Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity catches out Mackenzie and Levi

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Mackenzie and Levi’s affair becomes harder to hide as Eden and Flick grow suspicious, while Rose deals with a miscreant as she supervises community service.

Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) clandestine romance with Levi (Tristan Gorey) begins to make waves in the bay next week, as fellow farmhouse resident Mali (Kyle Shilling) struggles to keep her secret under wraps.

Despite Mac initially refusing to have anything more to do with the married cardiothoracic surgeon, following her discovery that Levi had a wife, Imogen, back in the city, the pair couldn’t resist their urges and embarked on a full-blown affair.

Whilst Levi has been visiting Mac, he’s been covering with Imogen by saying he’s been spending time with sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) after so many years of estrangement.

Mali and Tane (Ethan Browne) were soon reluctantly in on Mac’s secret, and the pair are frustrated next week when Mac boots them out of the farmhouse so she can enjoy a booty call with Levi.

Mali ends up having to lie to Rose (Kirsty Marillier) about why he’s suddenly found some free time to have lunch with her, and when he’s forced to sneak back to the farmhouse to pick up a board for a client, he comes face to face with Levi.

Levi tries to cover up his reason for being there before Mac tells him that it’s okay, Mali and Tane both know about their relationship.


Levi isn’t impressed to know that other people are in on the secret, but Mac assures him that she trusts her housemates to keep quiet.

That doesn’t mean they approve however, which Mali proves when he later gives Levi a serve, asking how many other Mackenzies are out there in other towns.

After hearing what Mali said, Mac bluntly tells him that if he doesn’t like the way she lives, then he can move out of her house.

Mac later takes her ultimatum back as she phones Mali to apologise, but as Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) overhears Mali’s side of the conversation, she wonders what is going on with her friend and business partner. Mali is again forced to keep Mac’s confidence as he tries to assure her it’s just housemate stuff.

When she later hears that Mali is staying at Rose’s, and knowing that Mac has cancelled her shift, Flick heads over to the farmhouse out of concern and is alarmed to find Levi visiting Mac—”If your doctor’s here that can’t be good?

Levi manages to convince Flick that he was just dropping by whilst in the area, but when Flick subsequently mentions to Eden that Levi’s in town, it causes even more trouble.

Eden’s quick to get on the blower to Levi who tells her it was just a quick fly-by to check on some patients and he’s heading straight back to the city. Miffed that he didn’t stop by to say hello, Eden is now convinced that Levi is hiding something.

It’s Mali who ends up fielding yet more questions when Eden starts asking him about Levi’s movements whilst in the bay, to the point where he snaps that she should talk to her brother instead of him.

After Rose witnesses the tail end of Mali and Eden’s conversation, Mali is forced to admit that there is something going on with Mac, but he can’t tell her what.

Whilst Rose and Mali bicker about trust, a stranger watching nearby—influencer Montana Kennedy (Millie Ford)—decides to start filming them.

After Mali storms off, Rose is stunned when Montana asks her followers to ‘like and subscribe’ if they think Rose should trust her boyfriend!

Meanwhile, Eden decides that she’s going to pay a surprise visit to Levi in the city, but will her doing so blow his cover story?

Later that morning, Rose gets to grips with one of her new responsibilities following her promotion to Senior Constable, when she supervises a community service group tasked with carrying out some bush rejuvenation work in the bay.

And who is one of the miscreants partaking in this round of community service? Why it’s none other than Justin (James Stewart), who is carrying on with the 500 hours of work he was sentenced to back in June 2023 following his assault conviction.

Whilst we’re sure Justin has been quietly beavering away with bush trimming and other such activities off-screen, viewers have so far only seen Justin attend one session which saw him clearing an old house.

His discovery of neglected teen Andrew (Joshua Hewson) in the neighbouring property kicked off a massive story arc, which gave Justin some pretty good excuses to be given time off from his punishment.

If Justin wasn’t enough for Rose to deal with, she is also faced with the reappearance of influencer Montana, who has no intention of getting her hands dirty.

As Montana spouts off an endless round of complaints, opting to take selfies to share with her followers rather than work, Rose struggles to bring her in line, with Justin not having much luck convincing her to get on with things either.

When Cash drops by, he can sympathise with Rose given his own experiences. He suggests that Rose reach out to Montana and ask her about the reason she’s doing community service in the first place.

Montana explains to Rose that she’s there as a result of a prank video gone wrong—she had attempted to steal someone’s handbag as a joke. Rose points out that things could have been much worse, and that community service is her chance to earn respect by taking some responsibility for her actions.

Rose’s words seem to strike a chord with Montana, and shortly afterwards she finds her recording a video for her followers, showing all the weeds she’s collected and how as an influencer she wants to encourage people to take responsibility.

Rose is proud that her words seem to have had a positive effect, and as a bonus she also has some good news for Justin—he’s completed his 500 hours of community service, and is now free to go!

No, really. With all his hard work to redeem himself finally behind him, Justin can now look to the future. Which is looking particularly rosy now that he has Leah back with him, a garage to run, a band to manage, and a dog to walk.

If you’re a UK viewer—or aren’t as ‘down with the kids’ as we are (check out our MySpace page if you don’t believe us)—you may be scratching your heads as to the significance of Montana’s appearance.

Montana’s portrayer, Millie Ford, is an Australian influencer who has amassed over 1.5million followers on social media platform TikTok.

We had the best time,” Millie told 7News in advance of the episode airing in Australia. “I actually play an influencer, which is my real-life job, and everyone was laughing like, ‘This is just classic’.

Describing co-stars Kirsty Marillier, James Stewart and Kyle Shilling as “amazing to work alongside“, Millie explained that acting is something she wants to move into.

I was just a sponge watching them work and everything went really quickly,” she enthused. “It was fascinating seeing everybody doing their bit to make it all fall into place and seeing how it all kind of comes together.

I do want to take it seriously, I ended up looking for an acting agent representative … and I was like, ‘I’m gonna do this’. I’m going to throw myself into the deep end and step into a new world.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 8th April (Episode 8201)

Kirby issues a warning to Theo. Bree falls apart.

Tuesday 9th April (Episode 8202)

Harper’s back in the dating ring. Does Dana have a new crush? Theo’s desperate for more.

Wednesday 10th April (Episode 8203)

Mackenzie’s affair creates tension at home. Mali serves Levi. Can Dana keep her feelings secret?

Thursday 11th April (Episode 8204)

Mali’s loyalties are questioned. Eden confides in Cash. Can Roo dissuade John?

Friday 12th April (Episode 8205)

Eden’s left out by her brother. Rose influences an influencer. John and Roo press Cash for answers.

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