Next Week’s Coronation Street Spoilers – 19th to 23rd December

Coming up next week on Coronation Street, Daniel’s planned proposal comes under jeopardy after Daisy finally reads his article, whilst Fiz feels Christmas will be a damp squib…

As last week’s episodes ended, the future was looking bleak for Daniel (Rob Mallard) and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) as she faced a terrifying health scare. Daisy was forced to make an urgent appointment with Dr Gaddas (Christine Mackie) after discovering a lump in her breast, but telling Daniel the news also came with its own issues, given that he lost his beloved wife Sinead to cancer only two years ago.


Although Daniel wanted to support Daisy, his attempt at building up courage to attend the appointment with her ended with him getting smashed in the Rovers. Stumbling drunkenly into Dr Gaddas’s office, an embarrassed Daisy ordered Daniel to leave.



When Daniel later tried to apologise, he explained that he feels as though he already knows what to expect, having been through such a tough time with Sinead, and couldn’t face it. He was also worried for young son Bertie, potentially losing another mother figure. Devastated that Daniel couldn’t pull himself together for her sake, Daisy told him he had to walk away.

I think she was hoping he would be her rock and be there for her” Charlotte told EverySoap and other media at a recent press event. “So she takes the decision out of his hands and says to him ‘Look this is obviously too much for you, so you can play rough and I’ll do this on my own’.

Next week, Daniel refuses to try and put things right between them, telling Adam (Samuel Robertson) that he’s too weak to be of any support to her.


Adam comes up with a plan, and telling Daisy that he understands her being upset at Daniel’s cowardice, asks her to read the article that Daniel has been writing. Daniel has kept the article a secret from Daisy until now, much to her annoyance as she accused him of thinking it was too intellectual for her.


But Daisy is moved when she realises that Daniel’s article is all about their relationship, and how his being with her has helped him to move on and love again after going through such tragedy. Writing that Daisy has helped him rebuild his life, it’s clear just how deep Daniel’s love is for her.

With the couple finally back on track, they attend an appointment at the breast clinic together.. but will it be good news?



In the wake of the results, Daniel makes a momentous decision. Going to see Daisy’s stepmum Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), Daniel explains that he wants her blessing to propose to Daisy, showing her an engagement ring that he plans to surprise her with.

But will his plans be scuppered by an unforeseen complication?


When Daniel, Daisy, Steve (Simon Gregson) and Tracy (Kate Ford) later return to No. 1, they’re horrified to find that the house has been burgled, and all the Christmas presents under the tree have been taken.

As Steve reports the burglary to the police, a dismayed Daniel tells Jenny that the ring was amongst the things taken!


Elsewhere on the street, Tyrone’s (Alan Halsall) arrangements for his own secret wedding are slowly coming together, but will his bride-to-be Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) scupper his plans?

Whilst Fiz is trying to organise a Christmas to remember, she’s disappointed in Tyrone’s apparent lack of interest, as he tries to keep a lid on his own anticipation of the special day. When Fiz suggests they could rent a cottage in the lakes, Tyrone has to think fast.


As Fiz continues to fret over the day, Tyrone shares a secret smile with the kids Hope (Isabella Flanagan) and Ruby (Macy Alabi)⁠—Fiz has no idea what’s coming!


But that won’t necessarily work in his favour… as Tyrone is forced to cancel a family cinema outing so that the girls can get their bridesmaid dress fittings, Fiz is further disappointed in him.

Whilst Tyrone is convinced that it’s going to be the best Christmas ever, Fiz is complaining to Maria (Samia Longchambon) that it’s bound to be the worst Christmas they’ve ever had…!

Also next week, George (Tony Maudsley) comes under interrogation from Sean (Antony Cotton), Glenda (Jodie Prenger) and Mary (Patti Clare) over what he’s planning on getting Eileen (Sue Cleaver) for Christmas.


It’s perhaps understandable that they’d want to ensure Eileen gets a present she deserves, after George’s gift last year of a coffin and bespoke funeral package didn’t quite hit the mark.


When Laurence (Robert Shaw Cameron) later offers to help Eileen buy a new sofa, George quickly intervenes to try and put them off the idea, explaining to Laurence that he’s already bought a posh new sofa for Eileen.


As George eagerly awaits delivery, he’s forced to ban Eileen from returning home as he explains that her present is imminent. Eileen is impressed that George has gone to so much trouble, but will everything go according to George’s plan…?

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Monday 19th December (Episode 10825-10826)

Jacob’s dad Damon makes his presence felt, as Jacob is resentful of Damon’s cushy life in Ibiza while he was mixed up in gangs.

Griff’s financial backer is revealed.

Adam gives Daisy an important article Daniel has written, revealing how she’s helped him to love again after loss and rebuild his life.

Billy and Paul go to the police to report Summer as a missing person

Wednesday 21st December (Episode 10827-10828)

Max and Griff’s survival trip goes horribly wrong.

Nick goes behind Leanne’s back again.

Daisy gets news as she and Daniel attend the appointment at the breast clinic.

Fiz suggests they book a cottage in the Lakes for Christmas, leaving Tyrone scared his wedding plans could be scuppered.

Friday 23th December (Episode 10829-10830)

Toyah considers keeping Spider’s secret, as Griff convinces Max to lie to the police.

Daniel explains to Jenny that he plans to propose to Daisy and asks for her blessing.

There’s a break-in at Number 1 – all the Christmas presents have gone from under the tree, and Daniel tells Jenny that the burglars took the engagement ring.

Fiz frets over Christmas day, worried it’ll be the worst one ever.

Also this week, Nick’s blackmailed by Jacob’s father

The arrival of Jacob’s estranged father becomes a nightmare for Nick, while Griff asks Max to lie to the police.

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