Neighbours releases spoilers and photos for its 9000th episode

Neighbours has released spoilers and photos for episodes airing early to mid-March, including the milestone 9000th episode.

When Neighbours’ cancellation was announced in February 2022, fans were left devastated – and on top of the dismay that our trips to Erinsborough were about to come to an end, the axing also meant that the show would never reach 9000 episodes.

It ended on Episode 8903, just 97 episodes from the significant milestone.

The final cast photo before the show’s final episode, as was.

Now, with the show having been picked up by Amazon Freevee, returning to screens around the world from September 2023, the show is about to reach that milestone after all.

When we met with Stefan Dennis and Annie Jones shortly before the new episodes debuted on Freevee, we asked them what they’d like to see for the 9000th episode. Stefan quipped, “It could be anything, I’ll blow something up!”.

While the 9000th episode may not see a repeat of Paul’s actions in the 2004 season finale, which saw him burn down Lassiters, Paul will play a significant role in the 9000th episode, as his new love interest Chelsea (Viva Bianca) is taken on a ‘Paul Robinson’s Greatest Hits tour’.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

The show’s producers haven’t yet released any photos from the ‘Greatest Hits tour’, so there’s no word yet on whether this will be a special look back at Paul’s many decades on the show, or just a journey through some of Paul’s more recent dastardly acts.

There’s also another milestone in store, just three episodes later. Since Neighbours returned, the show has counted its episodes in two ways – continuing from where the original series left off, which takes us into the 9000s, and starting from 1 for the first episode of ‘The Next Chapter.’

Three episodes after the 9000th episode is the 100th episode of the revived series, and this episode will see the long-running story arc featuring Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), Toadie (Ryan Moloney), Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Paul (Stefan Dennis) step up a gear, as “Toadie’s commitment wavers.”

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

This week’s episodes see Terese choose to spend time with her grieving ex-husband in his Lassiters penthouse, a fact she keeps secret from her new husband. This sets in motion a series of events which lead to Toadie’s actions in episode 100.

Photos from the episode show Toadie and Melanie getting far too close for comfort in the back garden at No. 28, with Toadie appearing to lean in for a kiss just 99 episodes after his wedding to Terese.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Can Toadie resist temptation, or is he about to destroy his latest marriage once and for all?

At the beginning of the following week, the residents of Erinsborough gather together for an event called ‘Lassiters Longest Lie-In’, which sees them take part in a charity sleepout in the Lassiters complex.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Photos from the event show that Toadie and Terese will be forced to sleep just one mattress over from Melanie, and tensions soon begin to simmer.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Then, as a big revelation comes to the surface, “the reveal at the Lie-in leads to major consequences for those involved.”

Photos from the episode airing on Wednesday 13th March appear to show Nell visiting Terese in a Lassiters Hotel room, as Terese’s iconic leather jacket rests on the bed.

Is Terese simply in the hotel on business, or do the photos suggest that Terese has moved out of No. 22 after the shock revelation?

The same episode sees “Toadie struggle with his new reality”.

Elsewhere, Mike Young (Guy Pearce) “has an update”. Jane’s (Annie Jones) fiancé Mike has been biking around the UK for the last few months, after taking a job with a motorbike tour company.

Neighbours‘ producers reunited childhood sweethearts Jane and Mike in the show’s then-final episodes back in July 2022, but were left with a problem when the show was renewed by Amazon, as they were forced to find a way to continue the pair’s relationship without Hollywood superstar Guy Pearce rejoining the cast full time.

Guy and Annie reunited to film a number of scenes for the revived show, which saw their characters embark on a trip to the UK, where they got engaged.

Since then, Mike has been seen on several occasions via video call, and he and Jane have been forced to endure a long-distance relationship while Jane has been busying herself with the saga surrounding Erinsborough High’s closure.

Will Mike’s “update” see him finally return to Erinsborough, or will his absence from the show be pushed further down the road? The same episode sees Jane struggling to keep her family together – so it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be good news.

Also in March, Ramsay Street welcomes a new face, as the Rodwell house gains a fourth resident.

Andrew’s (Lloyd Will) brother Felix (James Beaufort) makes his first appearance in late February, but early March will see him move in with the Rodwells at No. 26, before being “confronted by a terrifying possibility”.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Subsequent episodes see him “drawn to JJ (Riley Bryant), despite his best efforts,” and JJ later “draws on Felix’s advice.”

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

JJ, brother Dex (Marley Williams) and mums Remi (Naomi Rukavina) and Cara (Sara West) moved onto Ramsay Street in the first episode of the revived show, in what was meant to be a temporary move until they sorted out more permanent accommodation.

It was soon revealed that the short stay on Ramsay Street was JJ’s idea, after he’d read an entry in the diary of Cara’s friend Phillipa, which suggested that Andrew Rodwell might be his biological dad.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

After weeks of snooping, JJ finally made the revelation public, but a subsequent DNA test confirmed that Andrew wasn’t actually his father.

Andrew later read something in Phillipa’s diary which appeared to shock him, but the storyline has since been pushed to one side.

Amazon Freevee / Ray Messner

With the arrival of Andrew’s brother, who quickly begins spending time with JJ, could the storyline be about to take a big leap forward?

As if Toadie didn’t have enough on his plate, he’s faced with another terrifying situation in mid-March as a group of youths grab Hugo (Tanner Ellis-Anderson) and bundle him into the back of their car, as Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) watches on in horror.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

What do the boys want with Hugo, and will he be okay?

Here are all of the spoilers and photos for the first two weeks of March, including the 9000th and 100th episodes:

Monday 4th March (Episode 9000 / 97)

Nicolette makes a divisive choice.

Chelsea is taken on a ‘Paul Robinson’s Greatest Hits’ tour.

Toadie seeks comfort in all the wrong places.

Tuesday 5th March (Episode 9001 / 98)

Sadie’s night takes an unexpected turn.

Jane struggles to keep her family together.

Mike has an update.

Wednesday 6th March (Episode 9002 / 99)

The Rodwell house expands as three become four.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Byron feels betrayed.

Toadie is propelled into action.

Thursday 7th March (Episode 9003 / 100)

Felix is confronted by a terrifying possibility.

Paul embarks on a less than glamorous mission.

Toadie’s commitment wavers.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Monday 11th March (Episode 9004 / 101)

The residents of Erinsborough come together for the Longest Lie-In, but it’s not long before tensions begin to simmer.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 12th March (Episode 9005 / 102)

The reveal at the Lie-in leads to major consequences for those involved.

The Lie-In ends with surprising winners… And losers.

Aaron receives a call that shakes him to the core.

Wednesday 13th March (Episode 9006 / 103)

Toadie struggles with his new reality.

Felix is drawn to JJ, despite his best efforts.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Hugo finds himself in grave danger.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Thursday 14th March (Episode 9007 / 104)

Toadie tries to keep a level head in the face of a terrifying situation.

JJ draws on Felix’s advice.

Felix makes a fateful decision.

The 9000th episode airs on Monday 4th March, but we’ve still got three weeks of drama before then. Here’s what’s in store over the next few weeks:

Monday 12th February (Episode 8988 / 85)

Sadie uncovers a devastating secret.

Chelsea continues to get her way, but offers an olive branch.

Krista finds refuge where she least expects.

Tuesday 13th February (Episode 8989 / 86)

Ramsay Street mourns a beloved neighbour.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Paul and Sadie carry a terrible secret.

Chelsea’s plans are thwarted.

Krista’s kind act has devastating consequences.

Wednesday 14th February (Episode 8990 / 87)

The neighbours reel from a shock confession.

Will Terese betray Toadie about Paul?

Chelsea sees an opportunity and makes a move.

Thursday 15th February (Episode 8991 / 88)

Toadie discovers Terese’s betrayal.

Chelsea worms her way into Paul’s life.

Paul is at rock bottom.

Melanie makes a huge confession.

Monday 19th February (Episode 8992 / 89)

Toadie fights to keep his emotions in check.

An angry resident reaches breaking point.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 20th February (Episode 8993 / 90)

Shared grief continues to push the residents of Ramsay Street to their limits.

JJ’s heroics catch up with him.

The members of the sharehouse come up with a selfless plan.

Wednesday 21st February (Episode 8994 / 91)

Nicolette’s grief comes to a head.

Chelsea makes a power play.

Toadie tries to gain control of the narrative.

Thursday 22nd February (Episode 8995 / 92)

Terese is left reeling after a shock revelation.

Paul is desperate to bring his family back together.

Andrew harbours a secret from Wendy.

Monday 26th February (Episode 8996 / 93)

Sadie makes a surprise confession.

Toadie struggles to redeem himself.

Andrew has a big decision to make.

Tuesday 27th February (Episode 8997 / 94)

Andrew goes out on a limb.

Sadie has her eyes on someone.

JJ finds himself in trouble.

Wednesday 28th February (Episode 8998 / 95)

JJ makes a poor decision.

The Education Department throw a spanner in the works.

Nicolette struggles with her resentment.

Thursday 29th February (Episode 8999 / 96)

The walls close in on an anxious JJ.

Chelsea attempts to control the narrative.

Tension simmers in Number Twenty-Four.