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    Dreaming of many roles and storylines in Home and Away and severely missing The Early Years.
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  1. Jung Hoseok

    Kim Namjoon

    Park Jimin

  2. Hoseok, Namjoon and Jimin

  3. Same. The worst of it is, I became a ARMY (fan of BTS) after the Early Years "went on hiatus" and I want to watch the Early Years as an ARMY... It sucks, I keep having dreams of it returning, I wish it would return.
  4. Same. POC characters are very rare in H&A, Justin is really the only POC character in Summer Bay, but still... A trans character would be really nice too, hell, step the character up a bit and make them Non-Binary.
  5. Hey, are there any fellow BTS ARMYs on here? If you're unfamiliar to BTS, then they're a seven member south Korean boy group, the members are RM (the leader, main rapper), Jin (hyung, vocalist, visual), Suga (lead rapper), J-Hope (lead rapper, main dancer, sub-vocalist), Jimin (lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual), V (vocalist, visual) and Jung Kook (maknae, main vocalist and lead dancer). The members are between the ages of 27 and 22 (Jin being the eldest and Jung Kook being the youngest). BTS debuted in 2013, under BigHit Entertainment. Here's some of their songs. 봄날 (Spring Day) DNA IDOL Boy With Luv
  6. I'm just wondering, because the Pier diner is hideous in some places (especially that grotesque lattice or whatever thing, then again, the Beachside Diner was also hideous), if it was possible for the Bayside Diner to make a return, even though it was burned out. And I think it's time there was another diner fire (I must say, this incarnation of the Pier diner looks much better than the last, Barnhurst prison-like one).
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  8. The thing is, the 2017 - 2019 episodes have that pull that the 1988 - 2000 episodes have... It's sucked me in completely, the last time I was sucked in completly was when the Early Years was on.
  9. It'd be pretty redundant bringing her back nowadays, she'd have no place in the bay, unless she becomes a cop and looks for Michael's remains.
  10. 1994/1995 was the real turning points for the show and for the better too. It was good from 1988 - 1994/1995, but 1994/1995 - 2000/2001 (haven't seen past 1996, but from what I read, it was pretty good until 2000/2001) was when the show still had it's original magic, but was different, but still enjoyable. 2000/2001 - present was when the show declined, however, since 2018, while it definitely hasn't got it's original magic, the show is as interesting as it was from 1988 - 2000/2001 and quite enjoyable, more so than 2000/2001 - 2018 (however, there were good episodes and storylines peppered throughout that time period).
  11. Shane and Damian's friendship. It was an unexpected friendship as Damian was the "nerdy" character and Shane was the "bad boy" character, like I always thought the friendship was just a farce, but I loved it.
  12. Agreed. It'd be great if they brought it back.
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  14. The show was excellent from 1988 - 2000/2001.
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