Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy discovers Brody has had a baby!

On the final week of Home and Away in Australia, Ziggy wonders if she’s made a big mistake reuniting with Dean when she learns that Brody has had a baby.

As we begin the dramatic season finale week, Dean continues to push Ziggy away as he struggles with the news that he may never surf again.

The pair reunited just a few months ago, after almost a year apart. They shared a kiss at Bella’s (Courtney Miller) exhibition, but it was Dean’s car accident a few days later that made Ziggy realise that she couldn’t live without him.

It may have been the freak car crash that brought them back together, but the trauma from the accident and his ongoing struggles with physio have caused Dean’s mood to fluctuate greatly, with Ziggy bearing the brunt of his mood swings.

Recent weeks have seen Dean begin to believe that he may never surf again. Doctor Bennett (Harley Bonner) wasn’t able to assure him that he’d definitely be able to get back on the board, so Dean began to catastrophize. He started selling his collection of boards and has been trying to think of a new way to make money if he can no longer run surf lessons.

At the end of last week, he snapped at Ziggy when she revealed she had bought back his favourite board, which he had recently sold to Justin (James Stewart).

He doesn’t realise that he’s pushing her away, and that he needs to be a bit more respectful of her feelings, especially considering they’ve only just reunited. He’s only thinking about his own struggles, and wants Ziggy to accept that surfing is no longer part of his life.

This week, a bombshell makes Ziggy consider whether they have a future together.

As Justin and Ziggy chat at the garage, Justin lets slip that Brody’s partner Simone has just had a baby. For those who need a recap, Ziggy was married to Justin’s brother Brody, until he cheated on her with teacher and wannabe chef Simone Bedford (Emily Eskell).

Brody and Simone eventually left Summer Bay behind to open a restaurant and vineyard in Victoria, and it seems they’ve been blissfully happy ever since.

They recently announced to friends and family that they were pregnant, and they were forced to miss Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian’s (Ditch Davey) wedding last month when Simone’s morning sickness meant that she couldn’t face the trip.

When Justin slips up and tells Ziggy the big news, she’s knocked for six.

She shouldn’t care, but she suddenly realises that Brody has got everything he ever wanted – the restaurant, the wife, the child – while she’s still in the bay with a boyfriend who’s almost nothing but rude to her.

She storms out of the garage, leaving Justin surprised by her reaction.

When she gets home, Dean can instantly tell that something isn’t right, and wants to know what’s up.

Rather than keep it a secret, she blurts it out – Brody has bad a baby, and, what’s more, she’s not happy!

Has she made a massive mistake reuniting with Dean?

The final episode of Home and Away for 2021 airs at 7pm on Thursday 25th November. These episodes will air in the UK in early 2022.

Here’s the full spoilers for the final week of Home and Away in Australia:

Monday 22nd November (7708)

Roo asks some hard questions. Nikau saves the day. Dean puts Ziggy in her place.

Tuesday 23rd November (7709)

Chloe tries to rebuild family ties. Marilyn realises she may lose everyone she loves. Felicity spirals while Cash is out of town.

Wednesday 24th November (7710-7712)

Tane offers his gentle support to Felicity. Mia is backed into a corner with only one option. Ari’s planning his future with Mia.

Mia tells Chloe an awful truth. Cash reveals to Felicity the nature of their father’s death. John tries to repair the broken trust with Nikau.

Bella causes unexpected problems for Mackenzie and Logan. Ziggy’s stunned to learn that Brody has had a baby. Jasmine tries to reconnect Cash and Felicity. Nikau and John extend an olive branch.

Thursday 25th November (7713-7715)

Ari plans to ask Mia a life-changing question. Roo finds a transplant solution. Ryder and Theo’s challenge turns dangerous.

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