Home and Away Spoilers – Paratas’ reputation in ruins after bikie bust

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, as Cash is woken up from his induced coma, the fallout from the bikie bust is felt across Summer Bay…

NOTE: Please be aware that the episode scheduled to air on Channel 5 on Monday 19th September at 13:45 will no longer be shown. The repeat airing at 6pm the same day has also been cancelled. If you didn’t see the first look episode on 5STAR on Friday evening, or Saturday morning, then you can view it on My5.

The dramatic events of the last week left Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) fighting for his life, after being shot during the police raid on the Death Adders motorcycle club.

Not in a good state of mind after returning from visiting now ex-girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost), Cash joined in the raid without first putting on his bulletproof vest, and although he dispatched gang leader Marty (Ben Wood), Marty had already managed to let off two rounds into Cash’s shoulder and abdomen.

Cash was rushed to hospital, going briefly into cardiac arrest en route, where he was placed in the care of newcomer Dr Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) who immediately took him into surgery. Although the surgery went well, Cash went into arrest again and further investigations found another internal bleed.

Cash’s sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) was beside herself as they waited for news on Cash, and was quick to point the finger at Cash’s colleague Rose (Kirsty Marillier) for allowing Cash to go storming in without a vest.

Although Flick later apologised, Rose still couldn’t help but feel responsible, given that up until last week she’d been in a relationship with the bikie’s sergeant-at-arms Tex (Lucan Linehan).

Whilst Bree was confident that there’d be no more complications, she placed Cash into an induced coma in order to give his body time to heal. Since then, Flick has been reluctant to leave her brother’s side.

The rest of the Parata household has also been thrown into chaos, as both Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) were arrested during the raid.

Although Tane had in fact been working with the police, wearing a wire in order to bring an end to the bikies’ threats towards him and his family, Nik wasn’t aware of this when he followed Tane to the bikies’ HQ. Now Tane and Nik both have to keep up appearances in order to not blow their cover before the court hearing.

This week sees Tane and Nik’s names splashed across the front page of the Coastal News—much to the annoyance of Rose, who knows how difficult it will make life for the Paratas when they’ve actually done nothing wrong.

Rose brings Tane and Nik back to the bay after they are granted bail, and is sorry to inform them of the latest development. She reiterates how important it is to keep the truth to themselves, and to simply tell anyone who asks to mind their own business.

Naturally, surf club manager John (Shane Withington) is quick to take an interest, given that his top lifeguard is splashed over the front of the papers.

For someone who’s no doubt had his fill of gang warfare over time—after all, he lived next door to the Braxtons for many years—John takes an unusually calm approach, wondering if they should get all the facts first when he hears that an extraordinary meeting of the committee has been called.

Whilst John believes Nik when he says it’s all a misunderstanding, he doesn’t hide his disappointment at Nik’s getting involved with the bikies, and warns him that his job could be on the line.

John explains that the committee is meeting to discuss Nik’s future, and all they’ve got to go on is what’s been reported in the papers.

Nik tells him that there’s stuff that he can’t talk about, and whilst John promises to try his best to talk them round, he’s not sure it will make any difference.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) are also struggling to get their heads around the news. When John joins them in the diner, it’s Tane that he expresses his frustration with—how can he let Nik get involved with bikies?

When Marilyn points out that Tex was very persuasive in his duplicity, it’s enough to set off Rose, who is sitting nearby.

Rose firmly tells John that it’s a police matter, and that the courts should be the ones to decide what Tane and Nik are guilty of.

As John bites back, explaining that perhaps she should share more details, she orders him to stay out of it, before storming out.

It’s all too obvious that Rose’s guilt about Cash, as well as having to watch Tane and Nik face judgement from Summer Bay, is getting to her. As a result, Rose decides to take a short break to visit her mum and clear her head.

Meanwhile, Flick is relieved when Bree tells her that the time has come to bring Cash out of his coma, and by the time she arrives, Cash is already conscious.

Although Bree confirms that Cash is doing well physically, it’s clear that his mental health is another story.

With a tear in his eye, the first thing Cash asks Flick about is Jasmine… “She didn’t come back, did she…?

Flick tells him he should just concentrate on getting better, but as the evening progresses Cash begins to get stressed as he struggles to remember the details of the incident.

When Flick confirms that he shot Marty dead, Cash becomes tearful and agitated, insisting that Flick bring Rose to him, believing that she’ll be able to tell him what he needs to know.

Cash begins to panic as she tells him that Rose is out of town, and Bree is forced to ask Flick to leave as she tries to calm Cash…

Things aren’t any better the next day, and Flick is only there for a matter of seconds before Cash begins asking about Rose. As Flick steps out again, Bree asks Cash to tell her what’s going on.

A man is dead because of me…” Cash says, finally opening up. “How am I supposed to live with that?

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Ziggy’s van search goes off road. Dean fears Ziggy is in unsafe hands. Marilyn comes clean.

Tuesday 20th September (Episode 7857)

Tane and Nikau are front-page news. Dean’s concern for Ziggy grows. Remi must face the music.

Wednesday 21st September (Episode 7858)

Will the bikie bust cost Nikau his dream job? The pressure of court sends Rose packing. Felicity gets her family back.

Thursday 22nd September (Episode 7859)

Cash opens up to Bree. Theo and Kirby struggle to deny their chemistry. Tane falls on his sword for Nikau.

Friday 23rd September (Episode 7860)

Justin bankrolls the band. Both Cash and Rose are crippled with guilt. Can Theo and Kirby be just friends?