Home and Away Spoilers – Eden pays Levi and Imogen a surprise visit

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Eden pays a surprise visit to Levi’s house in the city, putting his affair in jeopardy.

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) finally gets to meet her sister-in-law next week, but her surprise visit to brother Levi’s (Tristan Gorey) city home brings her perilously close to revealing his tawdry little secret.

With Levi currently having an affair with former patient Mackenzie (Emily Weir) in Summer Bay, Levi has had to make excuses to his loved ones as he tries to cover up his visits to the coastal town.

Levi had initially been covering with wife Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) by claiming he had patients to follow up on in the Northern Districts area, and when Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) caught Levi at the farmhouse with Mac during their latest booty call, he made out he was doing just that.

Eden was pretty peeved when she learned that Levi had been in Summer Bay and not popped in to visit her. After 15+ years of estrangement, the two have been trying to get to know one another again, and Eden worried that he was purposely avoiding her.

After calling Levi and hearing that he was having to head straight back to the city after seeing his patients, Eden couldn’t help but feel her brother was lying to her.

Eden’s repeated questions to Mac’s housemate Mali (Kyle Shilling) about Levi’s movements only caused tension as he covered for the adulterous pair, and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) later pointed out that Eden seemed to be looking for issues where there weren’t any.

Eden admitted that she was hoping to have the same relationship with Levi as Cash has with Flick, as Cash pointed out that after so many years apart, Levi probably isn’t used to factoring Eden into his life.

When Cash reminded Eden that it was a two way street, with Eden never having visited Levi’s home, Eden resolved to pay a surprise visit to the city.

When Eden rolls up at Levi’s suburban home in the city next week, he is shocked to say the least.

He quickly warns Eden that Imogen believes he’s been visiting her during his time away from home, claiming that Imogen is worried about his working too much.

Eden agrees to cover for him, unaware that she’s actually helping him hide his affair.

Imogen is delighted to finally meet Eden, and the two are quickly chatting away like they’ve known each other for years.

Imogen comments that it’s a great time to visit as it’s a rare night when both of them are off work. Eden apologises for interrupting their time together, and Levi shifts in his seat as Imogen jokes that he’s bored of her anyway.

Over dinner, Imogen explains how they first met at uni, and teases that being married to a busy doctor means that she’s still waiting on a couple of promises—namely some rescue dogs, and children.

The chat only compounds Levi’s guilt as he quickly changes the subject.

After stopping overnight, Eden is raving about her sister-in-law when she returns home, and when Mac hears that she’s been to visit, she can’t help but probe Eden about Levi’s wife.

Mac listens to Eden talk about Levi and Imogen being the perfect couple, but is completely thrown when she hears that kids seem to be on the cards for the pair.

Mac stews for a couple of days, knowing that Levi has requested she not text him whilst he’s with Imogen, but eventually caves in and arranges to meet him in a city park.

Levi’s immediately stressed, reminding Mac of their agreement, but she argues that this couldn’t wait—are he and Imogen about to start a family?

As Levi explains it’s something that Imogen has always wanted, Mac says that she’s only interested in what he wants. If he’s hoping to raise a family with Imogen, then Mac is ending things between them.

Kids would make things 100 times worse, and Mac would know as she’s been there when her father Rick (Mark Lee) cheated on her mum Tanya.

Levi announces that he will be completely honest with Imogen about their affair before leaving her for Mac, but Mac feels that it’s too much pressure.

She doesn’t want Levi to end his marriage because of her, and as such, she tells him that things are now over between them.

Levi later rings Mac begging her to reconsider—she’s the one that he wants to be with. Mac tells him that he shouldn’t be throwing away his entire life for her and hangs up on him.

Will Mac be tempted to restart things between them?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 15th April (Episode 8206)

Eden pays a surprise visit to Levi. Does Leah still want to marry Justin? Bree receives some unexpected news.

Tuesday 16th April (Episode 8207)

Leah asks Justin for more time. Mac bristles at word of Levi’s other life. Bree listens to her heart.

Wednesday 17th April (Episode 8208)

Leah has the opportunity to further heal. Dana puts her heart on the line. The anonymous donor is revealed.

Thursday 18th April (Episode 8209)

Has Xander lost a friend? Alf reveals a secret. Tane makes a startling discovery.

Friday 19th April (Episode 8210)

Kirby issues Valerie with a warning. Mackenzie makes her position clear. Mali worries about Tane.