Remi Carter

Remi Carter (2022-present)
Adam Rowland

Episodes: 7829-present

Date of Birth: 1st March 1992

Parents: Graham & Nicola Carter

Occupation: Musician

Remi is the son of two classical musicians. He became the lead guitarist for Lyrik, a band Felicity was familiar with, and came to town with the rest of the band – Kirby Aramoana, Eden Fowler and Bob Forsyth. They arranged to stay with Felicity, with Remi claiming the sofa. When Felicity asked them to play at the reopening of Salt, which she had just bought into, Remi was keen but was aware that Bob had both the casting vote in the event of a tie and girlfriend Kirby on his side. However, Kirby voted with Eden and Remi and the band performed. In the aftermath, Remi flirted with Ziggy and was warned off by Dean.

They returned to town the following week where Felicity offered them a regular gig at Salt. Remi was keen on the idea of a regular wage but Bob was against it and the tension between the two of them became increasingly obvious. Bob quit, leaving the rest of the band to find a new lead singer. They held emergency auditions at Salt where Remi was concerned about Theo’s lack of experience despite him giving a good audition but was convinced by the others to choose him. However, on seeing Theo and Kirby kissing, he feared a repeat of the Bob situation and he and Eden stipulated no relationships between bandmates. He, Eden and Kirby moved into the house opposite the Paratas, gaining John Palmer as a neighbour.

Remi convinced Ziggy to help him find a new van for the band. They met with a van owner, Carl, but the van broke down straightaway with a blown head gasket. Carl promptly locked the pair in a barn and fled with Remi’s $2000. Having both left their phones in Ziggy’s car, they had to stay there overnight until Dean released them and punched Remi for not looking after Ziggy. His blushes were spared somewhat when Justin arranged to sponsor a new van.

He bet Mackenzie $50 that Kirby and Theo weren’t seeing each other, getting Theo to chat up a girl in Salt to prove it. He asked Bree out for a drink but nothing romantic happened. When Kirby admitted she and Theo were together, he accepted it but his mood darkened when an interview the pair gave after being unable to get hold of him and Eden resulted in an article that barely mentioned the rest of the band, and when he found they had posted an online video of just the two of them. He came close to quitting the band as a result but Eden and Bree talked him out of it. While he was busking, one of the onlookers, Pete Wilson, stole his takings and hit him over the head with the guitar case when he chased him. Although Pete was quickly caught, Remi spent the night in hospital with a concussion. He asked Bree why she wasn’t giving him a chance and Bree revealed she was married. He responded by sleeping with his nurse, Stacey. He had a drink and a pizza with Bree and they shared a moment.

He was disappointed at losing a gig at Salt after Mackenzie fell out with Justin, now the band’s manager, and cautiously accepted her offer of a formal contract. He was the first to find out Eden was sleeping with Cash and warned Cash that Eden was falling for him, which Eden wasn’t happy about. He met Bree’s husband Jacob for the first time when Jacob caught them having breakfast together. Bree told him not to call or text her while Jacob was in town and he later saw her with a bruised face and cut lip, realising Jacob was violent towards her. He confided in Eden, which resulted in them putting aside their differences. Realising he couldn’t force Bree to do anything, he told her to come to him if she needed help.

Bree came to him after Jacob left town but Remi was left frustrated at her continuing to keep up appearances with Jacob on the phone. He invited her to Salt’s next gig but she didn’t turn up, and the gig ended up being cancelled anyway when Theo refused to come after hearing Kirby had agreed to Bob singing with them. Remi went round to see Bree and they slept together. They quickly continued the secret relationship, with Remi getting Eden to go out for the evening so he could have Bree over. He helped convince Bree she’d got things wrong when she accused Dean of abusing Ziggy and supported her when she reported Jacob to the police. Bree stayed with him while they waited for news. When Jacob rang her in a temper and Bree started making excuses, Remi took the phone off her and told Jacob to leave her alone. Bree decided to move out and Remi scared her by trying to block her way. He initially avoided Bree but they soon patched things up. However, Bree failed to return after going to get food and he found her holed up in her motel room, scared that no-one knew where Jacob was.

He and Bree went on their first public date. He realised Jacob was in town and rushed to the motel, only to find Jacob already holding Bree there. Remi was tied up and Jacob smashed his hand with a hammer before leaving with Bree. He was found by Rose and Kirby and rushed to hospital, where he worried about Bree.

His worries increased when Eden also ended up in hospital after a car accident. He tried to hire a PI, Eriksen, to track Bree down but was told she had likely reunited with her husband and resigned himself to never seeing her again. Almost straightaway, he heard the news that Bree had been found, having killed Jacob in self-defence, but their reunion was cut short when she sent him away from the hospital. He ended up intervening in an argument between Mackenzie and Gabe. He took off his hand brace in order to practice the guitar but ended up hurting himself further. He collapsed in pain during a meeting with Justin and Kirby but refused to go to hospital, despite warnings the circulation might have been affected. It took Bree to convince him to see the specialist.

He was initially annoyed when it was suggested Theo and Kirby do the Salt gigs without him but eventually agreed. He supported Eden over her memory loss and reacted jealously on seeing Bree with Xander. Although Xander convinced him it was innocent, he saw them together again at Salt and decided to leave town. Bree showed him a note she’d written while held captive, telling him she loved him, and convinced him to wait for her. He offered to do band admin during his recuperation. He returned to a gig determined to make it through but the pain in his hand meant he had to give up halfway through. Frustrated at the lack of contact from Bree, he called a disastrous band meeting to try and focus on something, then went to see Bree. However, she told him she didn’t want to see him again. He chatted up a girl, Clara, at Salt and took her home but was unable to bring himself to do anything with her, instead letting her sleep in his bed while he took the couch. Bree saw him saying goodbye to her next morning and again told him to stay away from her. She eventually admitted she was pregnant, didn’t know who the father was as a result of sleeping with Jacob whilst his captive, and had booked an abortion. Remi ended up accompanying her to the appointment.

Remi spent an afternoon with Eden but the fact they were still physically affectionate despite being in relationships made her boyfriend Cash uncomfortable. Eden told Remi they needed to act differently now. Not long after, he slept with Bree for the first time since her ordeal and began making plans to record an album. When he returned from a gig, Bree avoided him, admitting her experiences with Jacob meant a part of her expected him to come back different. He thus decided to concentrate on the album rather than touring. However, he had trouble working out how to finance it. Eden suggested asking his parents for help but Remi refused, since they had been unhappy he’d chosen to be a rock star instead of a classical musician. He decided to enter a Battle of the Bands competition with a $20,000 prize and cancelled the band’s tours in order to rehearse. Bree was unhappy, feeling he’d done it for her and saying she needed to learn to be all right with him going away. Remi convinced her the competition was good for the band anyway. He then had to convince the rest of the band but Theo and Eden ended up voting for his idea. He offered to pull out if Kirby wanted but she agreed to abide by the decision.

Keen to give the band an edge, Remi contacted Mercedes Da Silva, who he had been friends with since they went to boarding school together (until Remi had been expelled for “borrowing” the school minibus to take a group of friends to a gig) and who was a professional violinist, asking her to perform with them. They managed to get the audience vote into the final but pulled out when Felicity was raped. Remi volunteered to tell Tane what had happened. He began making plans for the album with Mercedes who arranged a meeting with record producer Ruben Phillips. However, he found himself in the middle of an argument between Mercedes and Bree and ended up missing the meeting to reassure Bree it was her he wanted to be with. Kirby and Mercedes ended up arranging three free after-hours sessions. Mercedes stayed back after the first session with Remi and kissed him. He confided in Eden but kept it from Bree.

Worried Mercedes wouldn’t turn up, he went to see her but she refused to discuss attending the session until he discussed what had happened between them, admitting she wanted a relationship. He told her he couldn’t give her what she wanted and Mercedes ended up turning up to the session. However, Bree overheard them discussing the kiss and Remi had to work to convince her he was innocent. This resulted in Mercedes deciding to leave town before the last session until Bree talked her into staying. With the recording completed, Mercedes headed off to Europe, leaving her motorbike with Remi.

He worked with Justin to arrange a launch party for the album which they ended up only having a few hours’ notice for, and named the album Remember When, again annoying Kirby by not consulting the others. He was delighted when Bree had a vinyl copy of the album made for him. He then learned Kirby had been meeting with Forrest Duke, who managed solo artists. After failing to talk her out of it, he agreed to support her decision but was left devastated when she decided to leave the band. Remi and the others made plans to go ahead with just three of them but Justin reported that Forrest had withdrawn permission to use any of Kirby’s songs. Remi was thrown when Bree moved in with him so Kirby could have her room at the Diner flat, but accepted it and went with Justin to contact an entertainment lawyer. He was left depressed when nothing came of it and he had to accept Bree’s offer to look after the household bills, then saw Justin and Theo meeting with Forrest and punched Theo, seeing him as disloyal. He apologised and learned that, although Forrest had offered Theo a deal, he hadn’t taken it and his loyalty was with Lyrik.

Remi tried busking Lyrik songs in public and got a warning from Forrest. He and Eden went away to his parents’ summer house to do songwriting, with their piece ending up being inspired by Kirby’s betrayal. However, Justin warned them of the hurt it could cause if they performed it and they accepted the point, only for Kirby to see the lyrics anyway. Kirby invited them both to her single launch but they decided against attending. He was left feeling depressed despite getting session work playing for other bands and struggled to talk about it with Bree until a talking to from John. He and Eden decided at the last minute to attend the launch, but afterwards, when Kirby decided she wanted to come back to Lyrik, Remi was the least enthusiastic, believing she was throwing away a good career and there was no chance of Lyrik overcoming all the legal problems. It was only the news that Justin was critically ill in hospital that prompted him to agree to rehearse with Lyrik again.

He came up with the idea of posting on their socials that they had a relaunch gig on Saturday in order to force Forrest to respond, meaning he’d look bad if he cancelled it. Forrest was unimpressed so Remi got Kirby to offer him another deal: He let her out of the contract and return copyright for their songs in return for keeping all the songs Kirby wrote for the label. Forrest agreed but Bree refused to move in with Remi permanently, saying she wanted to enjoy her independence. Remi’s fake gig announcement came back to bite them when they received little reaction to their actual reunion. Remi wanted to use the contacts Kirby had got from Forrest but Kirby was uncomfortable with the idea and Remi ultimately voted with the rest of the band to go with her decision. Remi and Kirby convinced Xander to host their comeback gig at Salt and afterwards he asked Bree to accompany him to his parents’ anniversary dinner. Graham and Nicola welcomed Bree warmly but Remi had told them nothing about how they met. She eventually filled them in the next morning. When Kirby decided to donate her song royalties to Lyrik, Remi worried she was doing it out of guilt. She admitted she felt bad about stalling the band but also believed in them.

Remi learned Bree had pretended to be working in order to avoid him. She told him she wasn’t entirely comfortable with him expecting them to still be together in 35 years like his parents when she didn’t know what she wanted from her life. Remi noticed Eden’s estranged brother Levi working as a surgeon at the hospital and told her. He initially gave Levi the cold shoulder until Kirby reminded him it wasn’t like him to hold grudges. He suggested Eden talk to Levi and defended Cash when Eden and Felicity complained about him always trying to fix him. He took Bree for a ride on his bike to get her out of her comfort zone and expressed an interest in going with her on a Doctors Without Borders assignment until she revealed it would last 9-12 months. He had to tell her he couldn’t be away from Lyrik that long but convinced her to go without him. He agreed Lyrik would play at a SCAD fundraiser and to pick up Eden from her camping trip with Cash. While on his way to meet her, he was knocked off his bike by brothers Wes and Mickey who took him away.