Noelene Baker

Noelene Baker (2005)
Kris McQuade
Episodes: 3984-3988, 3996-3997

Spouse: Kevin Baker
Children: Peter Baker, Dan Baker (deceased)

Noelene turned up in Summer Bay to help with the arrangements for Dan and Leah’s wedding at the same time as Leah’s mother Helen.Despite fears that they wouldn’t get along, with Noelene being something of a hippy and Helen more straightlaced, the two mothers seemed to bond and both agreed that the couple should have a full church wedding instead of the quiet affair they wanted.However, when it became clear that Helen wanted a Greek Orthodox wedding and Noelene wanted an Anglican one, they started arguing over every detail, including what they had for dinner that evening.Tired of their bickering, Dan and Leah decided to elope and get married behind their backs.

When Sally called round the house to collect Leah’s rings, the two mothers began to suspect something was going on and this was confirmed when they spoke to Stella on the phone and learned VJ had been picked up for the wedding.The pair engaged in a massive dash around the area, with Noelene having to drive an automatic car for the first time in ten years, managing to interrupt the wrong wedding at the wrong church before finally arriving at Dan and Leah’s ceremony.Dan wanted to press ahead with the wedding anyway but Sally managed to convince him and Leah that if they got married simply because they were angry with their mothers they would end up regretting it.They agreed to go back to their original plan provided Noelene and Helen stayed out of the arrangements.

Noelene had an uneasy reunion with Peter, who she seemingly hadn’t spoken to since he had slept with Amanda while she was married to Dan.Noelene accused Peter of being ashamed of their small town lifestyle while he countered that she had never visited him while he was in a coma.Later, at Leah’s hen night, Sally made a speech about everything Dan and Leah had been through and mentioned that Peter had once had feelings for Leah, prompting Noelene to take Colleen aside and ask her for the details.When Dan arrived home with a black eye, after being caught in the crossfire of an argument between Scott and Kim, Noelene accused Peter of deliberately letting it happen and brought up what had happened between him and Leah.Peter retorted that he and Dan had put it behind them a long time ago and that Noelene had never liked him because he dared to stand up to her.He told they should be civil to each other at the wedding after which they wouldn’t have to see each other again.Left alone, Noelene broke down in tears.

Noelene and her husband Kevin returned two weeks later for Dan and Leah’s wedding, where neither of them was happy to find Amanda in attendance.At the reception, Noelene approached Peter to ask him if he was serious about cutting his parents out of his life.She told him she had rung the hospital every day to see how he was and had never stopped loving him.The declaration broke the ice between them and Peter ended up accepting an invitation to visit his parents.

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