Home and Away Spoilers – Dean punches Remi after dramatic rescue

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Dean fears the worst as he tracks down Ziggy and Remi, while Rose is humiliated as she testifies against Tex.

It didn’t take long for Remi (Adam Rowlands) to get on the wrong side of Dean (Patrick O’Connor) following his arrival in Summer Bay. Playing a gig at Salt with his bandmates, Remi hopped off the stage with his guitar and had a quick dance with Ziggy.

Learning that Dean was Ziggy’s boyfriend, he commented that Dean was a lucky guy, prompting Dean to warn him that if he ever touched her, he’ll be removing his guitar from his backside.

Ziggy was initially amused by Dean’s jealousy, but as Remi has continued his lighthearted flirting with Ziggy to wind Dean up, Dean’s insecurities have only risen further, leading Ziggy to tell Remi to stop.

When Remi tasked himself with finding a new van for the band, he realised that mechanic Ziggy would be the perfect person to track one down for him—promising to stop annoying Dean if she helped him.

Dean wasn’t impressed to learn that Ziggy was doing favours for Remi, and was relieved when Ziggy said she’d found a van and her job was done. However, when the first van didn’t prove suitable, Ziggy chose to hide the fact that she was still helping Remi…

As she lined up another van for him to view, a couple of hours’ drive away, Ziggy realised that Remi wouldn’t have a clue what to look for. She reluctantly offered to drive him up there, with only Dean’s sister Mackenzie (Emily Weir) privy to what was going on.

It didn’t take long for Dean to catch on that Ziggy had been lying to him, when Justin confirmed that Ziggy wasn’t seeing a customer as she’d claimed. With Ziggy also not answering her calls from Theo about his assignment, Dean began to worry.

Things weren’t made much better when Mac eventually revealed that Ziggy had gone off with Remi—whilst Dean claims to trust Ziggy, he certainly doesn’t trust Remi!

Meanwhile, Remi and Ziggy’s trip didn’t go as planned when, after parting with the cash, the van’s head gasket blew. On returning to the run-down farm to get their money back, the seller Carl (Matt Hardie) swiftly locked them both in a shed, before stealing Ziggy’s car!

This week, Ziggy and Remi try to force their way out of the shed, but it’s no good, they’ve no option but to spend the night.

Back in the bay, Dean’s mind is going into overtime—with Ziggy having spoken briefly to him whilst she had some service, only to hang up when smoke began billowing out of the van’s exhaust, Dean begins to question why she was so keen to get him off the phone.

Dean heads around to Remi’s house only to find no one at home, as Mackenzie tries her best to put her brother’s mind at ease.

The next day, Dean is able to track them down, and the pair are relieved when the doors finally open to set them free. However, things suddenly take a turn when Dean’s first reaction is to punch Remi!

Is Dean’s insecurity an over-reaction, or did something happen between Ziggy and Remi?

A special ‘Will they, won’t they?’ promo shown last week would have us believe that Dean has every right to be concerned, but with Ziggy shutting Remi down at every hint of flirtation, we imagine it to be unlikely. Whilst the promo showed Remi taking his outer shirt off, the standard promo shown at the end of last week’s episodes shows that he simply gave it to Ziggy to wear, the shed probably turning chilly during the night.

If Dean does decide that he can’t fully trust Ziggy, then it’s only bound to get worse when Ziggy learns she’s pregnant in the coming weeks…

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) continues to struggle as Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) remains in an induced coma following last week’s dramatic mid-season return.

Rose had entered into a relationship with newcomer Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan), not realising he was part of the Death Adders Motorcycle Club, a group of bikies who were after revenge on Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams).

Rose eventually found out the truth about her boyfriend, but kept quiet as she worked with Tane (Ethan Browne) to bring the bikers down.

When the police raided the bikers’ HQ last week, after Tane had gone in wearing a wire, Cash had rushed in without a vest and was shot by leader Marty (Ben Wood).

Rose has blamed herself for the incident ever since, not helped by Tex taunting her as he remained in the cells at Yabbie Creek police station.

This week Rose is forced to stand up in court and testify against Tex, only to find herself humiliated as she’s questioned over her relationship with him.

Tane and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) are also doing it tough, as everyone works to ensure the bikies don’t figure out that Tane was working with the police all along.

When the pair make the front page of the Coastal News, they suddenly find the town turning against them. Revealing the truth would not only jeopardise the case, but also the safety of the whole family.

As the pressure continues to build for Rose, she opens up to brother Xander (Luke Van Os) and wonders whether it’s time for her to move on from Summer Bay already…

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 15th August (Episode 7857)

Tane and Nikau are front-page news. Dean’s concern for Ziggy grows. Remi must face the music.

Tuesday 16th August (Episode 7858)

Will the bikie bust cost Nikau his dream job? The pressure of court sends Rose packing. Felicity gets her family back.

Wednesday 17th August (Episode 7859)

Theo and Kirby struggle to deny their chemistry. Tane falls on his sword for Nikau.

Thursday 18th August (Episods 7860-7862)

Justin bankrolls the band. Rose is crippled by guilt. Can Theo and Kirby be just friends?

Justin lives his dreams through Theo. Roo gets her mojo back.

Rose punches away her guilt. Tane has an unlikely ally in Dean. Can Felicity be the stronger sibling?