Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity spirals out of control

On the final week of Home and Away in Australia, Felicity spirals out of control as the day of her father’s memorial arrives. Can Jasmine and Tane help her deal with the pain?

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) first arrived in Summer Bay in August of this year, alongside her brother, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

The pair moved from the country to the beachside town after Cash took a Senior Constable position at Yabbie Creek Police Station, but it soon became clear that Cash was going to spend more time fighting his sister’s battles than tackling criminals.

It was obvious from day 1 that Felicity had her demons, as she lashed out at a neighbour who had filed a noise complaint against them.

Cash had no idea that his sister had been blasting music while he was at work, and she’d gone as far as hiding the warning notices sent by the council.

The pair were eventually evicted from their rental property, and came home one afternoon to find all of their belongings piled up in the car port.

The sight of all of her stuff left to the mercy of the elements panicked Felicity, who ran towards the pile in search of her cherished photo album, which she clutched tightly to her chest.

The photos are the only things left to connect Felicity to her parents. Her mother died after a lengthy illness, leaving their father to fend for his two children and manage their drought-affected farming business.

According to Cash, when the business collapsed, their dad felt like he couldn’t go on any more. He ended up killing himself, with Felicity and Cash then entering the foster system.

Their parents’ death hit Felicity hard, and she never dealt with it. She has spent the past decade unable to accept that her father chose to leave them, and has invented her own version of events. She believes that her dad was murdered, and resents Cash for believing the suicide story and not using his police powers to investigate his death.

Every year, on the anniversary of their father’s death, Cash goes to visit his grave. It’s a chance for those who knew him to get together and celebrate his memory, but Cash has always been forced to go alone. Felicity refuses to go with him, unable to face a day in a room of people who all believe the “lies” surrounding his death.

In fact, the last time she visited her dad’s grave was the day of his funeral.

“She believes her dad was murdered because her dad would never choose to leave his children,” Jacqui explained to TV Week. “So in her mind someone must have killed him.”

In recent episodes, Felicity realised the tole that the lone visits to the memorial was having on her brother. She agreed to go with him, on one condition: that he re-open the investigation into their father’s death.

Cash was forced to turn her down – for a start, he didn’t have the authority to do so, and he still refuses to entertain the idea that their father’s death was anything other than suicide.

“Why have you accepted a lie?” asked Felicity, but Cash told her that “dad deserves better than this.”

They said an emotional goodbye as Cash headed out of town, leaving his new love Jasmine (Sam Frost) with the responsibility to keep Felicity distracted and entertained.

Sadly, things take a turn this week, as Felicity struggles to cope while her brother is away. She begins to spiral out of control, as she does every year, and not even new friend Jasmine and new boyfriend Tane are enough to help her deal with the significance of the day.

While her newly reconciled relationship with Tane (Ethan Browne) seems to be going from strength to strength, a result of their shared kidnapping experience just a couple of weeks ago, it looks like they’re set for a struggle as Felicity turns to alcohol to drown her sorrows.

Felicity starts drinking heavily as the anniversary of her dad’s death arrives. Jasmine has partied with Felicity before, so knows what she’s like after a few too many glasses of wine, but still struggles to keep her under control.

Before Jasmine knows it, Felicity has wandered off with some random men she only just met. Jasmine tries to get her to see sense and head home, but TV Week reports that an angry Felicity orders her to “back off”, before continuing to party hard with the guys.

She is in denial, and hurt,” Jacqui says. “When she starts to drink it only amplifies her anger and depression. So in this moment she says a lot of things she will soon regret.”

Yet is a big twist about to come?

When Flick calls her brother and fills him in on her drunken night, he’s naturally worried about her… but he’s just discovered something about the nature of their dad’s death that could make her emotional state a whole lot worse!

What is it?

A promo for the final week also shows Felicity and Tane hit the road.

The pair head to a remote log cabin together, and cosy up next to the log fire – but only after Felicity has admired her hunky boyfriend chopping up the firewood.

Will some time away and her new man be exactly what Felicity needs to help her deal with her emotional baggage?

The final episode of Home and Away for 2021 airs at 7pm on Thursday 25th November. These episodes will air in the UK in early 2022.

Here’s the full spoilers for the final week of Home and Away in Australia:

Monday 22nd November (7708)

Roo asks some hard questions. Nikau saves the day. Dean puts Ziggy in her place.

Tuesday 23rd November (7709)

Chloe tries to rebuild family ties. Marilyn realises she may lose everyone she loves. Felicity spirals while Cash is out of town.

Wednesday 24th November (7710-7712)

Tane offers his gentle support to Felicity. Mia is backed into a corner with only one option. Ari’s planning his future with Mia.

Mia tells Chloe an awful truth. Cash reveals to Felicity the nature of their father’s death. John tries to repair the broken trust with Nikau.

Bella causes unexpected problems for Mackenzie and Logan. Ziggy’s stunned to learn that Brody has had a baby. Jasmine tries to reconnect Cash and Felicity. Nikau and John extend an olive branch.

Thursday 25th November (7713-7715)

Ari plans to ask Mia a life-changing question. Roo finds a transplant solution. Ryder and Theo’s challenge turns dangerous.

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