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  1. In fairness, after about the first 100 episodes, Roger, Vanessa and Alex were each around 10 episodes clear of the next batch of characters. So while H&A has always been a show with an ensemble cast, these three were in far more episodes than the likes of Ray and Judy. Sharyn (Carly) and Nicole (Bobby) eventually caught up to the top 3, but that was later in the season. Meanwhile characters like Neville, Floss, Martin, Lance and Sally featured far less. I should post an episode count one of these days.
  2. Yeah, fair enough, makes sense. A lot of characters do get destroyed by writers who have no proper understanding of them. Neighbours generally does things very well where this is concerned, and as long as Bevan Lee was at the helm H&A would do it well too.
  3. Huh? So never bring a former character back because history is messy?
  4. She was very much the Sue Parker prototype from Neighbours - both recurring teenage bitch characters in the early years of their respective shows. Interestingly Neighbours brought back the character of Sue a few years ago for a couple of guest stints, played by the original actress too. Unfortunately TPTB at H&A have zero respect for legacy characters or the history of the show, and haven't since around 2008. Along with being Vinnie's cousin, I think Alison's aunty was also Sally's first primary school teacher. Has this been confirmed?
  5. Woah, so after all these years the mystery of Helena's whereabouts has finally been resolved? How did I not hear about this in any of the other threads in the forum? Perhaps I didn't look hard enough? But there didn't seem to be any mention of this revelation in any of the 'Where's Helena?' posts I have scrolled through, only that someone claimed she was now living in New Zealand. And providing this is definitely her (it sure looks like her), how were TPTB unable to locate her for so long, especially since she has been practising for at least 18 years in the professions listed in her bio, presumably under the same name she was credited on H&A as? She even works in the Sydney CBD, so was hardly in witness protection or living overseas. I'm genuinely confused as to why the likes of Bevan Lee were unable to locate her. Either way, she looks great and I'm so happy to hear she is doing great things for people these days. I thought her character of Lynn was an important one, but sad to hear her tenure ended when it did. I'd love for her to return to the show more than anyone else, even just for a cameo, but we don't know the circumstances surrounding the situation and am content to know that she's happy and seems to be doing what she loves.
  6. Anyone else think TPTB took things a bit too far when they gave Craig McLachlan's character the same surname as his original Neighbours surname? Bit cheeky I think!
  7. Does anyone remember a storyline from around 1996 or 1997 about a middle-aged artist named Gabe Farley (or something like that?) who stayed at the caravan park. He was an alcoholic and Shannon was looking after him. I'm unsure how they me or what their relationship was. I think he ended up drinking himself to death after tricking Shannon into giving him some of his money (that she was looking after) to buy alcohol? I haven't seen these episodes since they aired and never seem to see them discussed or mentioned anywhere. Can someone shed some light on the storyline? I'd love to see some clips, but I realise that is unlikely.
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