Remi Carter

Remi Carter (2022-present)
Adam Rowland

Episodes: 7829-present

Date of Birth: 1st March 1992

Occupation: Musician

Remi is the son of two classical musicians. He became the lead guitarist for Lyrik, a band Felicity was familiar with, and came to town with the rest of the band – Kirby Aramoana, Eden Fowler and Bob Forsyth. They arranged to stay with Felicity, with Remi claiming the sofa. When Felicity asked them to play at the reopening of Salt, which she had just bought into, Remi was keen but was aware that Bob had both the casting vote in the event of a tie and girlfriend Kirby on his side. However, Kirby voted with Eden and Remi and the band performed. In the aftermath, Remi flirted with Ziggy and was warned off by Dean.

They returned to town the following week where Felicity offered them a regular gig at Salt. Remi was keen on the idea of a regular wage but Bob was against it and the tension between the two of them became increasingly obvious. Bob quit, leaving the rest of the band to find a new lead singer. They held emergency auditions at Salt where Remi was concerned about Theo’s lack of experience despite him giving a good audition but was convinced by the others to choose him. However, on seeing Theo and Kirby kissing, he feared a repeat of the Bob situation and he and Eden stipulated no relationships between bandmates. He, Eden and Kirby moved into the house opposite the Paratas, gaining John Palmer as a neighbour.

Remi convinced Ziggy to help him find a new van for the band. They met with a van owner, Carl, but the van broke down straightaway with a blown head gasket. Carl promptly locked the pair in a barn and fled with Remi’s $2000. Having both left their phones in Ziggy’s car, they had to stay there overnight until Dean released them and punched Remi for not looking after Ziggy. His blushes were spared somewhat when Justin arranged to sponsor a new van.

He bet Mackenzie $50 that Kirby and Theo weren’t seeing each other, getting Theo to chat up a girl in Salt to prove it. He asked Bree out for a drink but nothing romantic happened. When Kirby admitted she and Theo were together, he accepted it but his mood darkened when an interview the pair gave after being unable to get hold of him and Eden resulted in an article that barely mentioned the rest of the band, and when he found they had posted an online video of just the two of them. He came close to quitting the band as a result but Eden and Bree talked him out of it. While he was busking, one of the onlookers, Pete Wilson, stole his takings and hit him over the head with the guitar case when he chased him. Although Pete was quickly caught, Remi spent the night in hospital with a concussion. He asked Bree why she wasn’t giving him a chance and Bree revealed she was married. He responded by sleeping with his nurse, Stacey. He had a drink and a pizza with Bree and they shared a moment.

He was disappointed at losing a gig at Salt after Mackenzie fell out with Justin, now the band’s manager, and cautiously accepted her offer of a formal contract. He was the first to find out Eden was sleeping with Cash and warned Cash that Eden was falling for him, which Eden wasn’t happy about. He met Bree’s husband Jacob for the first time when Jacob caught them having breakfast together. Bree told him not to call or text her while Jacob was in town and he later saw her with a bruised face and cut lip, realising Jacob was violent towards her. He confided in Eden, which resulted in them putting aside their differences. Realising he couldn’t force Bree to do anything, he told her to come to him if she needed help.

Bree came to him after Jacob left town but Remi was left frustrated at her continuing to keep up appearances with Jacob on the phone. He invited her to Salt’s next gig but she didn’t turn up, and the gig ended up being cancelled anyway when Theo refused to come after hearing Kirby had agreed to Bob singing with them. Remi went round to see Bree and they slept together. They quickly continued the secret relationship, with Remi getting Eden to go out for the evening so he could have Bree over. He helped convince Bree she’d got things wrong when she accused Dean of abusing Ziggy and supported her when she reported Jacob to the police. Bree stayed with him while they waited for news. When Jacob rang her in a temper and Bree started making excuses, Remi took the phone off her and told Jacob to leave her alone. Bree decided to move out and Remi scared her by trying to block her way. He initially avoided Bree but they soon patched things up. However, Bree failed to return after going to get food and he found her holed up in her motel room, scared that no-one knew where Jacob was.

He and Bree went on their first public date. He realised Jacob was in town and rushed to the motel, only to find Jacob already holding Bree there. Remi was tied up and Jacob smashed his hand with a hammer before leaving with Bree. He was found by Rose and Kirby and rushed to hospital, where he worried about Bree.