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  1. I'm not sure. The programme just said she was in it. I thought she'd have a website but nope, can't find a thing, ah well I'll see her on a repeat one day and it'll all 'click'! thanks anyway! x
  2. MOD EDIT: I've created this thread for questions that reply using one word or short answers such as "Who did so and so play?" "What was so and so's first episode?" and so on. I've merged two existing threads into here. Hi, I have recently seen dirty dancing the stage show in London (which was amazing!) and Nadia Coote played Penny. All the way through I thought she looked familiar, a little bit like Elle from Neighbours. Then, I got a programme and it mentioned she was in home and away and heartbreak high. Does anyone know who she played? It's been driving me crazy! x
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