Neighbours Spoilers – Terese refuses to give Paul a second chance

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Terese sees right through Paul’s plan to weasel his way back into her life, while Jane offers Chloe some advice.

These episodes will air from Monday 18th October.

The Robinson family has witnessed the ups and downs of everyday life on Ramsay Street for some four decades – but now, the challenges they face are some of the hardest the street has ever seen.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), patriarch and ruthless businessman. Plagued with the thought of another failed marriage, Paul is stuck in a rut.

It has been building for some time now, but the fact that Paul has lied, deceived and schemed his way through his two years of marital bliss finally came to the surface last week.

As the truth about his part in the Tanaka baby swap unravelled, so did his already tumultuous marriage to business partner Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

With a firm and blistering tone, Terese ordered her husband of two years out of the home they’ve shared for some time.

Now, relegated to the Lassiters penthouse, Paul is struggling to cope with the idea that yet another marriage – number six! – could be over. And, after learning that his scheming has continued, Terese lugs bags of his possessions up to his room and lays the boot in one final time.

I want a separation,” she revealed to Paul, who was more devastated than ever.

Next week, Paul hopes that an idea of his will help Terese to see that she’s making a mistake.

Standing alone at night, fiddling with his wedding ring, Paul contemplates a future without the woman that he sees as his equal, his passion and the love of his life.

The next day, he is hopeful that his plan will pay off.

Jesse Porter (Cameron Robbie) returns to Erinsborough, happier than ever. Viewers will recall that he moved to Sydney after Paul coerced his son David (Takaya Honda) into interfering, fearing that Jesse had grown too close to Terese.

When he steps out of the cab, he’s greeted by Paul, his granddaughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and David. Quick off the mark, the doctor apologises for any hurt or angst he caused by lying.

Life’s too short for grudges,” Jesse assures David, using the trip as a fresh start. It’s not long before Jesse questions where Terese is and learns that not all is as he left it.

What have I missed?

Meeting up with Terese, the pair find a common ground where he realises that moving on from his past is what he needs to do in order to live a happy life. Terese is warmed to hear this and bids him adieu as he heads off to finally visit his mother Julie (Gail Easdale) in prison.

That afternoon, Paul visits Terese at No. 22. While he tries to sit down for a chat, she orders him out of the house. In her eyes, there is no reason for him to be there. Although Paul tries to use Jesse’s visit as a way to get back in Terese’s good books, she’s not having a bar of it. Just because Jesse has chosen to move on, doesn’t mean she has.

Terese sees right through Paul’s plans, and, although broken hearted, he has no choice but to relent.

She has one final promise for him. Should he insist on showing up unannounced again, Terese will change the locks to ensure he is unable to enter… and, soon after, change the locks is exactly what she does.

It seems Paul’s plans to use Jesse to absolve him have backfired. With his tail between his legs, will Paul ever be able to regain Terese’s trust?

…and don’t forget!

Viewers are only weeks away from seeing the return of Paul’s sister Lucy (Melissa Bell) and estranged half-brother Glen (Richard Huggett).

While information surrounding their reappearance in his life remains scarce, we have an inkling that it may have something to do with his quest to right the wrongs of his past.

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, there is an ultimatum delivered that could spell sadness for one family unit.

Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) is back in Erinsborough with her, David and Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) daughter Isla (Axelle Austin) and there’s a building tension!

The boys deliver a schedule to the mother of their child and she sees through it straight away – they don’t want her alone with the baby for fear she might do another runner.

Although she quietly protests the notion, her mother Jane (Annie Jones) realises that the boys are right to worry when Nicolette reveals that she has entertained the idea of leaving with Isla and not coming back.

Fearful of what may happen, she confides her worries in Nicolette’s ex-fiancé and Aaron’s sister Chloe (April Rose Pengilly).

However, this proves to be a mistake of mammoth proportions when Chloe reveals all to Aaron and David.

When they confront her, she’s in disbelief, and takes it out on her mother, stating she can’t be trusted.

Naturally, Jane is hurt, but blames Chloe. She revealed her worry in confidence and Chloe threw it back in her face.

Don’t dress this up as altruism. You don’t want her to leave because you’re desperate to get back with her,” the scorned woman tells her young confidante.

Taking a bold approach, Jane decides to be brutally honest with Chloe. While she is on the street, Nicolette can’t truly be happy.


Jane has a suggestion that she believes is what needs to happen for her daughter to be happy .

I think you need to remove yourself from the situation,” she says, before dropping the bombshell on Chloe.

Stoic as ever, Jane tells Chloe that she needs to leave Ramsay Street.

Chloe is stunned by her almost-mother-in-law’s words of advice. Will she heed Jane’s plea?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 18th October (8712)

Tensions rise as Nicolette tries to being back with Aaron and David, but she says something she instantly regrets.

Jesse makes a valid argument that Paul did the right thing, giving Paul hope that Terese will forgive him and take him back.

Tuesday 19th October (8713)

Nicolette feels the boys are constantly watching her, and while she understands their fears, she hates the feeling of being continually monitored.

Harlow offers to step up and help Terese at Lassiters when she learns that Chloe has taken off to Adelaide.

After feeling a mysterious pain, Hendrix becomes even more distressed and snaps at Mackenzie.

Wednesday 20th October (8714)

Amy is still struggling with the gossip, but hasn’t come clean to Ned and Levi about what her issue really is.

Levi is fed up with being the subject of workplace gossip and wonders if it’s all worth it, accepting an invitation for a drink from an attractive stranger.

Kyle suspects he knows what’s really going on with Hendrix and gives him an ultimatum he can’t ignore.

Thursday 21st October (8715)

Amy finally finds the right moment to come clean to the boys and admits her fears about them turning gay.

Hendrix comes clean to the Kennedys, leaving everyone on tenterhooks as he visits the doctor.

Levi opens up to Amy about wanting to date other people and is surprised by Amy’s answer.

Friday 22nd October (8716)

Levi is thrown by Amy’s hypocritical stance on their relationship, letting her know he’ll be going on a date with Felicity.

Harlow fakes an error into the roster Chloe created.

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