Norman Shadbolt

Norman Shadbolt (2003; 2004)
David Whitford
Episodes: 3590; 3594; 3596; 3648; 3680; 3685; 3690; 3695; 3699; 3704; 3714; 3739; 3773

Marital Status: Colleen Smart (engaged, 2004)
Occupation: Book Shop Owner

Norman Shadbolt was a small book shop owner (that’s the size of the shop I’m talking about, not the size of Mr. Shadbolt), who came to the launch of Max’s book. He took a liking for Colleen who was there. Colleen initially turned him away thinking that Max had set her up with him, but when Max told her that he nothing to do with it she cased after him, but he was already gone.

However they soon met up and formed a relationship with Colleen dragging him along to the end of year dance (do seventy year olds ever go to these things?), with Colleen’s levels of energy leaving Norman breathless.

However in 2004 Colleen ended up dumping Norman after he told her that he wouldn’t be able to marry him because of Mrs Shadbolt. Colleen thought that this was his wife, but it turned out to be Norman’s mother that he look after and their relationship was back on again. Colleen was however less than impressed when Norman was more interested in Alf’s life stories than her. However they soon engaged.

He however was of help to Colleen when he realised that Max and Henry were just leading her on in the granny wars and they didn’t actually need any of the stuff they were asking her for.

It was not to end happily however, with Norman leaving Colleen a note at Hayley and Noah’s wedding reception that the engagement was off and he was never seen again.

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