Jace Harrington

Jace Harrington (2007)
Cale Morgan
Episode: 4362

We learnt that Johnny freaked out and phoned Jace after Lucas, who was dressed up as a member of Johnny’s gang, delivered a message to Guard Jones that the guy who really killed Rocco was going to Police. A fellow prisoner overheard the conversation and Johnny told Jace in no uncertain terms to pull his head in. Jace was one of Johnny’s gang members and according to Lucas “he’s a real psycho”.

Peter and Senior Constable Darren McGrath paid Jace a visit over unpaid parking fines. Upon answering the door, Jason “Jace” Harrington ran into the backyard and was tackled to the ground by Peter. Jace had been living at the address for about six months with some mates and that he was renting. Peter found a burnt part of a blue tracksuit top with blood stains in the incinerator and Darren found the tracksuit bottom in Jace’s room under his bed. Peter also asked Jace if he received a phone call from Johnny that morning but he denied it and his right leg shook each time he was asked.

Jace was interviewed by both Peter and Darren McGrath and he denied knowing Rocco or Johnny Cooper. He asked for some water and Peter noticed that Jace had a nervous habit that every time Jace told a lie his leg started to bounce all over the place. Darren McGrath also checked up on whom Johnny made the phone call to in prison and it was Jace. Jace had an alibi for his whereabouts when Rocco was killed but Gordy Thompson gave a statement that he was at work and never saw Jace all day so therefore Jace’s alibi fell apart. They also received the test results from the lab and the blood on the burnt tracksuit top matched that of Rocco Cooper’s. Jace still denied any involvement in killing Rocco but his bouncing leg and all the evidence suggested otherwise.

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