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  1. Hmmm. I like your ideas. - Saul's cult being more nastier and more women coming out against him, this upsets Selina at first, as she doesn't believe Saul can do anything bad. But after seeing how he is, she comes out against him in full force. - Alf's thump happy-nature having repercussions. You KNOW Brett Macklin would be one to cry "assault". - Shane's death being possibly prevented. - Summer Bay City Rollers putting up songs and covers on YouTube. - Ailsa murdering her father being posted on social media, maybe under the guise of a fake username (obviously Roo).
  2. - I can see cancel culture taking place, such as Don and Marilyn's relationship being a big taboo and Ailsa's murdering of her father. - Celia would have been part of the conservative groups on social media and listening to and watching right-wing media personalities. - Jean would have been harassing Marilyn via text. - Pippa would have met Michael online and maybe met an obsessive stalker. - Don would have been messaging Pippa on social media after Tom's death. - Drones would have been used to search for missing people or view disasters such as fires. - Roo would have defamed Ailsa all over the Internet.
  3. Since the old thread is closed down, I thought I'd make a new one. Are there any actors and actresses you'd like cast in Home and Away? For me... - Janet Andrewartha (maybe recast Wendy McFarlane? Or let Janet play a new character) - Val Lehman (She could play the elusive Debra Stewart and be the only "normal" sister and the one Alf got along with) - Louise Siversen - Glenda Linscott - Zoe Terakes - Pamela Rabe - Sigrid Thornton - Agnieszka Perepeczko - Tommy Dysart - Ian Smith - Anne Charleston - Katrina Milosevic
  4. I think Alf dying could work, I remember a "final episode" dream where that happened in 2010. It went through scenes of an empty Summer Bay House and finally we saw Alf, on a chair in the patio, having a nap and then going limp. I love the idea of a new foster family moving into the Summer Bay House... It could be on the market and Roo could be the seller.
  5. Four years later and I still have the same opinion as I did last year. The reruns are as dead as a doornail. It sucks that the reruns are no more, but Life Goes On.
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  8. Yeah, now that you mention it, it is strange, then again, it took months to find out what happened to Leah.
  9. It's weird how there's been no mention of COVID-19 in the show, especially since Tori and Jasmine work in a hospital... Maybe Summer Bay is that isolated that the virus hasn't come to the bay.
  10. Same to be honest... It's been over three years now and I believe 7Two's Home and Away: The Early Years reruns are as dead as a door nail. Also, I did wonder about the ratings, maybe they weren't getting enough ratings and decided to take the reruns down and felt embarrassed to mention the real reason why they did.
  11. Summer Bay is a small town, usually in small towns, everyone is friends with everyone.
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