Home and Away Spoilers – Rose accuses Mali of cheating on her

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Rose is suspicious of Mali after the farmhouse is trashed with a warning to “stay away from my wife”, while Felicity’s blackmailer demands $10,000.

After bowing down to her attacker’s blackmail last week, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is horrified when she receives another message with a further demand.

Flick and husband Tane (Ethan Browne) were still coming to terms with life after her assault, when the person who spiked Flick’s drink at the Battle of the Bands sent a photo of her passed out—threatening to release a video of the attack unless she paid $1000.

Terrified that the video could be released publicly, and worried that reporting it to the police would lead to her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) seeing it, Flick felt she had no other option but to pay up.

Tane was reluctant, knowing that there was no guarantee it would put an end to it, but ultimately supported Flick in her decision as she made a bank transfer.

Next week, Flick is struggling after her latest counselling session. Whilst she had begun making progress, she feels she’s now taking a backward step by not being able to talk openly about the blackmail.

If the sickening demand wasn’t bad enough for Flick already, things get a whole lot worse when, predictably enough, the blackmailer sends another message stating that they now want $10,000!

Flick rushes to show the text to Tane, and promptly gets thinking about how they can raise that sort of cash.

Tane’s immediate response is that it would be a bad idea to bow to their demands again, pointing out the exact same thing he did the first time around—what happens when they want even more?

Flick admits she hasn’t thought that far ahead, but is adamant that they need to pay up. The tension is broken when a message comes in from Cash, asking Flick to come to the police station.

Intrigued, the pair head to Yabbie Creek where Cash informs them that they have a possible suspect. An anonymous tipoff has claimed a guy was bragging about drugging a girl at a music festival, and they’ve been provided with a name and a photo.

Cash asks Flick to look at the photo, but she doesn’t recognise the man. However, with no recollection of what happened to her, that doesn’t mean he’s not the guy.

Once alone with Tane, Flick comments that if this really is the guy that attacked her, then their hell will finally be over and they won’t have to worry about finding the $10k.

However, the next morning Cash has some grim news. It turns out the suspect has a watertight alibi; he wasn’t even in NSW at the time, and the tipoff had come from an ex-girlfriend of his who was merely trying to cause trouble.

Flick and Tane try and hide the true extent of how earth-shattering this news really is for them both, as Flick tells Cash that it was a long shot and it’s fine.

As Cash leaves the pair to it, Flick comments to Tane that they’re back to square one… where are they going to find $10k?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) looks to Mali (Kyle Shilling) for answers following the break-in at the farmhouse, but he is as clueless as she is!

The pair had hit a stumbling block the previous week when Mali casually told Rose that he loved her, just as he went off to talk with her brother Xander (Luke Van Os).

Rose was taken aback by the casual nature of the declaration, thinking the first time one of them dropped the L word would be a bit more romantic. When Mali later realised what he’d done, the pair agreed to forget it had ever happened.

It got Rose thinking though, and realising that she did actually love Mali back, she laid out a romantic lunch at the farmhouse in order to make her own declaration.

However when Rose later took Mali home, they were stunned to find the living room trashed, with a mysterious warning spray-painted on the tablecloth—”Stay away from my wife“.

With Mali and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) being the only residents at the farmhouse—and Mackenzie not currently going through an experimental phase to their knowledge—naturally it’s assumed that the message is intended for Mali.

Mali assures Rose that he has no idea who the message is from or why it is there, but Rose isn’t sure what to believe. She’s pretty sure that she’s not married herself, so whose wife could Mali be somehow involved with?

Rose tries to distract herself by putting on her police head, calling the incident into the station and then heading in to make a report, warning Mali not to touch anything.

Rose later admits to Xander that the case could be a difficult one, knowing that any investigation could potentially lead to some uncomfortable truths coming out!

Rose keeps things professional as she asks Mali whether he has any idea who the ‘wife’ could be—pointing out that she has to ask so that it’s on record.

After Xander approaches the pair, Rose asks if there’ve been any unusual customers at the shop lately looking to cause trouble. Mali knows of no one, and Xander backs him up by jokingly commenting that, if anything, some of the customers have been a bit too friendly…

As Rose heads off, the penny suddenly drops for Xander!

Whilst helping out with the surfing lessons during Mali’s forced break from the water a couple of weeks ago, Xander was approached by a mother who wondered if he’d be willing to do some one-on-one sessions for her son.

However, when Xander agreed, it became apparent that the woman was more interested in having the opportunity to crack onto him rather than her son being tutored.

Xander told Mac about the incident at the time, with her joking that he should have told the lady he charges extra for that.

Xander now realises that the woman’s husband must have somehow found out that she was trying to cop off with the guy from Mantaray Boards, and it’s all been a case of mistaken identity.

Xander heads down to the station where he explains everything to Rose, and when she later confirms that they’ve managed to pinpoint the husband’s location to Ferry Road, the case is finally closed.

Xander can’t help but feel a bit guilty for Mali getting caught up in the mess caused by his ‘next-level charm’, so offers to help him out the next day to make up for it.

However Mali still doesn’t know about Rose’s true intentions for the romantic meal… will she still be able to tell him, or has the moment now passed?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 4th September (Episode 8076)

Rose wants answers. Remi stands by Bree. Mercedes is torn.

Tuesday 5th September (Episode 8077)

Love is in the air for Mali and Rose. Cash has a new lead. Mercedes changes her tune. Felicity’s horrors are far from fading.

Wednesday 6th September (Episode 8078)

Felicity and Tane are running out of time. Justin is back in action. Can John end his tenancy at chateau Irene?

Thursday 7th September (Episode 8079)

Felicity accumulates more lies. Justin questions Kirby’s motives. John comes clean to Irene.

Friday 8th September (Episode 8080)

Kirby rides a wave of change. Justin’s on the hunt. Irene is alone and lonely.