Tony O’Rourke

Tony O’Rourke (1997)
Daniel Roberts
Episodes: 2070-2075

Parents: Harold O’Rourke
Siblings: Ailsa Stewart & Bridget Jackson

After Ailsa had killed their father and then their mother had died soon afterwards, Tony O’Rourke was left an orphan and bitter at Ailsa for the childhood she had created for him. He turned up in early-1997 determined to gain revenge on her, having a go in front of Alf and Don about Ailsa, leading to both of them going off at him.

Tony moved into the caravan park and his presence let to Ailsa having a sleepness night. When she went around to see him he told her that he was going to do to her what she had done to their father. Ailsa went to the police over this and they were able to put a restraining order on Tony. As soon as Garner gave him the restraining order and left he ripped it up and went over to see Ailsa, showing that no piece of paper was going to stop him. Alf then goes over to the caravan park to have a go at Tony, but he’s not there. Ailsa thinks Tony has been in the house as there is now a picture of their parents in her handbag. As Alf and Ailsa take Duncan on a school trip, Tony can be seen hiding in the roof of the Stewart House.

Later that week, Tony came down from the roof and started playing with Duncan. He told Ailsa it would be wrong to take a family away from Duncan and simply left.

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