Neighbours Spoilers – Amy fears turning Levi and Ned gay

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Amy is forced to confront her fears about Levi and Ned, whilst an attractive stranger whisks Levi off his feet. 

These episodes will air from Monday 18th October.

Polyamory remains a taboo topic on Ramsay Street, and now more than ever, the gossip mill is in full swing.

See, last week, Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) moved out of No. 30 and into an eclipse apartment at Lassiters.

To celebrate, she had over both of her boyfriends Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and Levi Canning (Richie Morris). For them, the three spending the night together – albeit platonically, playing drinking games and telling jokes – seemed natural, but when the residents of Erinsborough got wind of the trio’s shenanigans, the rumour mill began to run wild.

This week, the gossip remains, thanks to Levi’s grandmother Sheila (Colette Mann). Unfortunately, Chinese whispers has resulted in the talk being twisted, and word spreading that the relationship has gone from Amy having two boyfriends, to the three being in a \throuple’.

Everyone involved is shocked, especially when Levi is asked by his boss, Sergeant Andrew Rodwell (David Lamb), whether he has any plans with his “partners”. Quick to correct him, it is obvious that Levi is uncomfortable with the insinuations that he had a threesome with Ned and Amy.

My workmates keep asking me about the beginning of the universe,” he tells his cousin Kyle (Chris Milligan).

Off his confused look, Levi explains it.

“The big bang?”


Although it’s met by Kyle with a giggle, it’s clear that it is taking a toll on Levi. Not so much that people think he’s bisexual, but more that his relationship is being talked about in the public sphere.

But it isn’t long before his mind is taken off things by a mysterious, and gorgeous, newcomer in the form of Felicity Higgins (Isabella Giovanozzo).

While at the Waterhole, a tizzed up Levi makes his way outside, cocktail in hand. Unfortunately, he’s run into by Felicity, and the bright red drink goes flying… all over his nice shirt.

She is quick off the mark to offer him a new one, but he refuses. Instead, he wants to head home and get changed.

However, Felicity has a better idea – why don’t they have a drink together instead?

The pair sit down for drinks together, and quickly hit it off. Enamoured, Felicity calls her friend and asks to bail – she’s met a cute guy and wants to see where it goes. (Sidenote: if she was our friend, we’d be dropping her like a hot potato #badfriendalert!)

Although Levi seems like he’s enjoying himself, and so does Felicity, Ned isn’t so impressed when he walks past and realises that his co-boyfriend is getting it on with another girl.

Is there trouble in paradise? Will Ned use this against Levi in an attempt to get Amy all to himself?

Meanwhile, it seems that Levi isn’t the only person that the small town gossip is affecting. Poor Amy, you’d think she had suffered enough. Two divorces after both husbands came out as gay, three estranged teens and now she’s the talk of the town.

She’s been quietly dealing with her doubts for weeks, but this week, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) notices that something is off.

Amy’s been pretty good at copping it from her neighbours, especially Sheila, but now it’s clear that something isn’t right now. What Toadie doesn’t know is that Amy and Sheila have had a full on fight.

Amy has sent both Ned and Levi on their way, and is staying in by herself. Is she fearful of what people are saying about her when her back is turned?

It is exactly the question that Toadie wants to get to the bottom of, so he heads over to Amy’s apartment and confronts her.

It’s there that she makes her stunning confession: she is worried about turning her boyfriends gay.

The look of confusion on Toadie’s face says it all, but it very quickly becomes clear that her concerns are genuine.

In Amy’s mind, both of her exes came out after being married to her, and she’s been stung twice now. If Ned and Levi were to join her in the bedroom together, she’s worried it might happen again – without her there.

Will Toadie be able to assuage her concerns? And more importantly, will this be the push she needs to turn her relationship into something more… “inclusive”?

As we know from our Spoiler Roundup, a scene is coming that sees the trio in bed… together! Whilst we can only speculate on the events leading up to this, we question whether this is the convolution of the mind of someone in Erinsborough, or have the trio taken the plunge into unmarked territory?

Only time will tell!

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 18th October (8712)

Tensions rise as Nicolette tries to being back with Aaron and David, but she says something she instantly regrets.

Jesse makes a valid argument that Paul did the right thing, giving Paul hope that Terese will forgive him and take him back.

Tuesday 19th October (8713)

Nicolette feels the boys are constantly watching her, and while she understands their fears, she hates the feeling of being continually monitored.

Harlow offers to step up and help Terese at Lassiters when she learns that Chloe has taken off to Adelaide.

After feeling a mysterious pain, Hendrix becomes even more distressed and snaps at Mackenzie.

Wednesday 20th October (8714)

Amy is still struggling with the gossip, but hasn’t come clean to Ned and Levi about what her issue really is.

Levi is fed up with being the subject of workplace gossip and wonders if it’s all worth it, accepting an invitation for a drink from an attractive stranger.

Kyle suspects he knows what’s really going on with Hendrix and gives him an ultimatum he can’t ignore.

Thursday 21st October (8715)

Amy finally finds the right moment to come clean to the boys and admits her fears about them turning gay.

Hendrix comes clean to the Kennedys, leaving everyone on tenterhooks as he visits the doctor.

Levi opens up to Amy about wanting to date other people and is surprised by Amy’s answer.

Friday 22nd October (8716)

Levi is thrown by Amy’s hypocritical stance on their relationship, letting her know he’ll be going on a date with Felicity.

Harlow fakes an error into the roster Chloe created.

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