Lisa Duffy

Lisa Duffy (2007)
Jessica McNamee
Episodes: 4336 – 4366; 4477-4490

Lisa was first seen at a Hawaiian night which was held at the Surf Club. Her and Drew Curtis hit it off straightaway, much to Belle’s disfavour. Lisa showed up at the Surf Club again, a couple of days later. Her and Drew played a couple of pool games and ended up kissing…which Belle saw. Belle was with Lucas at the time but still felt something for Drew so was confused about what to do now that Lisa and Drew were an item.

At Peter and Amanda’s engagement party, Lisa was worried that Drew still had feelings for Belle so she gave him some time to think about what it was he wanted. Later that night Drew met up with Lisa outside the Diner. He said that he wanted to be with her and that him and Belle were over. Lisa was surprised but happy at Drew’s decision. As they hugged, it was clear that the expression on his face meant that he didn’t exactly feel as happy as she did.

Dan and Leah organized a BBQ at their house which Lisa was invited to. Drew wanted her to stay over, much to the raised eyebrows of Leah and Dan. They agreed that she could, as long as she stayed on the couch.

A few days later and the hospital ball arrived (yes it was one of Colleen’s ideas!). Lisa was looking forward to going but who would have thought that she would throw a jug of water over Drew by the end of the night?! Yes, Lisa took out her frustrations by pouring some water over Drew’s head after he confessed that he was still hoping that he and Belle would eventually be together.

Drew and Belle finally admitted their true feelings and Belle told him that she had to tell Lucas as soon as possible. Belle started to get worried that Lisa would say something to Lucas, so Drew went to speak with Lisa and told her not to say anything. She agreed but went to see Lucas to try and tell him the truth. Lucas didn’t want to hear what she had to say even though Lisa told him everything that had been going on.

Lucas didn’t need much convincing of what had been going on when Lisa, for a school assignment, showed a photo of Belle and Drew kissing on the beach that same day.

Lisa seemingly went into the background for a while, but suddenly popped up at the school again. She was going out with Denni who was very into cars and racing. Drew Curtis started to get into racing as well. Belle was weary of Lisa once again, as she thought she wanted to be with Drew. Lisa assured her that that wasn’t the case. Lucas and Lisa formed a friendship which led to them becoming a couple. But it was to be possibly one of the shortest pairings in Summer Bay history as a terrifying race ensued between Drew and Denni, which led to Lisa’s death as Denni’s car rolled over in a horrifying crash. A small gathering was held at the beach in her honour.

Credit to Bttb-Rox!

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