Scott Larkin

Senior Constable Scott Larkin (2019-2020)
Trent Baines
Episodes: 71567189, 72037206, 72177226, 72667271

Children: Toby Larkin

Occupation: Federal police officer

Scott Larkin was first seen arriving at Robbo and Jasmine’s wedding. An AFP officer who had been trained by Robbo, Scott greeted him as his boss. Scott received a phone call just before fellow officer Lance Salisbury did, and urged him to take the call. When Jasmine arrived at the church, Scott was seen outside. He made his way inside, but just after the wedding, he had to rush off. He rang Lance when he arrived at the reception, but Lance told him they need to give Robbo and Jasmine as much time as possible. It was soon revealed that the people who’d murdered Robbo’s family had resurfaced and he, Jasmine and Tori were to be taken to a safe house.

Scott was next seen at the Morgan House when he took Tori into protective custody much to Justin’s chagrin. In the following days, Scott was seen at the safe house, making conversation with Robbo, Jasmine and Tori. Over the next few weeks, Scott acted as a bodyguard to both Jasmine and Tori. When a man was branded with an ouroboros symbol and killed, Scott and Robbo attempted to positively identify him. After the pair learned that Dylan Carter was still alive, they were rushed back into protective custody.

Robbo met up with Scott to discuss their progress in finding Dylan, but both had drawn dead ends. They organised for hundreds of hours of airport footage to be sifted through in order to find Dylan. After Robbo revealed he’d been receiving threatening texts from the Ouroboros gang, Scott assured him he’d done everything he possible could. He organised for Jasmine to assume a new identity and leave the country for her safety. However, on the way to the airport, their car was run off the road, Jasmine was kidnapped, and Scott was shot. He was rushed into surgery but pulled through. He was transferred to the city.

Jasmine found a recovered Scott at the safe house with Tori that she was moved into. He swiftly returned to Summer Bay to help Colby find Robbo. He was also present at the birth of Tori and Robbo’s daughter Grace.

Weeks later, Scott returned to Summer Bay after Robbo received Lance’s bloodied badge in the mail with an ouroboros in the envelope. He was present as Robbo questioned the leaders of the Ouroboros gang. After a throwaway comment about the siege going on at the hospital, Scott and Robbo left for the hospital. However, when Scott told him to go a different way to the hospital, Robbo noticed he was holding his gun to him and it became clear Scott was working for the Ouroboros gang.

Scott revealed that the gang had threatened the life of his girlfriend Anna and son Toby and in order to save them, he had to kill Lance and Robbo. However, on a cliff top, Robbo was able to talk him around and the pair rushed to the hospital. On the way, Scott realised he’d end up in prison and will always be a target. After he received a photo of Anna and Toby from an unknown number, Scott began driving erratically and crashed the car with him and Robbo inside. Scott died at the scene.

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