Home and Away Spoilers – Kidnap drama for Eden and Remi

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Remi and Eden face a life-threatening situation after Remi’s attempts to rescue Eden take a dark turn.

It’s that time of the year again, as Channel 5 viewers reach the episodes which aired in Australia three months ago as the 2023 season finale.

Whilst Aussie viewers had to wait six weeks to see the outcome of the cliffhanger, UK viewers will be able to tune in as normal the following week, having already endured their own cliffhanger over the Christmas break.

This year, the focus falls on Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), as a spontaneous camping trip designed to de-stress Eden turns into a disaster.

As finale week begins, Bree (Juliet Godwin) is still struggling following the anniversary of abusive husband Jacob’s death. The time had been a traumatic one for Bree when she was forced to attack Jacob in self-defence, and when she realised that she had forgotten the anniversary of that fateful day, after they’d been married for seven years, she worried about what sort of person that made her.

When Bree tells Xander (Luke Van Os) that she’s yet to confirm her latest counselling appointment, noting that she’s still finding it difficult, Xander points out that that’s the reason she needs to keep putting the work in.

Later talking about the session with Remi, Bree explains that she still feels as though she’s living a very safe and controlled existence. This was touched upon recently after Bree heard about Levi’s (Tristan Gorey) experiences in working for Doctors without Borders.

With Bree spending most of her 20s in medical school, she feels like she’s missed out on a lot. Bree’s counsellor has suggested she tries breaking free, but she has no idea where to start.

Remi has an idea however, and it’s certainly something that will take Bree out of her comfort zone.

Bree was dead against Remi gaining custody of Mercedes’ (Amali Golden) motorbike last year, but before she knows it, she’s sat behind Remi as they roar along the winding roads.

As they dismount overlooking a secluded bay, Bree is feeling exhilarated, and announces to Remi that she wants to take a huge step in applying to work for Doctors without Borders, and she wants him to come with her!

Meanwhile, Eden is refusing to entertain the idea of making peace with Levi, so is frustrated when she hears that he’ll be sticking around in Summer Bay a while longer.

Eden heads home and quickly suggests to Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) that they go away like he suggested; in fact, they should go today!

Cash is reluctant to leave Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) as she continues to come to terms with her marriage breakdown, but when Flick hears that Cash has been using her as an excuse, she tells him she doesn’t need mollycoddling.

As such, Cash whisks Eden away for a romantic break, and Eden is blissfully happy as they pull up at a picturesque spot by the river. They’re not here for sightseeing en-route to a luxury hotel as Eden expects though, this is their camping spot!

Eden puts on a brave face but it’s clear that this city girl is out of her depth.

Cash asks Eden if she hates it, but she’s just happy to be spending time alone with Cash. 

I am happy anywhere I am with you,” Eden tells him.

I’m honoured that you care about me enough to be that cheesy,” Cash laughs.

That evening the two are all loved up as they dance, and they soon take the party inside their tent.

The bubble quickly bursts the next morning though, when Cash tells Eden that she has a tick on her neck.

As Cash removes it, he tells her he’s sorry that she’s not enjoying it. He has fond memories of coming to Crystal Gorge with his foster father Gary (Peter Phelps) as a kid, and had hoped to share some of that with Eden.

Eden feels a pang of guilt as she hears Cash’s story, but after a gruelling bushwalk, Eden has had enough. After receiving a voicemail from Remi about an upcoming gig, Eden finds the perfect out, begging Remi to come and pick her up so they can go back and rehearse.

As she lists off all the things she’s had to endure, Remi agrees to come and fetch Eden. But as Eden hangs up, she turns around to find Cash standing there, having heard every word.

Eden packs up her things as she says she was trying to spare his feelings, but Cash would rather she had been upfront instead of going behind his back and calling Remi for help. Cash offers to take her home himself but she doesn’t want to spoil his fun.

Cash points out that it wouldn’t be any fun on his own, and in an attempt to diffuse the situation he suggests a compromise. One more night in the tent, and then they’ll head to a fancy hotel.

Eden happily agrees to the idea, and leaves a message for Remi telling him not to bother coming.

Remi is already on the road on his bike however. As are two brothers, Wes (Josh McConville) and Mickey (Travis Jeffery), heading in the other direction in their car.

As the two brothers bicker over the choice of music, Wes fails to see Remi approaching as the car drifts over the centre line.

Mickey tries to warn Wes, but it’s too late. The car spins out of control and smashes into Remi, sending him flying through the air.

Wes rushes over to Remi and tries to wake him up, but delivers a grim assessment to Mickey—”He’s dead…

Panicking, Wes smashes up Remi’s phone and tells Mickey that they need to hide the body. Mickey is reluctant, sure they can still call an ambulance, but Wes orders him to help him get Remi into the car.

Later that night, Mickey is digging a shallow grave in the middle of the bush… and who should happen to come along, toilet roll in hand to answer a call of nature, but Eden.

She watches Mickey curiously as he continues digging, oblivious to her presence. But as she turns around to retrace her steps and go back to Cash, she comes face to face with Wes.

Wes strikes Eden as she yells out for Cash, knocking her out, and all of a sudden the brothers have two people to ‘take care of’.

Realising that Cash could have heard Eden’s scream, Wes quickly orders Mickey to help him load Eden into the back of the car alongside Remi.

As Eden wakes to found herself bound and gagged, she’s horrified to see a lifeless Remi alongside her!

The next morning, Cash is concerned when he wakes up and Eden is nowhere to be seen. As he yells her name, his voice echoes around the empty valley.

Is Remi really dead? Will Cash be able to save his girl? And will Eden ever get to go to the toilet?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 26th February (Episode 8171)

A life is on the line. Bree struggles with her guilt. Kirby helps Justin process his pain.

Tuesday 27th February (Episode 8172)

Mali fears the worst. Tane breaks Felicity’s heart all over again. Eden can’t make peace with Levi.

Wednesday 28th February (Episode 8173)

Eden and Cash clash. Bree is advised to break free. Could Felicity and Tane go around again?

Thursday 29th February (Episode 8174)

Theo returns to an awkward surprise. Remi and Bree talk honestly about the Doctors Without Borders opportunity. Eden and Cash learn plenty on their camping trip.

Friday 1st March (Episode 8175) – 2023 Season Finale

Remi rides into danger. Alf deals with a snake on the surf club committee. Justin discovers the source of Theo’s pain.