16 Neighbours Spoilers for Next Week – 10th to 13th June

Next week on Neighbours, Jane feels a pull towards Victor, JJ has to choose between Nell and Dex, Holly turns detective, and Krista gets caught out.

Here’s everything coming up on Neighbours next week, from Monday 10th to Thursday 13th June.

1) Terese demands answers

At the end of this week, Jane (Annie Jones) left the connecting door between Erinsborough High and Eirene Rising unlocked, as she headed off to join her family at the Dandenongs.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

As the week drew to a close, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Karl (Alan Fletcher) were shocked by the sound of a loud bang. Heading outside to the courtyard, they were hit with a foul smell, as Susan realised that kids from the school had set off a stink bomb.

Next week, as Karl gets on his hands and knees and scrubs the floor, a furious Terese demands answers from an out of his depth Curtis (Nathan Borg), who is forced to step up in Jane’s absence.

Later, Terese’s frustration grows as Curtis still hasn’t gotten back to her with an update. As Susan calmly talks Terese off the warpath, Terese realises that she’s micromanaging again and is grateful for Susan’s counsel.

Eventually, Curtis makes a breakthrough as he finds the key the students used to sneak into the retirement complex. Yet as he reveals that the key belongs to Jane, Terese is ablaze with anger that Jane could have been so careless.

Susan is forced to talk Terese down once again, and they hug it out, as Terese thanks her for balancing her out – they’ve found their working rhythm at last.

2) JJ gets a job at Eirene Rising

After losing his job at the vineyard, JJ (Riley Bryant) hooks Terese up for any casual work going at Eirene Rising, promising to go above and beyond to prove himself.

Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is obviously against it and is bewildered when Terese seems keen on the idea. She explains that upon reflecting on her own trouble-maker teenage streak, she thinks JJ deserves a chance.

Later, JJ reports to Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) that he’ll be working right next door to her school if Terese gives him the job.

She may be keeping her crush under wraps, but Nell can’t hide her excitement at the idea, and it’s clear that JJ is keen on the idea too.

When Nell tries to convince Terese to say yes, Terese is savvy enough to know that the close proximity of the school is influencing Nell’s opinion.

She worries that Nell will be distracted, but Nell promises to be an angel and begs Terese to give JJ a chance.

Soon after, an overjoyed JJ reports back to Cara (Sara West) and Remi (Naomi Rukavina) that he’s officially Eirene Rising’s Residents’ Assistant, and echoes Nell’s vow to behave himself.

Will the teens stay true to their word?

3) Victor collapses

This week saw Victor (Craig Hall) ask Jane and the kids to join him on a trip to Mount Dandenong.

While Byron (Xavier Molyneux) and Nicolette (Hannah Monson) were keen, Jane was reluctant, and when Nicolette pressed her, she reminded him that she was engaged to Mike, so didn’t want to be spending all of her time with her ex-husband.

Next week, as the trio arrive at the mountain range sans Jane, Nicolette urges Vic not to push himself too hard as they look forward to a lovely day out.

Back in Erinsborough, Jane has a change of heart and makes a snap decision to leave work early. When she arrives at the Dandenongs, unsure which path her family have chosen for their hike, she picks one at random and hopes for the best.

Soon after, Victor becomes breathless, and Byron and Nicolette escort him back tot he car park. Vic is embarrassed that his body isn’t up to the hike, but perks up when he spots Jane’s car – she’s come after all!

When Byron can’t get hold of Jane in the phone, Vic wories at the idea of her being out on the trail on her own. Byron and Nic head out to look for her, firmly ordering Victor to wait at the car park.

Yet Victor soon disobays the orders and heads off. Stumbling through the forest, he begins to feel tired and breathless again.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

He considers turning back, but catches sight of Jane’s sunhat beside the path.

His worry for Jane increasing, he pushes himself on, but the exhaustion soon gets too much for him and he collapses.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

4) Mackenzie and Haz prepare to leave

Haz (Shiv Palekar) is firmly on the mend, and with Amira (Maria Thattil) back in Western Australia after leaving to deal with a work emergency, he and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) are free to focus on their relationship.

Ben King / Amazon Freevee

The pair made good progress last week, sharing a kiss for the first time since their split. Next week, Haz is back in control of Harold’s, and he thanks Mackenzie for all her help in keeping it alive.

The pair note that things have felt a bit more formal between them since reuniting. When Haz mentions that he’s planning on a trip back to WA, and wants Mackenzie to come along and meet his family, she excitedly accepts.

With things firmly back on track, Mackenzie reflects on the positive upswing in the sharehouse, and suggests a party to celebrate…

5) A bombshell rocks the sharehouse

Just as things are looking up for the residents of No. 32, they’re hit with a bombshell.

Leo (Tim Kano) has been struggling financially since the poisoning at the launch of Eirene Rising, and this week confessed to Krista (Majella Davis) that he spent every penny he has on the disastrous launch.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

He remortgaged his house, and even spent his contingency fund. With his business on the brink after a series of cancellations, he breaks the news to Mac, Haz and Byron that he may have to sell the share house to stay afloat.

6) Jane and Mike are on rocky ground

Byron and Nicolette find Jane on one of the other tracks at the Dandenongs, before the trio stumble upon Victor lying on the ground.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

He’s conscious but unwell, and they rush him straight to the hospital. There, they find out that he’s going to be okay, but Jane later confesses to Terese that the whole incident gave her a pull to care for Vic.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

This week, Sam (Henrietta Graham) saw Victor kissing Jane’s hand and reacted in shock. Next week, she stumbles upon Victor resting up in Jane’s room and becomes upset, urging Jane to speak to fiancé Mike (Guy Pearce).

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Yet when Jane later enjoys lunch with Vic, Nicolette and Sam, she fails to notice her phone buzzing with a call from Mike…

Mike has now been away from Erinsborough for nine months, and is still working for a motorcycle tour company in the UK.

With there seemingly no end in sight to their distance, is Jane’s pull towards her ex-husband about to spell the end of her engagement?

7) Leo discovers the identity of ILLEGALLY_BLONDE_07

Leo’s business took a hit after the hugely popular yet never-previously-mentioned Crimesborough got wind of the Eirene Rising poisoning, and dedicated an episode of their podcast to the incident.

Things went from bad to worse for Leo when an anonymous tipster by the name of ILLEGALLY_BLONDE_07 informed them that Leo had kept hold of the poisoned wine bottle rather than hand it straight over to the police.

Since then, Leo has angrily accused Sadie (Emerald Chan), Wendy (Candice Leask), and Andrew’s (Lloyd Will) police colleagues of being to blame, but all deny any involvement.

Next week, Leo finds out the identity of the anonymous tipster, leading to a dramatic showdown. Who’s to blame?

8) Krista has an idea to fix Leo’s woes

Despite discovering the identity of ILLEGALLY_BLONDE_07, the damage is done, and Leo is resigned to the fact that he’s going to have to sell No. 32.

He gets a valuation on the share house, and while it’s not worth what he was hoping for, it should cover his immediate financial distress.

When Krista gives the bad news to her housemates, Mackenzie and Haz privately suggest that Krista could buy the house, but they agree that it would be too awkward for their housemate to be their landlord, and begin looking at other rentals.

Yet when they realise how tough the rental market is, they cave and ask Krista if she’d be interested in buying No. 32. She’s delighted by the idea, wondering why she didn’t think of it herself, and heads straight to Leo with her new plan.

Yet Leo once again refuses to accept a handout, leaving Krista frustrated by his stubbornness.

9) Holly turns detective

When Krista informs her housemates that she won’t be buying their house, Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) decides to take matters into her own hands – she’s going to find out the identity of the poisoner herself!

What could possibly do wrong?

10) The love triangle grows

This week, Nell opened up to Terese over her crush on JJ, begging Terese to keep the development to herself.

Toadie has just lifted his ban on the pair hanging out – as long as they have a chaperone with them at all times – and Nell has assured him that they’re nothing more than friends.

Next week, Nell pays a visit to Dex (Marley Williams) at the hospital, but mainly as an excuse to see if JJ is there with him.

When he’s not, Nell stays to draw more of the ‘Dex-Trucation’ character she’s invented, and Dex is delighted that his crush has come to hang out with him.

Nell comes back the next day, this time when JJ is there, and they’re both delighted to see each other. Yet when she brings Dex another sketch, it’s clear that Dex’s feelings are growing ever stronger…

11) Remi is torn over Dr Bowman

A few weeks ago, Dr Gavin Bowman (Cameron MacDonald) confessed to Karl (Alan Fletcher) that he’d love to spend the night with married couple Remi and Cara.

Karl went straight to HR, and Remi immediately banned Gavin from having anything to do with Dex’s case after he drank some of the poisoned wine.

Since then, Dex has remained in hospital, and with no clues as to what Dex was poisoned with, his new doctor has been struggling to figure out the right treatment.

Next week, Remi notices Dr Bowman looking through Dex’s file, despite no longer being his physician, and warns him off.

Remi reports the incident to Stevie Hart, and, after he receives another reprimand, Gavin confronts Remi, claiming his remarks were nothing more than locker-room banter.

Remi reports the new remarks to Stevie, who sympathises with Remi, but reveals that Gavin has a new theory about Dex’s poisoning which might be worth hearing out.

Remi relays her dilemma to Cara, and the pair ponder over whether to accept Gavin’s assistance for Dex’s sake, putting aside their reluctance to work with the dodgy doc.

12) A second poisoning changes everything

Leo has spent weeks believing that he was the target of the poisoning, and it’s led him to suspect that Krista’s old dealer Shannon was to blame.

When dashcam footage showed Shannon at the Yorokobi vineyard on the morning of the incident, it was enough for Andrew (Lloyd Will) to arrest her.

Yet Shannon has maintained her innocence, claiming that while she did go to the vineyard intending on messing it up a little, she had absolutely nothing to do with the poisoning.

Next week, Andrew shocks Leo as he reveals that there’s been another poisoning elsewhere.

With the new poisoning victim having not drunk any wine, and with Shannon in custody, it’s suddenly clear that Leo wasn’t the intended target, and Shannon wasn’t to blame for either incident.

13) Krista gets caught out

Despite confirmation that the poisonings are no longer solely connected to the vineyard, Leo can’t see business ramping up again any time soon.

He gets more bad news when Krista reports that a number of Lassiters guests have cancelled their wine tours. Seeing how disheartened he is, Krista lies and tells him that because the cancellations are last minute, He’ll still get his fee.

Later, Holly slips up when she tells Leo she’s been processing refunds, and Leo rips into Krista for treating him like a charity case.

Meanwhile, Krista gives Holly an official warning for using her job to try and bribe Liv, the owner of Crimesborough.

When Krista later catches Holly trying to get intel from Shannon, she warns her to cut her investigation antics and focus on her job instead.

14) Remi and Gavin crack the poison case

Remi gives in and agrees to work with Gavin on cracking the poisoning case, refusing to let him get under her skin.

Gavin quickly discovers the poison that was used, and the Varga-Murphys are overjoyed by the news that Dex can now be treated.

When Dex thanks Remi, she steps aside and gives Gavin the credit. Later, Remi tells Gavin that he’s proven himself as an excellent doctor, telling him she can’t thank him enough for saving her son.

15) JJ and Nell set a ‘date’

Dex continues to be oblivious to the connection between Nell and JJ, and is over the moon as Nell continues to visit him in the hospital.

When Dex is discharged following Gavin’s breakthrough, Nell and JJ are secretly deflated to lose their excuse to see each other in relative privacy.

Later, when Nell approaches JJ on the street, Terese feels obliged to enforce Toadie’s rule by chaperoning them.

When she and Nell are alone, Terese is thrown when Nell asks for advice on how to get out of the friend zone.

Still torn by her decision to keep Nell’s crush from Toadie, Terese keeps her advice general, offering that there’s no harm in being honest about her feelings.

Elsewhere, JJ gets advice from Andrew, who suggests that the teen ask Nell out on a casual date to find out if she’s interested in being more than friends.

Taking his uncle’s advice, JJ invites Nell to spend lunch together. When Nell agrees, JJ casually says “it’s a date.”

16) JJ leaves Nell heartbroken

Just as things are looking hopeful for JJ and Nell’s romance, it all comes crashing down as JJ steps aside for the sake of his brother.

JJ accidentally throws out the anime drawings that Nell made for Dex. When Dex finds them crumpled in the bin, JJ is surprised by how angry his brother is, until the penny drops – his brother has a crush on Nell too!

Dex admits that Nell visiting him every day made him think that she might feel the same, and JJ is left feeling guilty, knowing that there’s another reason for the frequent visits…

Dex asks JJ whether he’s heard Nell talk about being interested in anyone else, and JJ truthfully admits that he hasn’t.

As JJ and Nell’s lunch “date” rolls around, Nell bravely bites the bullet and tells JJ that she likes him.

Not wanting to hurt his brother, a conflicted JJ lies to Nell and tells her that he only sees them as best mates, and doesn’t want to ruin their friendship by trying to make it something more than it is.

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 10th June (Episode 9056 / 153)

Susan talks Terese off a ledge.

JJ seeks out a new opportunity.

Things take a dangerous turn for Nicolette and Byron.

Tuesday 11th June (Episode 9057 / 154)

The Share House crew speak too soon.

Holly does a little digging.

Jane’s confronted by conflicting emotions.

Wednesday 12th June (Episode 9058 / 155)

Leo takes drastic action.

Nell, Dex and JJ find themselves in a tangle.

Remi butts heads with a difficult colleague.

Thursday 13th June (Episode 9059 / 156)

A startling new development casts doubt on Leo’s theory.

Remi is faced with a moral dilemma.

JJ is disappointed to find that he and Dex share a common interest.

Monday 17th June (Episode 9060 / 157)

Jane is challenged.

JJ makes a selfless decision.

Karl fears for an important friendship.

A spate of pranks keep the staff and residents of Eirini Rising on their toes.

Tuesday 18th June (Episode 9061 / 158)

Susan faces concerns about her mortality.

The Share House gang are forced to get creative.

Terese struggles to balance her house of cards.

Jane’s commitment is questioned.

Wednesday 19th June (Episode 9062 / 159)

Vic is accused of theft.

Aaron considers making an offer.

Holly zeroes in on a suspect.

Thursday 20th June (Episode 9063 / 160)

Holly reaches her third strike.

Aaron makes a risky decision.

Leo sinks to a new low.