6 Coronation Street Spoilers for Next Week – 10th to 12th June

Next week on Coronation Street, Ken and Paul suffer health scares, Toyah is taunted by the institute, Summer returns, and Michael announces his new relationship.

Please note that there will be no episode of Corrie on Friday due to ITV1’s football coverage.

1) Who’s taunting Toyah?

Toyah (Georgia Taylor) was forced to face up to her painful past this week, when she was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Earlier this year, Toyah had come across a group of vigilantes digging up a particular spot in North Cross Park, where they believed Lauren’s body may have been buried. Toyah was horrified and quickly lashed out at the group, grabbing one of their shovels and smashing the windows of their car.


Eventually explaining her actions to both brother-in-law Nick (Ben Price) and sister Leanne (Jane Danson), Toyah admitted that she had given birth to a premature, stillborn baby back in 2001 as a 19-year-old. Toyah hadn’t even known she was pregnant until she went into labour in her bedroom, and realised that it had been the result of being raped by Phil Simmonds (Jack Deam).

Unsure of what to do, Toyah buried her baby in the park under a yellow rose bush, naming her Rose.



In the meantime, Toyah has been at odds with Leanne over her involvement with the Altovalent Institute, a purported self-improvement group that in reality is nothing more than a cult. Local group leader Rowan (Emrhys Cooper) has gradually been reeling Leanne further into the group, and urged her to distance herself from Toyah’s negativity.

As Toyah made her accusations against the institute known on online forums, she was stunned to be served with an injunction, along with a notice that they intended to sue her for defamation. It became clear that the institute has the money for a eagle-eyed legal team set up to protect its reputation from any harm.

When Toyah was subsequently arrested after baby Rose’s remains were discovered in the park, Toyah was sure that the police must have been tipped off. Having only told Nick and Leanne, she quickly accused Leanne of telling Rowan during her recent retreat break. Leanne denied doing so, and pointed out that her own behaviour at the grave site could have piqued curiosity.


Next week, Toyah is horrified when she receives a delivery of yellow roses at the bistro—it’s clear that she’s being taunted, and the significance of the roses shows that they came from someone who knows the full story.

She’s spooked at first, then quite quickly she realises Rowan is behind it,” Georgia Taylor explains. “She’s incredibly insulted, furious and she feels like he’s rubbing her nose in her own trauma. It just validates everything that she thought about the scumbag person that she thinks he is.

Toyah again confronts Leanne, who finally admits that yes, she did tell Rowan about Toyah’s baby.

She feels massively betrayed, because at first Leanne denies that she told Rowan, then even when it does come out and she knows she’s lied, Leanne is still on the backfoot and trying to deny it,” Georgia continues.

Leanne won’t accept that Rowan would do anything like that because she just thinks he’s this perfect human. It feels like the ultimate betrayal because when Toyah’s at her most vulnerable, when she’s grieving the loss of a child, she still feels like her sister’s not there for her.


2) Nick gives Leanne an ultimatum

Nick is furious when he discovers Leanne’s deception, and on returning home he delivers an ultimatumeither she cut all ties with Rowan and the institute, or they are over!

Later in the week, Nick is still concerned about the nature of Leanne’s relationship with Rowan, and Leanne angrily tells him that she would never cheat on him. Little does she realise however that during his support of her sister, Nick and Toyah have shared a kiss of their own!

I think it’s really confusing for her,” Georgia adds. “Nick is to all intents and purposes her brother in law and they haven’t always got on, so it’s not like she’s been harbouring some secret attraction. This change in him has hit her out of the blue, how understanding and compassionate he can be. She probably hasn’t seen that side of him before and she doesn’t really have anyone else.

Nick and Toyah talk and agree that the kiss was a mistake, but with Leanne becoming increasingly alienated from them, will the pair be drawn together further?


3) Toyah is tricked as Leanne progresses

As the day of Toyah’s court hearing against the institute arrives, Rowan calls over at the bistro on his motorbike. Telling Leanne he has a surprise for her, he hands her a spare helmet and whisks her off. Nick and Toyah are infuriated, considering that Leanne has walked out during the lunchtime rush.

Taking her to a hotel restaurant, Rowan announces to Leanne that he is going to introduce her to the CEO of the institute, Willow (Marianne Benedict) over a video call. Afterwards, a flattered Leanne is informed that she has now reached a stage where she will soon be able to recruit new members herself.

Meanwhile, as Toyah gets ready to leave for court, she receives an alarming phone call to say Leanne has been involved in a motorbike accident!


Court being the last thing on her mind, Toyah races to Weathy General and tells the nurse that she’s there to see her sister… but as she struggles to find any details of Leanne’s admission, is all what it seems?

This is just way too far, when I first read it I thought this is actually sickening and for me I just don’t feel like [Rowan’s] getting his just desserts,” Georgia explains of the development. “As a viewer I’m finding it so frustrating that other than Nick, people just aren’t listening to Toyah and it’s like she’s screaming into a void.

“It must be exhausting for her, she just feels like she’s banging her head against a brick wall.

4) Ken collapses

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Bobby (Jack Carroll) is still feeling bad about inadvertently pointing the finger at Daniel (Rob Mallard) when he made up a false statement about seeing Lauren’s (Cait Fitton) attacker. When the truth was revealed to the Barlows at the Rovers, Ken (William Roache) was particularly disappointed in Bobby and Carla’s (Ali King) betrayal.

At Stu’s birthday gathering at the Rovers next week, Bobby apologises to Ken for the trouble he’s caused, and later notices that Ken isn’t too steady on his feet. Feeling a little out of sorts, Ken returns home.


When a concerned Bobby later knocks on the door at No.1, there is no reply. Taking a look through the letterbox, he’s shocked to see Ken on the floor in the hallway.



Bobby calls an ambulance and Ken is whisked off to Weathy General where Daniel and Steve (Simon Gregson) later join him at his bedside.


Thankfully it appears that Ken will be okay, but he’s disappointed when he learns that he will need round the clock care during what could be a long recovery.

Steve assures Ken that all of the family will pull together and help out so that he can return home, but Ken can only manage a weak smile as the prospect of losing his independence looms.


5) Paul’s condition worsens as Summer returns

Sadly, Ken isn’t the only one taking a tumble next week, as Paul’s (Peter Ash) struggle with his ever-worsening MND continues.

During an appointment with his MND nurse, Paul and husband Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) are told that as his neck muscles deteriorate further, he will no longer be able to use the stair lift they’ve had installed to get in and out of the flat.


Later in the week, Billy and Paul are looking forward to welcoming Summer (Harriet Bibby) home from her studies in the US. When Summer arrives, she reveals that she isn’t aloneshe’s brought back her new boyfriend Felix (Robin Morrissey) to meet them, and he’s waiting in the bistro!

But as Billy and Paul prepare to leave the flat, Paul takes a nasty fall down the stairs.


Dr Gaddas (Christine Mackie) is soon on the scene to give Paul the once over, and Paul feels particularly awkward when Summer then returns with Felix in tow. How will their first meeting go?


6) Michael makes an announcement

Also next week, following their surprise kiss, Glenda (Jodie Prenger) and Michael (Ryan Russell) have spent the night together at the Rovers.

Glenda had been at a low ebb after deciding to sue brother George (Tony Maudsley) for half of his business and home, after an old will of their father’s was discovered.

As Glenda lamented that she’d always felt second best, Michael perked her up by listing off her amazing qualities, before planting a kiss on her.


The following morning, Glenda sneaks Michael out of the back door of the Rovers to avoid him being seen by the bar staff.

When Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) advises George that mediation would be cheaper than going through with the court case, Mary (Patti Clare) later repeats what she heard to Glenda. When Debbie (Sue Devaney) offers to take up the role of mediator, Glenda and George decide to give it a go.



It doesn’t appear to do much good however when Glenda later reveals to George that RestEasy are still keen to buy the undertakers business. George is furious, having already made it clear that the business isn’t for sale.

When Michael comes into the Rovers to find the two having a blazing row, Michael feels that he needs to step in and stick up for Glenda, and makes a surprising announcement in the process.


Revealing to George that he is now Glenda’s boyfriend, Michael tells him that he should show his sister more respect.


Michael’s nervous for Glenda’s reaction after his proclamation, but is thrilled when Glenda pulls him in for a kiss and admits that she feels the same way!