Ashley Saunders

Zoe Ella

Ashley Saunders (2001; 2006)
Zoe Ella
Episodes: 31523180; 4122

Parents: John & Rachel (deceased) Saunders
Siblings: Flynn Saunders (deceased)

Ashley had ran away from home after her mother had died and her dad had been unable to control. After running away from home she started taking drugs. This lead to her brother Flynn spending a fruitless period chasing leads in his search to find her. After coming close on one occasion, Flynn finally found Ashley in a squat and took her home to the bay.

There he aimed to get Ashley off the drugs on his own, keeping her in his caravan. However Ashley wasn’t 100% behind this idea and a few occasions she tried to escape. However with the help of Flynn she gradually seemed to being get better. However she then broke into Colleen’s caravan after meeting a dealer down the drop-in centre and then her dealer, Terry from the city returned. Ashley tried to escape him and ran towards the drop-in centre. When they got there Terry injured Sally and escaped.

With Flynn now side-tracked by Sally’s injuries, Ashley sold Flynn’s camera for heroin. Shelley soon found Ashley in the caravan park after taking drugs, and after a family meeting they decided to take Ashley in. After seeing Ashley’s problems, Dani organised a drugs day event at the surf club which included the Wallabies. Gradually Ashley improved thanks to the Sutherland’s and decided to get back in contact with her dad. However this happened without Flynn’s knowledge and when he saw them speaking to one another he had a go at his father.

Dani and Brodie then organised for Ashley to go to the school dance. After getting a lift there from Alex, Dani and Ashley decided to go to a beach party. In doing so they avoided of the car crash that killed Miles. After hearing the news John rushed to see how Ashley was and Ashley decided to return home with her father to give their relationship another chance.

Ashley was unable to make it to Flynn’s wedding in 2003, though John said that she was doing well.

Ashley did however return for Flynn’s funeral in 2006.