I'm in a group on Facebook and someone posted something and it sounds quite possible... A possible reason they axed it is due to licensing issues with episodes 1921 to about 2085, this is because ITV2 decided to rerun 1996 from 1921 after ITV dropped it in June 2000. Living then decided about a year later to jump from 707 and after two catch up episodes presented by Kate Ritchie started from 1921. So ITV2 stopped about 2085, so episodes 2086 onwards is fine. It makes sense, but I thought Channel 7 had the rights to their own show. I had an idea after hearing that we got no real updates from Channel 7 since 2017, was due to them fixing these issues (which can be a possibility, as the user in the FB group said "it would be a mammoth job" and they did say that it was hopefully returning in 2018, but that hasn't happened yet. Hopefully it will return this year, I miss it like crazy.
  12. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Quick Questions

    Wasn't there something about The Early Years' reruns on 7Two being "only on for a limited time" during the first few years of it being on 7Two? I think I remember reading somewhere that the show was only going to go up to a certain point. Maybe this is a phantom memory, idk.
  13. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    New Start Date, New Time and Possible New Channel Move.

    I do believe Lynne, I think the show will stay where it has been and probably will til the last episode.
  14. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    New Start Date, New Time and Possible New Channel Move.

    February 18th? That late? Jesus Christ!
  15. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Fisher's brother?

    That explains everything. I'd say Clive was another forgotten character. Mentioned once, forgotten later.

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