Heather McCabe

Heather McCabe (2007)
Olivia Pigeot
Episodes: 4507; 4534-4547

Children: Tamsyn Armstrong
Occupation: Nurse; Waitress

Heather was first seen at the school looking for Brad Armstrong. It was then revealed that her daughter Tam, was Rachel and Brad’s half sister! She and Robert Armstrong had Tam after he told her he was having marriage problems. She told Rachel and Brad that she had a gambling addiction and needed to get help. She told them of a retreat programme that she was going to go to. That meant that she needed someone to look after Tam. Heather asked Brad and Rachel whether she could stay with them, considering that she was their half sister. They explained that it just wouldn’t be possible. Heather didn’t take no for an answer though and went to the retreat programme leaving Tam behind in Summer Bay.

She returned a few weeks later seemingly having got clean at the retreat and landed a job in the Diner but she soon proved she wasn’t quite clean by stealing money from the Diner and gambling it. Though she won back the money and returned it, Tam was distinctly unimpressed. Brad allowed her to move in with him and Tam and she seemed to really be making a fesh start even landing a job at the hospital with Rachel’s help. When Brad got offered a job in Tasmania and Tam reacted badly, he suggested to Heather that she and Tam move to Tasmania with him and Heather agreed to make the move so left the Bay.