Bridget Jackson

Bridget Jackson (1990)
Paula Duncan
Episodes: 520 – 531

Marital Status: Barry Jackson
Children: Emma, Troy and Justin Jackson
Siblings: Ailsa Stewart and Tony O’Rourke

Bridget was first seen observing Emma during a football match and told Alf that she knew of Ailsa through the town. She later approached him and told him who she was, saying that she wanted Emma back. When Ailsa found out her sister was in town she was furious and refused to let Bridget take Emma after she had just got herself settled. Ailsa and Bridget were revealed to dislike each other and Ailsa informed her of the abuse Emma suffered at the hands of her stepfather and was unconvinced by Bridget’s claims to have thrown her husband out.

Ailsa reluctantly let Bridget stay with them but Emma refused to talk to her and Ailsa refused to press her. Eventually Bridget cornered Emma on the beach and during their conversation managed to convince Emma that she kicked Barry out after he had drunkenly confessed to abusing Emma. With Ailsa and Bridget at each other’s throats and Emma caught in the middle Bridget went all out to win her over, buying her a dress and treating her to a night out. Emma announced that she wanted to go back and live with her mother and she departed after an emotional goodbye.

She returned a few months later announcing that her mother had betrayed her, had only been using her and had taken Barry back.

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