Home and Away Spoilers – Will Dean stop Ziggy following her dream?

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Ziggy’s got itchy feet as her dreams are reignited, whilst Rose also considers her and Xander’s future in Summer Bay…

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) finally got some of the excitement that she’d been craving for in her relationship with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) last week, when he surprised her with a spontaneous surfing trip.

Things had been awkward between the pair since Ziggy ended up locked in a barn overnight with newcomer Remi (Adam Rowland), after a mission to find him a new tour van for the band ended in disaster.

Remi had spent his short time in Summer Bay jokingly flirting with Ziggy, purposely winding up Dean who he saw as her guard dog.

Although nothing happened between the pair, Ziggy has still felt guilty, and did everything she could to avoid Remi in case Dean caught her talking to him, which is exactly what he did do once Mackenzie (Emily Weir) told Ziggy to get over it.

Ziggy eventually realised that whilst she had no attraction to Remi as such, it was the fact that he had flirted with her that made her feel special, something she’s starting to feel a lack of in her long-term relationship with Dean.

I love you, and everything we have” Ziggy confessed to Dean. “It’s just, sometimes, a girl needs more than pizza, beer and footy.

Whilst Dean attempted to talk to Mac to find out what a girl wants, it didn’t take him long to work it out for himself, and when Ziggy found him strapping their surfboards to the car, she was ecstatic to learn they were heading on a surfing trip.

This week however, on her return to Summer Bay, Ziggy is thrown back down to earth with a bump.

Ziggy has seen her apprentice Theo (Matt Evans) get to live out his dreams, as he joined the band Lyrik, and the trip away has seen her own dreams reignited—to travel and surf.

But now she feels that there’s too much tying her down in Summer Bay to make that a reality.

I know it can’t happen, it’s just something that you dream about” she explains.

Her frustrations only grow when Justin (James Stewart) tries to show her all the great feedback Theo is getting from the gigs.

I get it, Theo is smashing it” she exclaims to Justin, “I just don’t want to hear it.

After hearing about her outburst, Dean wonders if he’s done something to upset her, but Ziggy admits that it’s all down to her.

As she explains that she had always envisioned hitting the road to enter surfing comps up and down the coast, Dean continues to worry that it’s his own ties to the bay that are actually holding her back. Dean has the board shop to worry about, as well as his seven year old son Jai (River Jarvis).

As he offloads to sister Mac, she tells them that he can’t hold Ziggy back from chasing her dream…

Is Summer Bay still enough for Ziggy?

Ziggy isn’t the only one wondering about her future, as Rose (Kirsty Marillier) continues to debate whether she has a place in Summer Bay.

With stepsister Jasmine (Sam Frost) ditching her loved ones to stay on the Shaw family farm, Rose was also hurt last week by friend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) not wanting to see her anymore.

With plans to propose to Jasmine before he learned she wasn’t coming back, Cash has struggled with her abandonment, particularly when she didn’t return on hearing that he’d been fighting for his life after being shot.


Cash decided that seeing Jasmine’s siblings, Rose and Xander (Luke Van Os) was too painful, and so asked them to give him some space.

Paramedic Xander hasn’t had an easy time of late either, as he struggled with the aftermath of losing a patient, and Rose was shocked to discover Xander’s coping mechanism of getting tattoos for the patients that he’s lost.

When she returns home this week, she finds him applying an ice pack to a new one he secretly had done a couple of weeks ago—it’s become infected.

As she tends to Xander’s skin, the siblings have a heart to heart, with Rose suggesting that perhaps it’s time for both of them to leave Summer Bay…

Last week saw bandmembers Theo and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) finally give in to the tension between them and start a forbidden romance. Sparks had flown between the two ever since their first meeting, and it wasn’t long after Theo was brought in to the band as their new lead singer that the pair had their first kiss.

When Remi (Adam Rowland) later spied the pair having another quick pash on the beach, he and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) called a band meeting where they immediately put a ban on any inter-band relationships. Whilst Theo failed to see what the problem was, Eden and Remi had seen it all before—in Kirby’s previous relationship with recently departed Bob (Rob Mallett).

It was during a spontenous gathering in the back garden last week, in celebration of Justin buying the band a new tour van, that Theo and Kirby slipped away to sneak a kiss.

Although the pair later ended up spending the night together at Theo’s, Kirby made it clear the next morning that it could not happen again—the band has to come first.

All it took was Theo serenading Kirby in the back garden to make her change her mind, on the condition that they kept it strictly secret, but the pair were busted within days when Justin caught them half-dressed in the kitchen.

Justin agreed to keep quiet, promising to not even tell Theo’s aunt Leah (Ada Nicodemou), but later pointed out that Theo and Kirby couldn’t keep their eyes off each other during that evening’s gig—how long could they really it under wraps in a town like Summer Bay?

Although they can’t keep their hands off each other, the band is by far the most important thing to them both, so they will keep their relationship secret for as they can,” Matt told Yahoo Lifestyle.

This week Theo finds himself in an awkward position when Eden and Remi encourage him to chat up a girl at Salt, to prove that he’s over his feelings for Kirby. Kirby even joins in the encouragement as they try and get him to get a kiss out of the girl.

Although Theo resists the peer pressure and settles on just getting the girl’s number, it’s still enough to make him feel uncomfortable in front of Kirby.

The whole time he’s only doing it to protect the relationship with Kirby,” Matt continued. “He doesn’t want to be getting anyone’s number, he just wants Kirby.

In the end Theo decides to rule with his head and not his heart, and makes the difficult decision to end the relationship. Being part of a band has been Theo’s lifelong dream, and he can’t risk ending it all in the name of love at this early stage, nor does he want them to be living a lie.

But does that really mean it’s all over for the pair?

I think that Theo is way too infatuated with Kirby to give up on her,” Matt added. “She’s so cool to him. She’s a gorgeous musician and ticks all his boxes.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 29th August (Episode 7869)

Ziggy wonders what could have been. Irene serves up some tough love. Rose heals Xander’s wounds.

Tuesday 30th August (Episode 7870)

Ziggy chases her dreams. Justin cautions Leah against her overbearing Aunt act. How far will Theo go to keep Kirby a secret?

Wednesday 31st August (Episode 7871)

Is Remi’s charm wearing off? Theo no longer wants to be Kirby’s secret. Bree makes a friend.

Thursday 1st September (Episode 7872)

Kirby’s done being the responsible one. Bree gets under Remi’s skin. Is Ziggy’s pro surfing career on the rocks?