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  1. To be honest, it would be great if they resumed it on May 27th from episode 1881... Since it went of the air, I have been getting up later than usual.
  2. Awesome edit. Makes the earthquake more menacing! 1994, 1995 and 1996 seemed to be when the show got better than it had been. More magic was added to it than there already was, the stories got better, the overall feel was improved and it got funnier. Really makes 7Two's axing of it and fake promise of it returning even more painful.
  3. I've never fully watched the early 2000s seasons, but from what I have read and seen of it, it seems like it's Home and Away's version of Prisoner's Barnhurst Five era... Huge changes, major departures and the feel of the show changing.
  4. I still think Val Lehman should make an appearance, has Irene ever stated her mother's fate? Because if Irene's mother is still alive, Val could play her.
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  6. Well, if Pippa decides to return one day, he could come back.
  7. 1. Steven said "they found him", not "we found him", they may have found someone who looked like Michael a bit. 2. I wanna see the DebPip posted over VanPip (is it available to see?)
  8. I have only seen snippits of the Sutherland era and already it reminds me of the Barnhurst 5 era of Prisoner, not terrible, just so different and hard to watch. A bunch of new characters, with old characters leaving and only a few staying behind.
  9. DebPip was the best replacement for VanPip, I got used to DebPip quickly after VanPip left. DebPip is so good that it doesn't feel like VanPip was replaced.
  10. I kinda wish she'd go back to how she was in the 90s, God she was enjoyable to watch, she still is, but she has since mellowed and that's sad.
  11. I think they just used those spellings as unique spellings.
  12. Michael, they never actually found him, Steven said they did, but they could have just found another person.
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