Two brand new couples enter Married at First Sight Australia

Tonight’s Married at First Sight Australia on E4 sees two brand-new couples enter the experiment.

We’re just over three weeks into this year’s MAFS Australia, and clearly our 10 existing couples just aren’t generating enough drama, so it’s time to throw two more into the mix.

Tonight we meet Evelyn & Rupert, and Tayla & Hugo.

Tayla and Hugo join MAFS

Channel 4 / Nine

Tayla is set to be a handful. Her bio on the Nine website describes her as “a rule breaker who loves to be the centre of attention” who “isn’t shy to compete for a man”.


She’s a nurse, and she “wants to be a young mother just like her friends in Tassie,” so is looking for a man to start a family with. However, she quickly admits that she’s pretty domineering and “cannot negotiate over even the smallest of things.”

It’s “Tayla’s way or no way,” something which has caused her problems in past relationships, as she describes how she eventually breaks her men, and admits she “takes away everything that they have to offer.”

Hugo, meanwhile, is a “hopeless romantic who can’t see red flags in a relationship” and “wants help to find a partner who can be his best friend and teammate.”

Thankfully Tayla’s red flags are big and pointy enough that he’s got no chance of missing them.

Tayla knows that she needs to change if she doesn’t want to be lonely forever, but as the episodes go on, it’s clear that it’ll be easier said than done.

She freaks out in the car on the way to the wedding, fearful she’s been matched with “a freak”, and the bridesmaids begin to doubt if the wedding will even happen.

In her vows, she says: “I can be explosive… I can’t bear the thought of my partner defending me in public, even if they don’t agree with my words and actions.

“Secondly, I have always had a problem with authority,” she continues, “and I don’t like being told what to do. Let’s hope these aren’t points of contention for us.

It all takes new husband Hugo by surprise, and unfortunately she never backs down from there.

On their honeymoon, she makes it clear that Hugo will be sleeping on the couch, or on the windowsill, or basically anywhere other than the bed, and won’t consider any other option.

When they almost bond over a game of croquet on the second day of their honeymoon, Tayla suggests that they make a bet – if she wins, she gets the bed to herself for the whole of the experiment!

Hugo goes along with the bet, thinking she just meant for their honeymoon, and is pretty shocked when he learns his wife wants a bed to herself for the whole time they’re together! The shock soon turns to frustration, and as they “enjoy” a meal together, he asks her to tell him what she asked for in a man.

She tells him that she wanted a “man’s man,” a tradie who loves footie, is a bit rowdy, and drinks nothing but beer, and doesn’t talk much. It’s Melissa all over again.

It seems like she’s telling him that he’s not her usual type. But in case still he wasn’t 100% sure, she makes sure he knows it – “It was probably someone the opposite of you. You’re probably not my type.”

Hugo responds that it appears that she looked at her and said “he’s not my type,” and accuses her of having “been a bitch to me the entire time” and that she’s been “frosty as hell.”

Just a few days in, he seems to have realised that no part of Tayla wants to work on their relationship.

Will this be one of the show’s shortest-lasting couples? It looks like it…

Evelyn and Rupert join MAFS

There’s slightly more hope in store for the second new pairing, Evelyn and Rupert.

Evelyn, 26, is a model, and claims everyone assumes she’s super confident and is out all the time, and that there must be loads of guys after her, but “that’s far from the truth.”

She’s had her heart broken three times, and has stopped walking around with her heart on her sleeve as a result.

She’s “been cheated on a bunch of times,” and wants to believe that love does still exist, “but in this day and age it just sucks out there.”

She’s going into the experiment vulnerable and wants to meet someone who makes her believe again.

Rupert, a 27-year-old electrician, is a romantic who “doesn’t mind putting the candles on or leave a note here or there,” and thinks marriage is about “that feeling of being at home.”

He’s ambitious, wanting to one day own his own electrical company, and wants to provide for his future wife and kids. He’s been in love once, was looking at popping the question, and the end of the relationship left him heartbroken. Now he’s ready to find love again.

His parents, who are deeply religious, won’t support him, but he says “you’ve gotta find love somehow.”

However, things don’t start off well as the wedding itself becomes one of the most awkward we’ve seen. When Evelyn walks down the aisle, Rupert can barely muster a single word, and when he does finally get a sentence out, it’s so muffled we can barely hear it.

The other couples, who are sitting in the audience, comment on just how shiny his forehead is as he begins to sweat profusely.

“Is this where we talk?” Evelyn asks as the awkward silence grows, but poor Rupert has no intention of filling it.

They struggle through their vows as Rupert stumbles over every word, and his attempts at jokes fall flat, before he struggles to get the rings out of his jacket. Eventually they’re married, but things don’t get much better at the reception and the start of the honeymoon, and Evelyn is clearly wondering what the experts have done.

It takes the ‘Honeymon Box’ for Rupert to finally come out of his shell. The box makes Rupert ask his new wife: “How important is sex to you in a relationship?”

Evelyn responds that she craves the feeling of love, and loves being loved, is “emotional and sensitive.” but also loves having an orgasm. While they both laugh, it’s clear Rupert is beyond uncomfortable talking about sex.

As he downs another mojito, Evelyn asks him if he drinks when he nervous, and he admits that if he’s nervous he’ll “smash ’em back,” before confessing that she makes him nervous.

Evelyn admits it’s a little bit obvious that she makes him nervous, but that he’s never told her why.

“You’re gorgeous” is his response. “It’s very cliché, but like, I think you’ve very sexy. I definitely could see myself being compatible with you.”

Finally, Evelyn realises that he’s been so awkward with her because he’s intimidated by how gorgeous she is, and not simply because she’s not his type.

“It’s a shock to me, because I was trying so hard to get something out of him,” she says in a cutaway chat with the producers. “But now that I know that I make him nervous, it’s all beginning to make sense to me.”

With the ice broken, it’s onward and upwards for this awkward pairing.