Coronation Street airs shock kiss for Toyah and Nick

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street saw Toyah and Nick kiss, as they comforted each other following Leanne’s latest deceptive act.

The final moments of tonight’s episode saw Toyah (Georgia Taylor) locking lips with her sister Leanne’s (Jane Danson) fiancé Nick (Ben Price), after Nick gave Leanne an ultimatum which threatened to bring their relationship to an end.


Recent weeks have seen Toyah and Nick at odds with Leanne over her involvement with the Altovalent Institute and its local group leader Rowan (Emrhys Cooper).


The purported ‘self-improvement group’ is in reality nothing more than a cult, and Rowan has gradually been reeling Leanne in, whilst urging her to distance herself from Toyah’s negativity.

As Toyah headed online and made accusations against the institute, she soon found herself served with an injunction, along with a notice that the group intended to sue her for defamation.

It became clear that the institute has a legal team on its books, ready to protect its reputation from any harm.

When Toyah was arrested after the remains of baby Rose were discovered in the park, she was sure that the police must have been tipped off.


Having only told Nick and Leanne the truth about what happened to her back in 2001, she quickly accused Leanne of telling Rowan during her recent retreat break.


Leanne denied doing so, instead suggesting that Toyah’s own suspicious behaviour at the grave site could have piqued curiosity.

In tonight’s episode, Toyah was horrified to receive a delivery of yellow roses at the bistro. With Toyah having buried her stillborn baby underneath a yellow rose bush, it was clear that she was being taunted, and it took one look at the card to see that they were from Rowan.

Toyah confronted her sister a second time, and this time Leanne was forced to admit that she did indeed tell Rowan about her baby. She denied the possibility that Rowan would have informed the police though, likening her ‘upload’ sessions with Rowan to being like a confessional in a church.


She’s incredibly insulted, furious and she feels like he’s rubbing her nose in her own trauma,” Georgia Taylor explains. “It just validates everything that she thought about the scumbag person that she thinks he is.

She feels massively betrayed, because at first Leanne denies that she told Rowan, then even when it does come out and she knows she’s lied, Leanne is still on the backfoot and trying to deny it.

Leanne won’t accept that Rowan would do anything like that because she just thinks he’s this perfect human. It feels like the ultimate betrayal because when Toyah’s at her most vulnerable, when she’s grieving the loss of a child, she still feels like her sister’s not there for her.


Nick was furious when he discovered Leanne’s deception, and as Leanne defended Rowan and the institute, claiming she is the best she’s been in years, Nick delivered her an ultimatumshe needs to cut all ties with them, or their relationship is over!


When Leanne walked out of the flat following the ultimatum, saying she needed some space for a night or two, Nick watched out of the apartment window as Leanne got into Rowan’s car.

Yet while Nick has been concerned about Leanne’s relationship with Rowan in recent weeks, suspecting that there may be more than friendship between them, it was Nick himself who ended up cheating.


Later Toyah and Nick offloaded to each other about their Leanne worries, with Nick beginning to wonder whether he wasn’t good enough for her. As Toyah tried to reassure him, the two joked about how she used to hate him with a passion, but at least this had brought them closer together.

As the two locked eyes, Nick leaned in for a tentative kiss, before Toyah then reciprocated. The moment was quickly interrupted by the arrival of an unsuspecting Sam (Jude Riordan) however.


“Toyah loves her sister but every time she feels guilty for leaning on Nick, Leanne does something to push her away again,” Georgia explains. “It’s difficult when you’re angry at someone, but you also feel guilty for something you’ve done to them.”

Of the kiss, Georgia explains that it came out of nowhere: “It’s really confusing for Toyah, Nick is to all intents and purposes her brother in law and they haven’t always got on, so it’s not like she’s been harbouring some secret attraction.

“So this has hit her out of the blue, they’ve both been there for each other these last few weeks when life has been really tough and those feelings are starting to get a little bit blurred.

“She probably hasn’t seen that side of him before and she doesn’t really have anyone else.


Jane Danson recently revealed that her ongoing connection with the Institute definitely has the potential to impact her relationship with Nick.

“I think Leanne is pushing people away without actually realising she’s doing it and is being very self-absorbed,” Jane said. “I don’t think Leanne sees the bigger picture of everything because certain behaviours are making her distance herself – which is the total opposite of what she’s actually trying to achieve.

“Leanne’s new mindset is all about being positive and manifesting but what she’s doing is totally alienating herself leaving everyone thinking that she’s going crackers!”

In Wednesday’s episode, Nick and Toyah talk and agree that the kiss was a mistake. However, with Leanne becoming increasingly alienated from them, will the pair be drawn together further?

When Leanne returns, Nick puts his guilt about Toyah to one side and quizzes his fiancée about her relationship with Rowan. Angrily, Leanne assures him she would never cheat on him – with no idea that she’s just been cheated on herself.

Rowan’s deception then takes another dark turn as he makes Toyah think that her sister has been involved in an accident.


As the day of Toyah’s court hearing arrives, Rowan calls at the bistro on his motorbike. He tells Leanne that he has a surprise for her, before handing her a spare helmet and whisking her off.

Taking her to a hotel restaurant, Rowan announces that he’s going to introduce Leanne to the CEO of the institute, Willow (Marianne Benedict) over a video call. Afterwards, a flattered Leanne is informed that she has now reached a stage where she will soon be able to recruit new members herself.

Meanwhile, as Toyah gets ready to leave for court, she receives an alarming phone call to say Leanne has been involved in a motorbike accident!

Toyah races to Weathy General and tells the nurse that she’s there to see her sister… but as the nurse struggles to find any details of Leanne’s admission, it becomes clear that Toyah has been set up.


Will Rowan’s dastardly act cause her to miss her court hearing?

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