Neighbours Spoilers – No 32 gets a shock new owner

Next week on Neighbours, as No. 32 goes on the market, the sharehouse residents are shocked to discover the identity of their new landlord…

This week, Leo (Tim Kano) was forced to put No. 32 on the market, with his financial issues meaning he’s out of money and in search of a desperate cash investment.

He told Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), Byron (Xavier Molyneux) and Haz (Shiv Palekar), leaving the sharehouse residents in need of a new home.

They started trawling through listings searching for something else close by, but quickly realised that the crazy rental market means their only options were tiny rentals with barely room to swing a cat, let alone Trevor. Somewhere with a pool was out of the question.

Mackenzie eventually built up the courage to ask Krista (Majella Davis) if she’d consider buying it, and Krista was surprised that she’d not thought of the idea herself.

Excited at the opportunity to save her friends, and help Leo at the same time, she went to Leo with the proposal, but he quickly shot her down – even if she was doing it for the sake of her housemates, he’d still see it as a handout, and would always felt like he owed her.

Next week, No. 32 officially goes up for sale, and in Tuesday’s episode (18th June) the residents are confronted when they find a ‘For Sale’ sign on their front lawn.

They rack their brains trying to come up with a solution, but with Leo refusing to budge on letting Krista buy the place, they’re out of options. To make things worse, it’s not long before the offers start coming in.

It looks like they could be all out of luck when Aaron (Matt Wilson) decides to make an offer. He’s excited at the possibility of buying back the house he used to own with David (Takaya Honda) – but will he keep the tenants in place, or is he looking to move back into his family home?

The following day, a desperate Leo is happy to accept when Leo makes a formal offer on the house. Jane (Annie Jones) and Nicolette (Hannah Monson) are both thrown by Aaron’s decision, knowing the house is full of happy memories of a life he no longer has, but he’s steadfast.

Soon after, Leo receives another offer for the house. He admits to Aaron that the offer is for more money, but insists that he’s got no regrets about their deal.

While Aaron is troubled by the potential better offer, Leo remains committed to their handshake agreement.

Next Thursday 20th June, Leo is keen to finalise the sale as soon as possible, which prompts Aaron’s nerves to kick in. With things getting real fast, he begins to question his motives over wanting to buy his old house.

He realises that buying back No. 32 would be a step in the wrong direction for his grief and he backs out of the deal, leaving Leo to accept the mystery higher offer and pocket more cash.

It’s good news for Byron, Mackenzie and Haz too, as they learn that the new owner is happy to keep them on as tenants.

Yet as the trio get ready to celebrate, the spring is taken out of their step as they learn who their new landlord is…

With photos from the following week showing the mystery new owner making themselves at home in their beloved pool, it seems that the change of ownership is about to cause them even more problems.

Who has bought No. 32?

Despite Leo’s cash injection, he’s still struggling financially, and the hole in his bank balance is only getting bigger.

When Leo sees Vera Punt (Sally-Anne Upton) reject a glass of Yorokobi at the Waterhole, he realises his whole brand is tarnished.

He’s forced to let go of his staff at the vineyard, which makes him feel terrible.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) comes up with the radical suggestion of a thorough rebrand, but Leo is against it – Yorokobi means joy and delight, and losing the name will lose everything that he built the business for.

To cap off the day from hell, Leo’s most important retail partner returns a big delivery. In a moment of anguish, he smashes a table full of bottles to the floor in an explosion of glass and gin.

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

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