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    Dreaming of many roles and storylines in Home and Away and severely missing The Early Years.
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  1. Which story lines would you like to see in Home and Away? For me, I still want to see a storyline of a radical pastor who is extremely bigoted and him not being welcomed by Summer Bay (maybe he'll change or leave by his own accord) another story line I'd love to see would be a Munchausen By Proxy story (after watching "The Act" and researching the Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard story, on which "The Act" is based), a parent and child could move to The Bay and the parent could fake their child's illnesses, causing concern in The Bay and maybe even ending like the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case.
  2. Wow. It's beautiful, sucks that it has the commentary over it. It would have been cool if this show was shown in South Korea or Japan. Those languages would really add flair to an already amazing theme song.
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  4. I sure hope this "hiatus" isn't gonna be permanent. Because the only people who watch Million Dollar Minute are mentally enslaved morons.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. see for yourself, my dude. https://www.facebook.com/7TWOAU/posts/2051198351675293?comment_id=2051946298267165&reply_comment_id=2052628661532262&notif_id=1559180052755016&notif_t=feed_comment_reply
  7. 7Two did get back to me a while ago and it seems they're also confident about it returning, however, they don't know when.
  8. Update: I added a small number of the Christmas scores from 1994! Updated Playlist! Sadly, I can't rip the vocals, I tried with Audacity, did have luck on 10 other (non-Home and Away) tracks in the past, though.
  9. I knew it seemed to have gotten lucklustre during 2000. I watched a few episodes (via some DVDs) and they seemed to be quite a chore to watch. I guess once 2000 hit, the magic left, though, these days. the current episodes are actually pretty good.
  10. If the Early Years reruns on 7Two were never cancelled (or put on "hiatus" as 7Two claim), would you continue to watch or stop at a certain point? I'm not sure if I would have continued to watch past 2001, maybe I would have, but from what I have seen, in 2000, the show became a whole different animal and was just different, but there were good story lines though.
  11. BTS PAVED THE FLAMIN' WAY! - Alf Stewart, 2019.

    Listen here, girlie! BTS paved the way and that's final toots! - Irene Roberts, 2019.

    BTS PAVED THE WAY! - Leah Patterson-Baker, 2019.


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