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  1. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Morag Bellingham - Cornelia Frances

    This! Even Sesame Street had a send off for an actor that died (Will Lee), instead of saying Mr Hooper (the man that Will Lee portrayed in the show) left or retired, they had the character die too, which taught the viewers about death, while Home and Away's viewers are much older than those of Sesame Street, they should still have Morag die, rather than keep her alive, because any other actress portraying Morag would never work.
  2. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Judy McBurney has died, age 70.

    Judy McBurney, known for her roles as Tania Livingston in The Young Doctors and Sandra "Pixie" Mason in Prisoner: Cell Block H passed away on the morning of December 1, 2018 at 6:15 AM, after a long battle with cancer. Judith did a stint in Home and Away in 1993, as Audrey Orchard, an introduction agent, who came to see Donald Fisher. Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6450581/Judy-McBurney-star-Australian-TV-soap-Prisoner-dies-aged-70-long-battle-cancer.html
  3. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Opening Credits / Opening Theme Discussion

    I think it will stay the same for at least a few more years, it's always been like that.
  4. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Home and Away theme in different languages

    There exists a version of the Home and Away theme in Lithuanian which still sounds beautiful as the original theme, but I am kinda greedy and would like to hear it in various languages, especially Asian languages, mostly a version in Korean, I mean, they could have BTS sing it, maybe featuring a girl group. Anyway, what languages would you like the Home and Away theme to be sung in? Lithuanian Verison (Warning: It's beautiful!)
  5. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    1996 Episode Discussion

    God, I loved the Saul story in 1995-1996. 7Two really are mean! But to be honest, I would probably have stopped watching it after Ailsa's death in 2001. Maybe I would have kept going until 2010, idk.
  6. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    1996 Episode Discussion

    They said that the show was likely to resume this year...
  7. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    1996 Episode Discussion

    7Two are liars...
  8. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Quick Questions

    Just found the episode yesterday, watched where Shannon starts throwing up and lost it.
  9. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Quick Questions

    Oh? How come I thought it happened during the anorexia storyline?
  10. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Quick Questions

    What episode did Shannon throw up in Fisher's car? That was hilarious! I know the episode was during her anorexia story.
  11. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    The Underscore Thread

    I thought with the Endless Summer we'd have some underscores released. It sucks that Home and Away never used the Production music that was used in Prisoner...
  12. Luigi Severus Fletcher

    Name coincidences with other shows etc.

    In Prisoner: Cell Block H Episode 13, the boy that Franky and Doreen stole chips from was named Grant Mitchell.
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  14. I HATE being older than Namjoon!


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