Gavin Johnson

Gavin Johnson
Dan Feuerriegel
Episodes: 4585, 4588, 4592, 4611
Occupation: Coastal News Journalist

Gavin was Belle’s ‘hot shot’ journalist boss as the Coastal News who she talked about all the time, much to Drew’s annoyance. Gavin was first seen at Dan’s memorial but seemed more interested in what Aden and his rebel group of students had to say. He then put pressure on Belle to miss the service for the sake of her job which alienated her further from Drew. Gavin was very impressed with Aden’s speech and decided to make him the focus of the story instead of Dan.

Due to Annie pressing charges against Aden the story didn’t go ahead initially but, after the charges were dropped, Gavin decided to go ahead with the story. Gavin then decided he wanted to interview Aden, who agreed to it to get back at Bartlett and voice his ‘thoughts’ on the new Principal. Gavin also stressed the need to get the public to sympathise with Aden so ordered Belle to photograph him on crutches. Gavin then instructed Belle to research the Jeffries family to try and dig up some family ‘history’. Gavin then ran the story comparing him to his grandfather, something which didn’t go down well at all with Aden.

When Belle wrote an article about Sally, Gavin took it upon himself to rewrite it and portray Sally in a negative light. Amongst others, Drew was furious about it and headed straight over to the newspaper office and attacked Gavin. He also informed him that Belle had resigned, without her knowledge. A furious Belle soon arrived to split up their scuffle and sent Drew home. She also told Gavin that she was annoyed that he rewrote the article and that it had put her in a very difficult position.

Later, Gavin and Belle had a heated discussion about the situation. Gavin said that Sally’s performance as Principal was poor and the article was justified. Belle then accused him of bias, but he turned it around on her and accused her of biased reporting of the worst kind, adding that she should have been sacked because of her ineptness and because her boyfriend attacked him. Gavin then told Belle that she had half an hour to give him a good reason why she shouldn’t be fired. After a debate about journalism, Gavin asked Belle if she was in or out. She said she was in and they came to an understanding, even though they still had very different ideas about ethics.

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