Home and Away Spoilers – Tane calls things off with Ziggy

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Tane finally accepts that Ziggy’s heart lies with another man, and calls off their relationship once and for all. Has he made the right decision?

Next week sees an edge-of-your-seat week of Home and Away, as we endure an anxious wait to see which of our Summer Bay favourites survive the car crash. Thankfully, while all three of the passengers do pull through, the same can’t be said for Tane and Ziggy’s relationship, as Tane (Ethan Browne) makes the difficult decision to end things.

After the dramatic car crash which aired in the final moments of Friday’s episode, Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Mia (Anna Samson) are all rushed to hospital in various stages of consciousness, with the two guys needing life-saving surgery.

Mia suffers a devastating loss as she miscarries, bringing heartbreak to her and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) as the opportunity to have a child of their own is snatched away once again.

Dean starts crashing as new doctor Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) attempts to get him into an air ambulance, and the bay’s newest doctor is forced to stop everything and perform surgery on him on the stretcher, reducing the bleeding in his abdomen and buying them enough time to get him to Northern Districts.

When Dean is brought into hospital, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is distraught with worry. When Tori (Penny McNamee) informs Ziggy, Bella (Courtney Miller) and Mac (Emily Weir) that he’s in a bad way, and that it’ll be a while before they can even see him, Tane can see how concerned his girlfriend is.

“You’re worried about him, right?” he asks.

“I’m scared,” Ziggy responds, unable to hide her fear. Tane puts his hand on her knee and tells her it’s okay, seeming to understand that it’s just one friend being concerned for another.

However, he knows that it’s only been a week since Ziggy and Dean shared a kiss at Bella’s exhibition. Ziggy assured him that the kiss was a one-off mistake, and that she and Dean are 100% over, but he can’t shake the feeling that there’s still something between the two ex lovers.

As the week goes on, he comes to realise that Ziggy’s feelings for Dean are still well and truly there. It starts off slowly, as he catches her staring into Dean’s hospital room, but it soon becomes clear just how concerned she is.

The following day, as they discuss their plans and work commitments, Ziggy tells Tane that she’s going to be stuck at the garage all day. When Tane tells her that he has a busy day covering for Mia at the gym, she realises she’s free to pay Dean a visit, and it isn’t long until she finds herself by his side at the hospital.

She gets there just as he’s waking up, and explains that she was “just passing by”, but it’s clear that she went out of her way to spend time with him.

She’s elated to finally see him awake, and to know that he’s through the worst. As the tired and exhausted ex-River Boy falls back to sleep, Ziggy leans in close and whispers, “I want you to know that I forgive you, okay? For everything.”

After their kiss at the exhibition, the only thing that made Dean walk away was the fact that Ziggy couldn’t tell him that she forgave him for his part in Ross Nixon’s death. Now that his brush with death has made her forgive him, is it only a matter of time before the pair end up back together?

Seconds later, Ziggy gets a call from Tane. She nervously answers and tries to disguise where she is, but the background noise quickly gives away that she’s at the hospital.

Ziggy pretends not to hear him when he asks what she’s doing, and makes him get to the point, but the damage is already done – he knows exactly where she is, and makes an excuse to cut the call short.

Rushing down to the hospital, he gets there in time to find her still sitting at her ex’s bedside, watching him lovingly as he dozes.

It’s then that Tane makes the decision he should have made a long time ago. Amber (Maddy Jevic) warned him at the surf competition that Dean and Ziggy weren’t over, but he chose to ignore her and give his girlfriend the benefit of the doubt. Now he knows that she was right all along.

Before Ziggy has the chance to gets home – first busying herself with conversations with Bella and Jasmine where she admits that her old feelings have come back – he’s already packed his bags.

“Things have never been black and white between us,” Ziggy tells Bella during a heart to heart. “I tried to keep it very clear, but being by his bedside was the opposite of clear.”

She admits to Jasmine that Tane caught her, and that she’d outright lied to him about where she was spending the day. When Zig excuses her behaviour by claiming that Tane has so much going on with his own family that she didn’t want to trouble him, Jasmine sees right through it.

“I don’t love him. I don’t love Dean,” she exclaims, but even as she says the words, she knows she’s not only lying to Jasmine, but to herself. “I don’t, I don’t… I can’t.”

Realising the truth, she knows she needs to do the right thing by Tane before she hurts him any more.

Jasmine’s advice only helps her along – “If your gut’s telling you to be with Dean, then you should be with him.”

When she gets back to the farmhouse, she finds her boyfriend with his bags packed, catching him half way out the door.

She can’t give him an explanation for why she didn’t tell him she was going to see Dean. Instead, she apologises for the way she acted. However, it’s not her deception that has upset Tane – “you know, the worst thing isn’t the lying. It’s that you can’t even be honest about who you want to be with.

“You can’t even admit it to yourself, can you?”

Stopping her before she can defend herself any further, he tells her that this wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t love her. “But I do.”

The problem is, she’s in love with somebody else.

And with that, the distraught Parata brother takes his bags and leaves the farmhouse for the final time. 

After a horrible week for the Paratas, at least they can be there for each other. After leaving Ziggy and moving out of the farmhouse, Tane moves back in with Ari, both of them fighting to contain their emotions as they deal with their respective losses.

The big question is – will Tane deal with his breakup with maturity, or will he throw himself into a life of partying, which leads him straight into the path of new Senior Constable Cash Newman?

Well, what do you think?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 13th August 2021 (Episode 7620)

2021 Olympic Return

Dean and Mia’s lives hang in the balance. Christian is set to propose. Ari finds unlikely support from Mackenzie.

Tuesday 14th August 2021 (Episode 7621)

Can Dr Logan Bennett save Dean’s life? The Paratas have a truly horrible day… Will Christian’s proposal to Tori go according to plan?

Wednesday 15th September 2021 (Episode 7622)

Mia, Ari and Chloe are devastated by the loss of the baby. Tori clashes with Logan as Dean and Nikau fight for their lives. Leah and Justin make the most of Christian’s derailed proposal.

Thursday 16th September 2021 (Episode 7623)

Will Ziggy’s feelings for Dean threaten her relationship with Tane? Will Nikau’s surgery be a success? Kieran recognises living with Alf isn’t working.

Friday 17th September 2021 (Episode 7624)

Ryder and Cash are trying to enlist people for different agendas. Tane starts the painful process of healing. Kieran’s absence leaves a void. Justin receives bad news about the Garage.

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