Those Who Didn’t Make It

Naturally with any Most Popular Character poll there’s always going to be characters who slip from people’s minds, haven’t made much of an impact with those voting, or simply weren’t that popular.

Here’s a list of all regular characters from the show’s history who missed out on votes this time around—including one current regular, one who left Summer Bay only a few months ago, and another who has made the Top 5 before now! If your favourite character has made this list, be sure to give them a boost in our next poll!

Aaron Welles
Alex Bennett
Alex Poulos
Annie Campbell
Ari Parata
Barry Hyde
Ben Lucini
Beth Hunter
Bianca Scott
Brad Armstrong
Brodie Hanson
Brody Morgan
Casey Mitchell
Cassie Turner
Charlie Buckton
Charlotte Adams
Coco Astoni
Dan Baker
Donna Bishop
Drew Curtis
Duncan Stewart
Elijah Johnson
Finlay Roberts
Floss Mcphee
Frank Morgan
Geoff Campbell
Harvey Ryan
Haydn Ross
Henry Hunter
Hugo Austin
Indi Walker
Jade Sutherland
Jai Fernandez
James Fraser
Josh West
Josie Russell
Jude Lawson
Judith Ackroyd
Justine Welles
Kelly Watson
Ken Smith
Lachlan Fraser
Lance Smart
Liam Tanner
Lucas Holden
Lucinda Croft
Luke Cunningham
Maggie Astoni
Martin Dibble
Matt Wilson
Mitch Mccoll
Natalie Davison
Neville Mcphee
Nick Parrish
Nicole Franklin
Olivia Fraser-Richards
Oscar Macguire
Rhys Sutherland
Ricky Sharpe
Rob Storey
Roman Harris
Roxy Miller
Sarah Thompson
Scott Hunter
Seb Miller
Shelley Sutherland
Simon Fitzgerald
Spencer Harrington
Stephanie Mboto
Tamara Kingsley
Tasha Andrews
Tiegan Brook
Tom Nash
Travis Nash
Tug O’Neale
Viv Newton
Will Smith

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